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Author Topic: Feudal Japan/Mystical Orient Craving  (Read 460 times)

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Feudal Japan/Mystical Orient Craving
« on: June 26, 2015, 09:34:06 pm »
Hi, I'm Red.

Yes, I'm a female if that is something that matters to you.

Now let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? I have a pre-made character that I've been playing on and off for 10-12 years. Obviously, you would be correct to assume that I'm looking for something set in feudal/mystical Asia. Sorry, history buffs, but the mysticism is a must!

With that said, my character actually has a pretty detailed back story, but I'm just going to give you the gist so that you can decide if you'll go for this. My character's familial details will be a general backdrop to whatever story we create together and she is very easy to build plots around. I want to clarify by saying that the family is known throughout the land, it's not meant to be the basis of any plot we take off on. You also do not need to be an expert of feudal Japan at all!

Clan Matsumoto is a renowned demon slaying clan. They are one of the most powerful families in the land and were instrumental in establishing the shogunate empire that rules the world as we know it. Their favor and power was enough that the ruling shogun bequeathed the Black Castle of Matsumoto to the clan once his rule was secured. While demons and godlike creatures are known to tread the land, most people feel it something of a taboo to openly discuss them. Because of this social standard, those who fight or deal with demon-kind are looked upon with unease and are something of a taboo themselves. So, while Clan Matsumoto has great wealth and power, they do tend to fall within the gray area of the social hierarchy.

One great legend that surrounds the clan is the tale of the slayer princess. Each century, from before the shogun even rose to his lofty seat, a female child is born baring the mark of the garyuu (reclining dragon) on the base of her neck. Now, unlike the majority of the clan, who patrol the surrounding lands for demons and the like in squads and platoon sized elements, the slayer princess is sent out to patrol the world at the age of fifteen. She does not marry, have children, or retire. Something of an immortal, this woman will tread the land, far from her familial borders, until the day she herself is slain.

My next post will be dedicated to character specific details - at least those that could be considered general knowledge.

This does not have to be a one x one, I could play with more than one or two others if we want to make a small group thing. I like plots with action, adventure, romance, sexual interaction, violence, and intrigue. My character is consistently adventure and action bound so those two aspects are a guarantee. For limits, extreme, freaky, sexual violence is a no as well as potty play.

You can play whatever you want as long as it fits the genre.

Also:  I tend to post 3-6 paragraphs a post. My role play style is...well, it's my role play style. If you have to see it for yourself, check out my old stuff. I ask for an equal amount of quality and quantity. Also, I can post a few times a week (maybe more, it depends on you) and I will be posting in the evening time because I work forever.

Feel free to message me or post here.
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Re: Feudal Japan/Mystical Orient Craving
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2015, 04:07:45 pm »

Matsumoto Otsuu was born at the apex of the autumn moon during the Year of the Fire Horse. While not all slayer princess are actual Matsumoto's (the clan being a network of bonded family trees), Otsuu was. It had been twenty-five years since the last princess had been slain and there was never any understanding of just when the next would be born. Although she was the daimyo's daughter, when the mark of the reclining dragon was discovered on the nape of the newborn's neck, her destiny was immediately sealed. By age three she would begin training for her life's path and by fifteen she would be out amongst the lands, purging the world of the vile oni that tainted the soil. Slayer princesses are immortal in that they have increased endurance, strength, agility, and speed. They stop aging at around 25 years old and if they did not lead such dangerous lives they just might live forever. The longest a slayer princess was said to have lived was one hundred and fifteen years.

These details are general and are intended to be the most detailed knowledge available for the "general public".

Weaponry: Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (sword), iron gunsen (war fan used for parrying), Kaze (tanto), and various weaponized hair picks and pins. All weapons are marked with holy engravings and are considered holy weapons.

Attire: There being no secret as to what she does and where she comes from, the Lady Matsumoto travels in all the finery of a noble. As a warrior, however, she tends to wear hakama because she is traveling. Mostly what she wears is dictated by the weather just as it might for any other person. She does wear armor in battle and if expecting immediate trouble may even be seen wearing it.

Age: Otsuu is roughly 35 years old, but as mentioned before she stopped against physically at 25.

Appearance Use the above image as reference. Otsuu is of average height and build for a woman. She has long black hair and shocking blue eyes. Her eye color was something of an unexpected feature that has never surfaced in a princess before and it had some intriguing effects.

Personality Otsuu is of the noble sort. She believes in justice, honor, integrity, and courage. She is both serious and direct. Courageous to a fault, Otsuu will not be dissuaded nor will she run in fear from combat. As a slayer princess, she can sense the presence of youkai and oni by a sharp tug in the pit of her stomach. She is drawn to her next fight both by that feeling as well as when she overhears rumors while traveling on the road. Otsuu is both a lady and a fighter and like most members of her class she will not tolerate rude remarks or disrespect.

Mystical Abilities: Flame Thunderclap is an attack used with her actual hands. It is a burning shockwave attack that is most effectively directed at large numbers of combatants.
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