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Author Topic: Writing Prompts (M for F)  (Read 1740 times)

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Writing Prompts (M for F)
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:13:45 AM »
These are writing prompts. Some could be the start of a story, some could be a scene from the middle of the story. If they interest you, please PM me. Please read them all - they are all varied in theme - and please read my On/Offs before PMing me.

MC = My Character
YC = Your Character


NSFW Inspriation

My Character (MC) walked past the door of Your Character (YC) room. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. It also confirmed to him that the sound he had heard as he entered his home had been his daughters (YC) boyfriend scampering away. But apparently YC was not aware of this.

YC was wearing a garter belt and stockings - and nothing else, save for an anal plug lodged firmly in her rear passage. She was on all fours, a blindfold around her eyes and her wrists cuffed together. Apparently YC was not only having sex with her boyfriend, but some very kinky sex at that.

MC could see that she was still aroused - the position she was it pointed both of her holes directly at the door from her position on the bed. MC was instantly aroused at the thoughts that coursed through his head at the situation he now found himself in. It had been a long time since his wife had left him for another man...and his daughter would never know, would she?

NSFW Inspriation

YC had always been curious about the rumors about black guys and how big their cocks were. It couldn't always be true, could it? Pornstars were pornstars and even the white guys had big cocks. Sadly, YC didn't know anyone that had been with a black guy or that could confirm this myth nor did she know a black guy that she could trust with his answer. YC was also engaged and due to marry in a month so she knew her time was running out. The only black guy she knew was her soon-to-be-husbands best man.

YC decided to do something about it to sate her curiosity once and for all. Once her fiance headed off for the day, she called MC, his best friend over. YC explained that she had something she wanted to ask MC and that since he was friends with her soon to be husband, she felt like it would be okay to ask him. YC finally asked MC but there was really only one way to prove such a thing and she just couldn't say NO.

YC fretted for the following week about what happened and called MC over to talk about it once her Fiance left again for the day but it became quickly apparent that YC now had a craving for the BBC of MC. Would this ruin her perfect wedding?

NSFW Inspriation

MC and YC are neighbors, both married, and of similar ages. MC is a stay-at-home husband who works from a home office as an author. YC is a stay-at-home wife who often gets bored. YC house is always spotless, as she has a lot of time to clean, so she often finds herself reading romance novels and - secretly - erotic novels. Little does she know that MC is one of those erotic novelists, writing under a pseudonym, that not even his wife knows about. Both are members of an erotic forum, much like Elliquiy, and are even writing together - starting to notice subtle little things about their partner that seems a little closer to home than usual.

MC has shared with YC that his an erotic novelist and has recently written a story, about a man having an affair with his neighbors wife - inspired, of course, by the attractive woman he often spots next door. She quickly picks up on this and pieces things together, not quite sure how to take what she now knows. Instead, YC decides to flirt a little with the neighbor and writer across the way, flashing him and giving him glimpses, seeing them pop up in the stories they write together.

MC soon figures things out too. There is a neighborhood party at her house that weekend and they constantly make eye contact. They both know each other know. YC excuses herself to go get something and MC follows her into the garage, unable to keep his hands off of her once inside.

NSFW Inspriation
Daughters Friend

NSFW Inspriation

MC enjoyed it when YC came home drunk and thought his room was her room. They had always been close, as siblings, and he didn't mind it when she got in his bed and cuddled with him. But MC was always halfasleep and sporting a woody when she did and the positions YC put herself in only served to arouse him.

MC, who has never been with a girl before, enjoyed this nights, especially since YC never remembered them. So he started to take advantage of her, especially as she only ever managed to strip half naked before passing out in his bed. MC started by touching her breasts, then fondling them, even rubbing himself against. Every night that passed made MC more bold and confidant, especially since YC never asked him about it and had no memory. MC decided to take things another step further, losing his virginity to his sister as she slept. He would never be good at sex if he didn't practice...

NSFW Inspriation

Andrew slid out of bed. He was thirsty. Of course, living in the basement meant he had to go upstairs, which meant walking past where his Aunt was sleeping on the pullout bed.

It was a warm night and even in the basement things were hot. His Aunt had fallen asleep on top of her bed, a light on, and it caused him to stop dead in his tracks. The night lingerie she wore only accentuated her figure. For the past week, she had been teasing him with peeks and revealing clothing - especially at night - and it had been driving him crazy. And tonight, well, he couldn't control himself.

He forgot about his need for water and moved over to her side. He reached out and felt her breasts - they were natural and gravity defying and she didn't always were a bra. She wasn't wearing one now. Biting his lip, he returned to his room and rummaged around until he found some rope. Then he bound her hands to the headboard of the bed and lifted her nightie up, over her breasts. She wasn't wearing any panties either.

His cock became rock hard and he started to fondle her naked body with one hand, rubbing his cock with the other...

NSFW Inspiration

Andrew was dead. He must have done something wrong as this was the first detention he had ever had in his entire life. And of course it had to be HER class!

Mrs. Appleson was the HOTTEST teacher in school. He was pretty sure every guy had jerked off or had some sort of fantasy of being with her. And she always made him nervous when she spoke to him.

Andrew was a shy student with few friends but excellent games. He was the founder of the Video Game AND Writing Clubs but that would help him get into a good college. So he wasn't quite sure why she had asked to see him after classes were over.

He stared dumbfoundedly as she flirted with him before starting to rant about what an ass her husband was and how he hadn't given her the time of day for the last month. Was she not pretty anymore? Andrew blushed deeply when he admitted that she was and then stared in shock as she undressed in front of him. It was the most beautiful and arousing sight he had ever seen. She asked him what he thought of her body now that he could properly see it.

He was stunned, not sure where to look. She soon drew his attention as she got up on the desk and started to touch herself, murmuring sweet things about him. His erection was obvious but as he had never kissed a girl before, he felt himself getting hot under the collar at what was happening.

And then Mrs. Appleby slid off the desk and bent over it, looking over her shoulder at him. Her next words would stick with him for the rest of his life, along with what happened next.

NSFW Inspiration
Professor Nailor taught at a very prestigious all-girls school. It was a boarding school and he was the only current Male teacher teaching there. Surprisingly, he not only taught history, but also sex-ed as well.

He also loved making at least one of the girls his 'pet' for the year. They all swooned over him as it was but he had found Sarah - a petite girl - to be the type of girl he was looking for.

She had been shy and nervous at first but had soon withered under his constant attention. He had taken her virginity and broken her, turning her into the perfect little slave. And today the rest of her class was going to find out.

It was a special demonstration today, to teach the girls about sex. He asked for a 'volunteer' and Sarah eagerly raised her hand. It wasn't long before she was naked, bouncing up and down on his cock for all to see, the other girls crowding around, reaching out to touch on occasion, jealousy burning in their eyes.

NSFW Inspiration

NSFW Inspiration

Billy hadn't thought much of it when he had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a drink. Like most nights, his cock was somewhere between semi-hard and hard, though he wore boxers and a t-shirt to move about the house. He was thirsty so was going to get a drink of water, only to come across his mother in the kitchen.

She had a glass of wine in one hand and was wearing a nightrobe, silk and hugging her beautiful figure. Her eyes were quickly drawn to his arousal and she smiled, kissing him on the cheek before dropping to her knees in front of him. He wasn't sure how to react, even as he felt her hands starting to pull down his boxers.

NSFW Inspiration

NSFW Inspiration

NSFW Inspiration
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