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Author Topic: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][BON - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]  (Read 375 times)

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I wrote a lot, I know! Jag is long winded! Sorry!

Spoiler Warning: For those of you who haven't finished watching Season 1 of The Strain or caught up on Season 2 or have not read the books, this plot request and game will contain spoilers about the character of Quinlan. I have finished reading the books and while I do prefer to keep stories as canon as possible, that won't be completely necessary for this game.

About Quinlan:

Basic History:

During the reign of Caligula in Roma, the creature known now as The Master was by the rulers side. His desire was to be given virgin women to feed on in exchange for whatever it was he provided for Caligula. Unknown to him, a recently pregnant woman was in the batch of girls given to him. He realized her condition as soon as he began to feed from her. Surprised by the revelation, the woman managed to over power him and escape. Despite the change to her body from the parasitic infection, her love for her child was more powerful than the call of The Master. The child inside of her was turned and birthed as a half-blood in the year AD 40.

The half-blood lived with his mother for a number of years in a cave. It was only when he returned to their cave one day, that he sensed something was wrong. The Master had found them. His mother was killed and he only managed to escape because of his slight tolerance to the sunlight and The Master's still weak body from having taken host in a child.

At some point, he was captured and took on the life of a Gladiator. He fought and won against everyone and everything put against him. One day, a Roman Senator approached him and revealed that he knew what he was. That he was one of the Born. A rare creature of which he was the only fifth one. Because of that, he was named Quintus Sertorius.

After many years, he was given a woman as his wife. The woman was a widow and had a daughter. Quintus, unable to reproduce, took the child as his adopted daughter and over time love formed between himself and his wife. He was happy to live out whatever kind of life he had with them. To be a farmer and just have a family with love. It didn't last though. He came home one night to find his loving wife and child turned by The Master. He was forced to release them.

Since then, his only goal in life has been to kill The Master.

Basic Anatomy:

From his strigoi (vampire) side, he gains their strength and speed. He also lacks genitalia, like all other strigoi, and therefore cannot procreate through sexual contact. He must also feed on blood through the use of a six foot long stinger that comes from his mouth. He does not have hair, his skin is very pale and almost translucent, and his eyes are black with white surrounding. The digestive and circulatory systems of a vampire, and Quinlan, are simplified and fused, the vampire's interior organs most resembling a series of connected sacs. Nutrition from blood feeding is transported throughout this system via a thick, viscous white fluid that forms the vampire equivalent of blood. This white fluid has very potent healing properties if administered orally to humans. Quinlan's average body temperature is 48.9 C / 120 F and can be felt by humans several feet away. He has no need to sleep, but does go into a catatonic like state when well fed for several hours.

Unlike a strigoi who became that way through infection by another strigoi, Quinlan was born as one and lacks the parasitic worms in his white blood. He cannot turn humans into strigoi. He also retains human intelligence and emotion. He is not connected to the 'hive mind' that most strigoi are. He has free will. Though like a human, if he was to become infected, he would become a full strigoi.

Silver can harm him, though he does use it as a weapon himself against the others of his kind. As with the other strigoi, if he is reflected in a silver backed mirror, his reflection will vibrate.

While it is unknown what it would do to a strigoi to be in a body of water, Quinlan, like the others, must have human assistance to cross running water. It is likely that water would burn them in some fashion.

Plot Ideas:

The city of Manhattan has been infected by The Master. An old truce with humans has been broken to do this. If it's not stopped, the world is in danger. The other ancient strigoi know that balance between their kind and humans is necessary and so have ordered the death of The Master and all those under his control. They know that this must be done fast. If the infection spreads too far beyond the city, they will never be able to stop it. They know humans are helping under promises of immortality, something that was not an issue much in the past. Unfortunately, humans are more advanced these days, yet less fearing of fairytales. Infections spread fast and time is running out.

Quinlan knows the best way to fight other strigoi is to find their nests in the day time while they are resting after their nightly feedings and take them out in mass. While he can survive in the sunlight, it is only for a limited amount of time and the rest of his strigoi team is unable to assist. With the city going mad and strigoi attacks getting worse and worse every night, he decides it's time to start recruiting humans.

After many years of fighting for his life, the entertainment of humans, and against The Master; Quintus has been given by his Senator sponsor a house, land, and a wife. He wants nothing more than to settle down and live a life of peace. His wife is a beautiful, dark haired widow and she has a daughter from her previous marriage. He knows his wife is scared of him, after all, he's a monster. Yet he tries his best every day to earn her trust and love.

Spoiler Warning: This plot contains information about the end of the book series and the fate of Quinlan. It is an alternate ending though.

Quinlan spent his life knowing that he would die once his vampric father was killed. He was content with this. In fact, he sometimes looked forward to it.

What he wasn't prepared for was how that end would come. He always thought he would be in control of himself, but that's not how it ended. No. He was fighting along side Eph on the Black Site of his father's birth. His father's body was injured and the end for him was near. In a last burst of strength, The Master overpowered him and spewed forth the worms from his body. They covered him and Quinlan slowly felt his mind drifting away. He wasn't just being turned fully, but he was becoming the new Host.

All he could pray for now was that Eph's plan to destroy the island and kill him.

The blast went off and he felt his body pushed out towards the water. It burned and he couldn't move. He could feel the worms inside of him dying off. The Master had not managed to complete the transfer fully. With the island being destroyed along with his last host body, Quinlan was freed.

Quinlan isn't sure how long he spent under the water or how far away he drifted from the site of the island. He knew he should be dead, but he was still lingering. The water was cold and it hurt. He'd never been submerged in a body of water this way before. He supposed it was his human blood that was keeping it from fully killing him.

One day, his body is dragged up from the river and when he finally awakes, he finds himself in a human settlement. The friends of Eph, Nora and Fet, have been caring for him. They inform him that Eph, his son, and The Master were killed in the blast and they'd assumed he had been too. All of the strigoi created by The Master fell dead and with the other Ancients dead as well, he is the only one left.

It's been two years since the blast. Humans are still figuring out how to restart their lives.

What Jag Is Looking For:

--If you like the second plot, you would be playing Quinlan's human wife. The story would be a bit more romantic, with Quinlan trying to earn her trust and love. Though the ending would be sad.

--If you like the third plot, you would be playing a human (gender and sexuality doesn't matter to me) who is living in this little community.

--I'd like to find a human to join his team. Someone who has lost their family to the infection and had to either kill them themselves or Quinlan had to step in and kill them (meaning he showed up at the right place/right time to do so). The human can be male/female/trans/non-binary/whatever. Sexuality does not matter either, though I would like them to form a rather deep connection with Quinlan over time. Sex is not possible for Quinlan, at least not in the traditional sense, so there will be no vampire sexing (again, at least not in the traditional sense).

--If not a human, I would be open to the idea of a second half-blood showing up. They would not be as old as Quinlan (he's close to 2000), but The Master is not always 100% careful with his feedings it seems. It is likely that during the chaos of WWII when he was last seen that he would have likely infected and let get away one of the prisoners of the concentration camp that was his feeding ground. He either did not realize she was pregnant or was in too much of a hurry to make sure she was killed properly after his feeding (he usually snaps their necks). This new half-breed could show up in Manhattan, drawn by the large amount of infected beings, and offer to help Quinlan. Again, I'd like their to be an emotional connection formed between them.

--Since Quinlan does need to feed and it must be from humans, if the companion is a human, they will have to deal with seeing Quinlan do this. He tries to leave the people he feeds from alive and he can even heal them a bit with his own blood. His team would need to feed as well, though they have less care for human life than he does. Strigoi feeding is grotesque, painful, and traumatic for the victim.

--If the companion is human and experiences a menstrual cycle, they will be considered high risk and will need to take care to stay away from the pure blood strigoi team members if the situation arises.

--Game would involve a lot of fighting vampires. They are harmed from sunlight and silver. They can be killed if their heads are removed. If a human is scratched even the slightest from their tongue stinger, they are infected. If the vampire blood comes into contact with a human, they are infected. Once an infection worm bites into human skin, there is no cure.

--Strigoi have a hive mind. If there is one, there will be more. If you kill one, many more will come to take it's place. Best to kill and run. So there will be lots of running too.

--Game could run anywhere from BON to EX. As I said before, Quinlan is incapable of sexual intercourse. He can neither give or receive it. Their bodies are not designed for it. Oral is highly unlikely as well considering the pointed and jagged teeth of a strigoi and the stinger. But that doesn't mean there can't be intimacy of some kind. This is not a requirement though. I'm perfectly okay with a game devoid of intimacy, but I would still like a deep bond to be formed. Could be anything from a simple romantic bond to Quinlan seeing the companion as an equal or as like the child he can never have.

--Knowledge of the show or books is not necessary if you want to play a human character (I will be Quinlan). Quinlan can be the primary source of information in game for human characters. Even a half-blood character can get away without knowing everything, but I would prefer the person playing it to have some knowledge of the strigoi from the show or books for that. I'm still reading the books myself, so I don't expect even close to perfection.

--As always, I need to say that I am a slow gamer. If the mood strikes me, I can post several times a day or only once a month. Please check my O*Os. I'm fairly open when it comes to things, but it's always nice to look (I worked hard on that, dammit!).

PM me or post here if interested.

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Re: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][BON - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 01:59:08 PM »

Changed picture, cause as it turns out, the original picture was not of Quinlan, but of Vaun. I will be making plot ideas for Vaun eventually too.

Also, added two other little plots. One where Quinlan's history with his wife would be played out and one is an alternate ending for the book series of Quinlan's fate.