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Author Topic: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][Light - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]  (Read 706 times)

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Offline JagerinTopic starter

Spoiler Warning: For those that are not caught up on the TV Show or have not read all of the books, there are spoilers going on from here. You've been warned.

About Quinlan:

During the reign of Caligula in Roma, the creature known now as The Master was by the ruler's side. Weekly, he was brought virgin women to feed from. In the midst of one of these violent and bloody feedings, he noticed a second pulse in the woman below him. His intention was to kill the woman, but she managed to escape as Caligula had the palace searched for an assassin. By the time the guards realized it was nothing more than another delusion, she had got away. Even though the Master had a pull on her mind, same as all of his children, her Dear One attachment was stronger.

The half-blood lived with his mother for a number of years in a cave. It was only when he returned to their cave one day, that he sensed something was wrong. The Master had found them. His mother was killed and he only managed to escape because of his slight tolerance to the sunlight and The Master's still weak body from having taken host in a child.

At some point, he was captured and took on the life of a Gladiator. He fought and won against everyone and everything put against him. One day, a Roman Senator approached him and revealed that he knew what he was. That he was one of the Born. A rare creature of which he was the only fifth one. Because of that, he was named Quintus Sertorius.

He started a new life under the Senator. He was given wealth, land, and a place in the army. He rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a legend. His connection with his comrades gave him a sense of belonging. It sparked his humanity for the first time in his life. While other humans were born with the right to a life, he had fought and earned his.

After many years, he took a widowed woman as his wife and adopted her daughter. With her, he learned love, even though he had no ability to truly claim her. He could never give her a child, but he was satisfied with life they slowly built. She would sing him to sleep in the cellar of their home. He taught her daughter to hold a sword. They were happy.

It did not last. Coming home one evening, he found his wife and daughter turned. They attacked him viciously. The Master was there with them, having taken the body of one of his comrades. They fought and he was forced to release the two he loved. The Master escaped. He had no doubts that the monster had never intended on fighting him that night. He'd only wished to force Quinlan to kill his beloved ones.

Since then, his only goal in life has been to kill The Master.

Basic Anatomy and Facts:

As a Hybrid, Quinlan lacks the blood worms and thus lacks the ability to infect or turn. He does, however, have the White.

He also possesses considerable strength and speed, like other Strigoi. Unlike standard Strigoi, Quinlan has the ability to monitor and control his strength and speed. Most will blindly tear into things at full strength, even when such force is not necessary.

Like all Strigoi, Quinlan lacks genitalia. He cannot procreate through any means.***

He must also feed on blood through the use of a six foot long stinger. His neck, while more pleasing to the eye than a standard Strigoi, is more like a waddle. The stinger coils into the sac in his neck. While he has an extreme amount of control over it, if pushed into a blood lust, it can emerge by force and it takes a great amount of will power to keep from using it.

Sunlight will not kill him, but it is very discomforting. His eyes are extremely sensitive to UV Lights and sunlight. It can make his skin feel as if it is burning.

The digestive and circulatory systems of a vampire, and Quinlan, are simplified and fused, the vampire's interior organs most resembling a series of connected sacs. Nutrition from blood feeding is transported throughout this system via a thick, viscous white fluid that forms the vampire equivalent of blood. The White of a standard Strigoi will kill a human, but the White of an ancient will have a very potent healing affect. It is likely that Quinaln's White could do the same.

Quinlan's average body temperature is 48.9 C / 120 F and can be felt by humans several feet away. He has no need to sleep, but does go into a catatonic like state when well fed for several hours.

He also retains human intelligence and emotion. He is not connected to the 'hive mind' that most strigoi are. He has free will. Though like a human, if he was to become infected, he would become a full strigoi. He has to avoid the worms as much as any normal human.

Silver can harm him, though he does use it as a weapon himself against the others of his kind. As with the other strigoi, if he is reflected in a silver backed mirror, his reflection will vibrate.

While it is unknown what it would do to a strigoi to be in a body of water, Quinlan, like the others, must have human assistance to cross running water. It is likely that water would burn them in some fashion.

***Quinlan's lack of genitalia is debatable. Many fans believe he and other Born, would have the parts necessary for sexual intercourse. The books state, in Quinlan's history, that he was unable to "claim" his wife. Some take that to mean that he does have male genitalia, but that it is non-functioning. Personally, I feel that he has no genitalia. However, I am willing compromise on this if need be.

Plot Ideas:

Having grown tired of the day to day life of his long existence, Quinlan chose to go into a slumber. His Father had gone silent for several years and he was weary. He buried himself into the soil and rested. It was shortly after World War II when he decided to sleep. He had failed to catch the Master in Germany and was in need of recovery.

He was rudely awoke when his container was scooped from the earth by a construction crew. They were attempting to build some kind of shopping center. A huge monstrosity, designed to ruin the land and appeal human greed and consumerism.

As with all of his sleeps, he woke with a terrible hunger. Without remorse, he drained the first human he found. Just some man living on the street near the construction site. Filled and satisfied, he went about tracking down his wealth. It was always a risk when he slept that he might wake to find all of his centuries of wealth gone. Human allies could not be completely trusted to pass it down through their families or spend it all. Still, if a rest was needed, it was the only option.

He finds that his wealth was once again taken care of. The man he had left it with was gone, but his grown child was the caretaker of his estate. The family had a long history of occult following and alchemists.

Notes: The holder of the estate can be any gender identity. Any sexuality or romantic standing. They would be likely shocked when Quinlan shows up to claim what is his (mostly gold, stocks, land deeds, and the like). Quinlan has been sleeping since around 1950 and it's now 2010-2012. The Master has not started his attack on New York yet. The caretaker would be responsible for assisting Quinlan in learning about the world as it is today, mostly computers and such.

Story has potential for some comedy (Quinlan trying to use a cellphone and the like), romantic intimacy, blood play, non-intercourse sexual interactions, or no sex/romance.

After years of fighting, Quintus has earned the right to land and a family. Unable to have a child of his own, he takes a widowed maid as his wife. She is hesitant at first, but she has little options. He promises her that the marriage is nothing more than to have the appearance of normalcy. Men of his standing generally have a wife, a child, a home, land, and a farm. Quintus states that is his reason for the marriage. She understands that she is somewhat lucky in the pairing. It allows her to crawl out from under the stigma of an unmarried mother.

Terrified by her husband, she and her child keep to themselves at first. Taking to boarding up the bedroom door when she slept. Quintus, in order to give her peace of mind, chooses to sleep in the cellar and makes no comments towards her precautions. He makes an effort to give her space.

As the months pass, Quintus attempts to make her happy. He leaves her and her daughter gifts of dresses, jewelry, and various trinkets. He makes sure never to feed close to the home. And he does most of the farm work and livestock tending himself, taking the stress of it away from them. He wants them to live a comfortable life. A reward for having to live with him.

Having not fed in weeks, Quintus realizes that he must feed or risk harming his wife and adopted child. He travels several days from home to feed and when he returns, he finds several of the nearby village men took it upon themselves to ransack his home. They knew he was gone and took his wife and daughter. In a fit of rage, he tracks them down and finds that his wife and daughter had been sold into slavery. Caged and chained, she must witness Quintus tear apart the men who took them. He doesn't even feed from them. He simply tears them apart with his bare hands, making them suffer and die slowly.

Bringing the two home, he expects them to be even more scared of him than they were before. Much to his surprise, his wife hugs him.

Notes: Story could start off with the wedding, the kidnapping, or the rescue. Whichever my partner prefers. Lots of slow, romantic intimacy. The story would have a sad ending.


Quinlan spent his life knowing that he would die once his father was killed. He was content with this. In fact, he sometimes looked forward to it.

What he wasn't prepared for was how that end would come. He always thought he would be in control of himself, but that's not how it ended. No. He was fighting along side Eph on the Black Site of his father's birth. His father's body was injured and the end for him was near. In a last burst of strength, The Master overpowered him and spewed forth the worms from his body. They covered him and Quinlan slowly felt his mind drifting away. He wasn't just being turned fully, but he was becoming the new Host.

All he could pray for now was that Eph's plan to destroy the island and kill him.

The blast went off and he felt his body pushed out towards the water. It burned and he couldn't move. He could feel the worms inside of him dying off. The Master had not managed to complete the transfer fully. With the island being destroyed along with his last host body, Quinlan was freed.

Quinlan isn't sure how long he spent under the water or how far away he drifted from the site of the island. He knew he should be dead, but he was still lingering. The water was cold and it hurt. He'd never been submerged in a body of water this way before. He supposed it was his human blood that was keeping it from fully killing him.

One day, his body is dragged up from the river and when he finally awakes, he finds himself in a human settlement. The friends of Eph, Nora and Fet, have been caring for him. They inform him that Eph, his son, and The Master were killed in the blast and they'd assumed he had been too. All of the strigoi created by The Master fell dead and with the other Ancients dead as well, he is the only one left.

It's been two years since the blast. Humans are still figuring out how to restart their lives.

Notes: More of an adventure/supernatural story. Quinlan would team up with someone in the village. Gender and sexuality doesn't matter. While he contemplates his existence and how he managed to survive, he decides to leave the settlement. His new human companion is a bit of an annoyance at first, he finds the companionship oddly comforting. Especially when they are attacked one evening by a creature that can only be described as a werewolf. Since the Strigoi take over, other creatures have been taking advantage of the situation to feed more openly. With the Strigoi gone and humanity trying to regroup, they continue to rage in the open. There would be a lot of "monster of the week" scenes. Overarching plot can be discussed and worked out.

Quinlan is going about his routine of bringing a human for the Ancients to feed from. He does his best to clear his mind and just let it happen. It's hard when they fight and scream. Once he chains them to the floor to be fed from, he quickly makes his exit. It's a weekly routine, but one that must be done. They like making him do it. They could make any of the mindless Strigoi do it, but they liked him being the one to bring their food. It's his punishment for having been born with freewill.

Having left them with their meal for the evening, he actually looks forward to the hour or so he would have to be alone before he had to go clean up the mess. It's an hour that is ripped away from him as their ancient voices tear through his mind. Screeching and howling in anger. Screaming about tainted blood. Quinlan rushes back to the three creatures. He knows that it is impossible for any human he brought to be unclean. The Ancients were picky eaters. No human infection or disease could harm them, but they were spoiled and pampered. They would only take virgins, aged 20-25 years, top physical health, no diseases of any kind, and B Positive blood type. They didn't care how difficult it was to find people like that. It was what they wanted and their underlings and himself were expected to produce these humans for their feedings. While the conditions their feeding humans were kept in were not the best, Quinlan ensured that they were clean. For them to say one was tainted was more a hit to his pride than anything else.

Upon entering their chamber, he sees the human cattle still chained and unbitten. They demand him to kill the unclean creature, but Quinlan does not feel the need to. At least not right away. He wants to know why they feel the human is unclean. He takes it back to one of the storage rooms and allows it to shower, eat, and sleep before questioning. He is unable to smell or sense anything unclean about it, but he knows the Ancients have more sensitive senses than even he does. It is only on extremely close inspection that he finds the tiny scar on it's arm. It is indeed infected.

Infected by the blood worms of his father.

Yet the human is unchanged.

Knowing what is unclean about it now, he is able to sense the worms in it's body. They are weaker than usual. Starved and unable to touch the human's brain. Quinlan is reluctant to kill off this strange human.

Notes: The human is not naturally special in any way. Instead they have a second infection that is somehow managing to hold off the worms. Perhaps some kind of student who was working for a lab and during the Strigoi outbreak got infected by something that was being worked on in the lab. The two diseases are managing to cancel each other out for the time being. However, the non-Strigoi infection, causes fits of fever strong enough to cause hallucinations.

One ending would be they will either die of the Strigoi infection winning or the non-Strigoi infection winning. Another would be that they manage to survive long enough for the Master to be killed and the worms to die off inside of them and allowing them to use medicine to fully fight the other infection to survive.

This plot can somewhat be combined with the previous one. Quinlan can wake up to find the duel-infected human there with him.

About Vaun
Very little is known about Vaun and his life before serving the American Ancients.

He is the servant, voice, Sun Hunter, and custodian of the Ancients. His primary job is that of speaker for the Ancients. The creatures spend much of their time in a trance like state and he tends to the everyday needs of the nest. While most the nest hibernates, it is his duty to ensure their wealth, businesses, and human allies continue to run smoothly. He is their version of Eichhorst, though he does not go near as far as to alter his appearances.

When the Master rises up and starts creating rouge Strigoi, he takes his place as a Sun Hunter. He mans a team of Strigoi and human allies to hunt down the creatures till the Master goes back into hiding. He is a very skilled hunter and proficient in ways of killing Strigoi beyond a sword or gun. He is one of the few who can go hand to hand with them and teach humans how to go hand to hand with a Strigoi without becoming infected.

Basic Anatomy and Facts

Since Vaun was originally meant to be Quinlan for the TV Show, but changed off set for various reasons, Vaun was meant to be a Born. With the change in casting, Vaun was supposed to be reduced to a standard Strigoi, but he has many differences from them. Mostly due to the keeping of his nose and his marbled like skin. Many fans believe that he is a Born, but a newer one or he does use some form of prosthetics the way Eichhorst does.

He possesses considerable strength and speed, like other Strigoi.

Like all Strigoi, he lacks genitalia.

He feeds with the use of a six foot stinger that coils into the waddle like sac in his neck and chest. He also has the standard, simplified digestive and circulatory system of all Strigoi. His White contains the blood worms, but unlike those created by the Master, he does not set out to infect people. The Ancients are very selective. When he feeds, he kills and disposes of his victim.

His average body temperature is 48.9 C / 120 F and can be felt by humans several feet away. He has no need to sleep, but does go into a catatonic like state when well fed for several hours.

Vaun possesses a great deal of intelligence and it is likely that he is allowed a certain amount of free will, the way Eichhorst does.

Silver can harm him greatly. As can sun light. Vaun seems to be able to tolerate UV lights a bit better than other Strigoi, but not by much. It will kill him.

He cannot cross bodies of water without human assistance.

Vaun was created for the TV Show and meant to be Quinlan originally. Once his character was changed, it is likely he was comparable to Eichhorst. He was possibly a human who worked for the Ancients and was rewarded by being turned. Where Eichhorst was turned due to his helping the Master feed in WWII and was skilled in keeping humans like cattle, Vaun likely worked very close with the Ancients and provided them with food in his human life. Given his duties, he was likely military trained in some way or possibly a police officer. A dark idea could be that he used to bring criminals who managed to escape justice to the Ancients for feeding.

Plot Ideas:

After a long night of drinking brought on by seeing a man he arrested for killing a young prostitute get off on a technicality, Vaun stumbles down the darkened alleyway towards the street to his apartment. He doesn't make it home. A black bag is thrown over his head and while he manages to fight off his attackers for a few moments, they manage to over power him quickly with strength he had never felt before. Before he can resist being tossed into a van, he is knocked unconscious.

When he finally rouses, he finds himself tied to a chair and expects the worst. Likely someone, or someone connected, that he had arrested in the past. Vaun was good at his job and had a long history of convictions. He figured they would rough him up or even try to kill him.

He stayed silent when a tall man in a black coat and hood came in and introduced himself as "Quinlan". He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of his fear. At least not till he heard a strange rattling noise coming from the man's body and he removed the hood to expose his marble white head and ice blue eyes.

Several days of conversation and denial had Vaun on his knees in front of the three Ancient monsters. They promised him wealth and safety in return for food stock. In a moment of fear and panic, he agrees.

Instead of being taken back to his simple apartment, he is brought to one of the nicer condos in the city and told that it is his now. It is furnished with the nicest of furniture and electronics for the early 1990s. He finds a checkbook on the counter with his name on it and a large sum of money already deposited with a letter stating the amount that would be deposited monthly.

He takes great pleasure in the well stocked bar for the next month when a phone call tells him that it's time to produce his end of the deal. Vaun considers running, but when he sees a paper stating that the man who had gotten off for killing the prostitute had been cleared of another charge, he realizes that it's really not that difficult a choice to make.

Over the next few years, Vaun rounds up criminals and brings them to the Ancients for feeding. As time goes on, he starts branching away from waiting to see if they will escape conviction to taking them straight to the creatures. He isolates himself from everyone else, slowly losing his own humanity as he drags human after human into the feeding chamber and cleaning the mess up afterwards. It barely registers to him that other humans and turned Strigoi are adding to the cages of humans in the strange storage warehouses. He simply does his job.

At least till one of the humans manages to escape and he catches it before it gets outside. They scream and fight, like all of them do, but they cry over missing their family. Instead of bringing it back to the cages, Vaun takes it to a secure room and goes to question the Ancients about the types of humans brought to them. He is informed that each human ally who has a similar deal with them brings them a different type of human.

Unhappy with this situation, Vaun demands to be put in complete control over the type of people brought for feeding. They agree, but only under the condition that Vaun be turned. He asks for time to consider it and is granted one month. He is also ordered to deal with the human who attempted to escape. They state that it cannot be allowed to live.

Notes: The human could end up being turned, but the bulk of the story would take place in the month Vaun is granted to consider his decision. He could keep the other human alive during that time. Have conversations with them and fights with them. Form a large attachment to them. Large enough that when he is turned, he begins to feel the lure of the Dear One. His Strigoi body demanding him to find and turn this person so they can be together, though the Ancients may not allow it at first. Unlike the Master, who allows his ilk to turn many and often, the Ancient are extremely selective.


While the Born are hated and feared by most Strigoi for their free will nature, the Ancient are able to see the use in them. Quinlan is unloyal and unpredictable. They decide to create a Born themselves and instead of abandoning it or allowing it to escape, they keep it close and raise it themselves.

Unlike Born in the past, they control the entire process. The woman and man selected to breed are well paid and in good health with good family histories. The woman is made well aware that she will not survive, but she agrees for her own reasons which are never voiced. During her first trimester, she is given the best food and the best accommodations. Being pampered and spoiled as the baby starts to grow. While hesitant when the time finally comes, she allows the Ancients to turn her. They promise her that she will live on as a Strigoi and her child will always be there with her.

The Strigoi blood causes the infant to grow rapidly and the mother spends much of her time feeding till the baby begins clawing it's way from her womb. The infection makes it impossible for her to give a normal birth. She is forced to the ground while the child is ripped from her body. While she will heal, the Ancients take the child from her for the first decades of it's life. They send it off to various human allies to be trained and educated. When he returns, he is trained in Strigoi hunting by Quinlan. The fifth Born attempts to convince him to leave the Ancients and go with him, but he remains loyal to them so long as they allow his mother to continue her life with minor free will. Vaun takes a small home with his mother. She is full Strigoi and only moves about the home due to the Ancients allowing her minor voice and thought.

The Ancients are alerted to the Master's growing presence in Germany while WWII rages on and send Vaun to England to hold ground while they evaluate the situation with the Old World Ancients. While there, he begins to form a team of Sun Hunters in case the Master moves towards England or they are sent to Germany.

While there, Vaun is allowed to more fully explore aspects of his life that he wasn't before while under the thumb of the Ancients watchful ears and eyes. He was always allowed free will, it isn't their choice, but he always obeyed like one of their ilk.

Notes: I was thinking Vaun would get close with a prostitute. It could end with their being turned, death in general, or possibly Vaun losing control and killing them.


After the events of the episode "Fort Defiance", Vaun's Sun Hunter team is killed. They were unable to tolerate the UV Lights as well as he could. Gus had attempted to save him, but he made the man go. Someone had to survive. He expected to meet death.

Instead, once his Strigoi comrades stopped moving, the light switched off. He was badly burned and unable to move. Humans pulled him free and his stinger rattled, demanding food, but was too weakened to attack. He's dragged off to a lab below the building. A place where Palmer has the homeless people who he once organ harvested from. He is strapped to a table and bound with silver laced chains. Once a week, he is force fed blood, but only enough to keep him conscious. People come and go, harvesting the white from his body.

He watches, silently, as they test it and have to kill their subjects. He knows he could tell them that it won't work, but he would rather watch them struggle with it. He knows what they are trying to do. Even if he wanted to tell them how to do it right, he couldn't. But he does know that simply removing the worms will not work. Not from a Strigoi like himself.

Unsure of how much time has passed, he simply goes in and out of trance like sleep states. He is shocked one day when one of the doctors starts talking to him. Nothing special. Mostly just small talk. He stays silent during it. Allowing the human to draw his white and talk while he stares off at the ceiling. When he finally responds, it is to tell them to stop speaking. He tells them to stop treating him like a human patient. That they have no reason to treat him differently from the monster that he is.

Notes: Vaun can either be a Born or a full Strigoi for this one. The initial relationship would be verbal and building on it from there. Maybe the doctor can attempt to free him and they run off together. If he's Born, the Ancients won't be able to force him to come back. Though if he's full Strigoi, he will have to resist the hive mind, which could cause quite a bit of drama and possibly violence.

About Lar:

Lar was created for the TV Show only. Unlike Vaun, he was made to be his own character from the beginning. Nothing is known of him other than that he is the new speaker for the Ancients after Vaun's death/capture (his death was not shown on screen).

Other than his short lived stint as Speaker and Sun Hunter, Lar is a completely blank slate. Quinlan states that he personally trained Vaun, but Lar seems to have no connection to Quinlan. Possibly even hates the Born. Maybe he blames Quinlan for the death/capture of his predecessor. Had Quinlan been there from the beginning, as he should have been, then they would not have lost a whole team of Sun Hunters (including Vaun).

Basic Anatomy and Facts:

Lar appears to be the same strain of Strigoi that Vaun was. Possibly an extremely young Born or simply a special breed that the Ancients have the ability to create. He retains his nose and, like Vaun and Quinlan, his skin is marbled.

He appears to be considerably younger than Quinlan and Vaun. If a Born, he is only recently Born (20-25 years old compared to Quinlan's nearly 2000). If he is turned, even a special breed, he was likely only turned several years before the Master's outbreak in New York.

He possesses considerable strength and speed, like other Strigoi.

Like all Strigoi, he lacks genitalia.

He feeds with the use of a six foot stinger that coils into the waddle like sac in his neck and chest. His waddle appears to have similar design to Quinlan's. He also has the standard, simplified digestive and circulatory system of all Strigoi. His White contains the blood worms, but unlike those created by the Master, he does not set out to infect people. Unlike Vaun, who appeared to have more freedom, he feeds only from the stock of humans they collect and does not regularly go out to hunt. He kills and disposes of his victims.

His average body temperature is 48.9 C / 120 F and can be felt by humans several feet away. He has no need to sleep, but does go into a catatonic like state when well fed for several hours.

Lar is more loyal to the Ancients than even Vaun was. He seems to have a deep resentment towards Quinlan and humans like the Professor. It is likely that he does not leave the warehouse/storage units unless ordered to do so.

Silver and sunlight harm him the same as any Strigoi.

He cannot cross bodies of water without human assistance.

Plot Ideas:


Lar was a simple Strigoi. He worked under Vaun as a Sun Hunter from the day he was turned. His life before being turned forgotten as the worms burrowed into his brain. Like all Strigoi, he simply followed the psychic instructions given to him by the Ancients and the verbal ones by Vaun. When hungry, he fed with the others and went into their trance like sleep for several hours. There were no dreams. All he thought about was when his next meal would be.

When the Ancients lost their connection with Vaun, he was summoned to their chamber. Very few Strigoi were allowed in there. It was a great honor to view them. They explained that he was to take on Vaun's duties. He was to bring them their meals, clean up the bodies, ensure the stocks were disease free, train the Sun Hunters, and speak for them when they needed to speak. They were granting him back his voice. His humanity, though in a very small dose.

They said the first few days would be the most difficult. His body would reject much of what was required of him. His mind would fight against the worms and he would have to relearn several things. Feeding would be more difficult, because his human memories might cause him to see humans as equal creatures rather than cattle. His body, for years, had been controlled completely by the worms and he would now have to do it himself. His brain would have to relearn to walk correctly and relearn much of it's own muscle control. While most were given several months to adjust to the change, Lar did not have that comfort. With the Master having taken control of the city, they needed him to rise up in strength fast.

In exchange for freedom and safety (for as long as the Ancients could provide it), one of their human cattle is given the chance to help him relearn to control his body and his, primarily, his speech.

Notes: More of a One-Shot game. Lar has a very short appearance in the series. The time between Vaun's disappearance and Lar's stepping in as Speaker is very short. Possibly only a week or two since Seasons 1 and 2 is only a total of 23 days. The game could possibly expand through breaking canon and allowing Lar to survive the fight he gets in with the Master's hoard of Strigoi. He could just be badly injured and taken in by the human who had helped him learn to speak again.


As the youngest Born, Lar finds himself overwhelmed with it all. Quinlan is too unreliable and rarely shows up. Vaun is too self absorbed in his duties to care. He doesn't understand what his purpose in being created was. The Ancients chose to make him. The seventh in existence. Quinlan was a mistake. Vaun was a planned creation. The Ancients will not speak to him directly the way they do Vaun and the leader of the Sun Hunters does not provide him with answers. He spends most of his time quietly in his room with his brothers and sisters. The other Strigoi feed, train, and sleep. They do not converse with him or each other. He wonders sometimes if they even know that anyone else is around them.

Sometimes he goes down to the cages to watch the stock humans, but they do nothing but cry and scream. He is somewhat thankful that it is Vaun's duty to feed their worm infested creators.

In a depressive fit, Lar chooses to leave the nest. He travels as far north as he can, but staying near a human town. He uses makeup to cover his marbled skin and claims that his ears, teeth, and eyes are part of a rare medical condition. He is amazed at how well humans will treat him if they think something is wrong with him. He works for cash doing night stocking at a warehouse. While he keeps his distance from the humans, he observes them. Watches how they interact with each other. Learning about their mannerisms and habits. Lar finds it utterly fascinating.

One thing he does not find fascinating is the habit some humans have on outsiders. Lar makes it rather obvious that he does not want interactions with them, but to some they take it as a challenge.

Notes: The human in question would be a rather social butterfly. Maybe a bit strange in their own right, but very confident and self assured. They see that Lar is in some kind of internal struggle and merely want to help him. Perhaps, in the end, Lar kills them by accident and runs back to the Ancients in shame. Or Quinlan could show up and force him to leave. Or it could turn out that the human is working for the Master and merely trying to lure him back to the Master.

General Notes:

--If the companion is human and experiences a menstrual cycle, they will be considered high risk and will need to take care to stay away from the pure blood strigoi team members if the situation arises.

--Games would involve a lot of fighting vampires. They are harmed from sunlight and silver. They can be killed if their heads are removed. If a human is scratched even the slightest from their tongue stinger, they are infected. If the vampire blood comes into contact with a human, they are infected. Once an infection worm bites into human skin, there is no cure.

--Strigoi have a hive mind. If there is one, there will be more. If you kill one, many more will come to take it's place. Best to kill and run. So there will be lots of running too.

--Game could run anywhere from Light to EX. I'm perfectly okay with a game devoid of sexual intercourse, but I would still like a deep bond to be formed. Could be anything from a simple romantic bond to seeing the companion as an equal or a more touch based sexual intimacy.

--Knowledge of the show or books is not necessary if you want to play a human character (I will be Quinlan or Vaun). Quinlan or Vaun can be the primary source of information in game for human characters. Even a half-blood character can get away without knowing everything, but I would prefer the person playing it to have some knowledge of the strigoi from the show or books for that. I don't expect perfection, since we will be going against quite a bit of canon information.

--As always, I need to say that I am a slow gamer. If the mood strikes me, I can post several times a day or only once a month. Please check my O*Os. I'm fairly open when it comes to things, but it's always nice to look (I worked hard on that, dammit!).

--Also, totally interested in hearing your plot bunnies! Would love to work out something with a second Born.

PM me or post here if interested.

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Re: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][BON - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]
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Changed picture, cause as it turns out, the original picture was not of Quinlan, but of Vaun. I will be making plot ideas for Vaun eventually too.

Also, added two other little plots. One where Quinlan's history with his wife would be played out and one is an alternate ending for the book series of Quinlan's fate.

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Re: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][Light - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]
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ReVamped! *rimshot* Get it? Yeah? Jag is totes humorous. >.>

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Re: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][Light - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]
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Added Vaun stuffs. Since he is a rather blank slate of a character, there is a lot that can be done with him. Maybe work up something for the Sun Hunter "Lar" in the future.

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Re: Curse of the Strigoi [Strain Fandom][Light - EX][Any Gender/Any Sexuality]
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Added Lar stuffs. Even more of a blank slate than Vaun. This will likely be my last major update for The Strain for a bit. Almost done watching season 3.