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Author Topic: Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts ( Lesbian wuxia - accepting characters )  (Read 9892 times)

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Offline VonDoom

Re: Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts ( Lesbian wuxia - accepting characters )
« Reply #150 on: August 21, 2015, 08:55:58 AM »
Hello! It's been awhile!

I don't know if you're still willing to accept characters, or my character -- I know it's been ages since I last posted anything here, between a pet-crisis followed by getting sick myself, a busy time at work and a thorough lack of motivation to write after a game I put a lot of hopes into crashed, I … was absent for awhile. The good news is: my cat is healthy now, I'm recovered, feeling better and more motivated again.

I still really like the idea of this game and, whether you still are up for more characters are not, at least wanted to complete Liem's profile. Even if it's not my best.

Let me know and if the answer's a no -- well, there will be plenty more games on here in the future. There will be more opportunities to play together. :)

(Her looks are intended as a mix of Mongol and Ainu, though her image was drawn as a female turkish warrior by the artist, I think it works well for that purpose.)

名字 Name :  倒藪 林  Dào​sǒu Liem (Bandit Den's Liem/Forest; Hokkien Chinese Variant of 'Lin')
功夫 Style :  Wudang's Xing Yi Quan (hand-to-hand), 'Shaolin Style ' (yanmaodao/goose-quill saber and guan dao/glaive) . Further details below.
五行 Element : Wood
喜歡 Ons : Fair competition, strength, dedication, people who remain true to themselves, rough play/playful roughness, fighting, having money, sharing money, polygamy
反感 Offs : Disloyalty, fickleness, bathroom stuff, unprovoked cruelty, cowardice, suffering civilians, greedy officials, poetry, anal

Note: Sexual character Ons and Offs that contradict my own Player On/Off entries don't mean I won't play them with her, just that she won't like it -- though of course she might be convinced otherwise.

高度 Height : 5'3''
个子 Build : slender frame, busty, powerful wiry muscles
描写 Description :
Bandit Den's Liem stands at the not particularly impressive height of 5'3'', but any inches she lacks in size she makes up in vibrant vitality: long, silky black hair runs free and wild just past her shoulders, shorter strands spill onto her face that, despite the slightly darker tan and lack of make-up that looks more at home on a worker, looks quite lovely. Not only her manner of clothes make her foreign roots obvious -- a combination of fur, leather and silk that just dares any high lords and ladies to sneer at it -- but also her eyes, which gaze out at the world in light blue color.

The slenderness of her form is deceptive. Her arms, legs, stomach, everything about her is well-trained and when she flexes her muscles, it all too quickly becomes obvious just how much strength she can exert. Like the wood-element, she is powerful and flexible -- warm, generous and in the spring of her life.

个性 Personality :
Like many of her fellow bandits, Liem has a quick temper and a wild streak that doesn't play along well for long with civilized society. Sure, she can reign herself in for awhile, but sooner or later she will feel the walls closing in on her and require release -- usually in the form of violence, drink, sex or all all those.

She is clever, practical, but not particularly book smart. Though she has received some education and knows proper etiquette, she usually chooses to defy it -- for her to show proper manners is either a very big sign of respect or simply means that whoever she is dealing with scares the hell out of her.

Liem has grown up with the thought that her comrades are her true family and as a result is very loyal to all she includes in that circle and values the same dedication in others, hating traitors above all.

As a lover, she is very passionate -- sometimes rough, sometimes tender -- and will fight for a beloved against all odds. Yet as of now she believes she could never settle for just one partner. The world is a big place and there are many that she takes a fancy to, whether man or woman -- which is not to say that she will sleep with just anyone, of course. Her standards are high and anyone who makes her feel lesser or who just can't answer her passions equally is quickly left behind.

传记 Story :
Liem was born into a bandit clan commonly known simly as 'Dào​sǒu'. The Dào​sǒu are a small tribe that came about when a small group from the Far East (originally immigrated to the area about two-hundred years ago) intermingled with locals. Their territory lies between Pai Sun and An Yung, just far enough from the Mu Rim garrison that they are left alone unless they make a bother of themselves -- of course, they also send the occasional tribute, which goes a long way to endear them to the officials.

As the daughter of their chief, Liem was well trained and even received some formal education as she matured, soon able to beat any of her brothers and sisters in combat.  Though the position is not one inherited by blood, she she was eventually chosen to take over from her father and has since led the clan successfully and with a strong -- if slightly warped -- sense of right and wrong, she has shaped them even more in the direction of 'righteous bandits'.

Though there have been numerous fights due to quick tempers, by and large the Dàosǒu stopped robbing and now instead demand taxes from those who pass through 'their' lands. In return, these people are assured safe passage and merchants may even find some business with the bandits. Another thing that makes them different from othe bandits is that if they end up with more than what they need, they share it with the common-folk.

功夫 Style : She learned the Wudang Style from her father, but lacked an aptitude for the alchemic arts that are part of the advanced techniques -- and suffered from the fact that the teachings had been diluted by a couple of generations of less than stellar teachers amongst their clan.

Being very adept at the physical side of the art, she took to enhancing her basic Xing Yi Quan techniques with weaponry, imitating the fast and hard strikes of Shaolin fighters she had witnessed and fought. As a result, her own combat style is a bit of a mess -- difficult to predict, highly aggressive, but unorthodox and full of openings. She is extremely effective against combatants of lesser skill or those who cannot adapt fast enough to exploit these, but suffers against more disciplined Wudang or Shaolin fighters.

Offline DhiTopic starter

Re: Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts ( Lesbian wuxia - accepting characters )
« Reply #151 on: August 22, 2015, 07:03:51 AM »
Hi VonDoom, I am still accepting characters and you're welcome to join us. Daosou Liem looks good to me, she's approved!