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May 23, 2018, 02:29:36 AM

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Author Topic: Superhero and Femme Fatale (M for F)  (Read 447 times)

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Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Superhero and Femme Fatale (M for F)
« on: June 20, 2015, 01:19:04 AM »
     This story is transparently inspired by the Batman/Catwoman dynamic. Your character is a master thief who keeps stealing diamonds and art from a local museum. The curator dispatches the local superhero (what town doesn't have one) to stop her. However, during their first confrontation, another thief comes in and steals a priceless, classic work of art, the crown jewel of the whole museum. Having an appreciation for art (and maybe being a bit jealous) your character finds this crass and decides to join forces with mine to track him down. Things could get romantic in the midst of their big adventure. But maybe her plan all along was to take the piece for herself?

    I've had an idea for an OC superhero that I've wanted to play for a long time. His "gimmick" is that he dresses up like an old fashioned gentleman (white bow tie, tails, top hat) with a masquerade mask to disguise his face. He has "gadgets" in the form of formal accessories, like his pocket watch or decorative  cane, maybe a sulfuric acid filled champagne bottle to unleash on baddies as a "dinner gift". He'll be somewhat morally ambiguous, even more so than Batman; he'll be willing to kill people and sometimes act in vengeance for others, but generally promote stability. For his powers, I wanted to give him a hyperactive adrenaline/adaptive powers. In other words, in normal circumstances he's "normal" but is able to run at superhuman speeds if he's being chased, lift heavy objects if he's under stress and needs to exc.. I came up with this before I wanted to use him in an adult RP, but there could definitely be some interesting uses for that in sex scenes, now that I think of it  ;). I might want to make him facially deformed behind the mask, but can't decide if it's too angsty/Phantom of the Opera-like. For your character I'm just looking for an anti-hero/femme fatale. Clearly someone who would have a "chaotic" d and d alignment. She'd obviously be fit considering her line of work, with muscular legs and nice abs, and of course needs to be wearing a catsuit (I'd prefer red to black, but you can pick the color). Those types of characters usually aren't given superpowers, but you can give her some if you want. Super strength/stamina/constitution and enhanced flexibility would make sense. Pheromones could be fun too if you wanted, given the nature of the site and rp

     I would also be interested in one that just has them meeting both as their alter-egos and in "real life" and not realizing it. Maybe she's a ballet dancer and gets introduced to him (a wealthy reclusive patron) after a performance, while at the same time their alter egos form a rivalry on the street. Or it could just be that she becomes obsessed with the dashing, but angry and dangerous new superhero and sets out to find out who he is.
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Offline Jaida

Re: Superhero and Femme Fatale
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2015, 03:57:05 PM »
Hello, I have read your idea and I believe it seems like a very interesting concept that- if you would care for me to do so, even though I have not been accepted yet- I would love to discuss some ideas about with you and hopefully be able role-play the scenario.

Do get back to me if so  :-)