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June 20, 2018, 10:18:05 PM

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Author Topic: FREE COOKIES!!! (New Flavours 09/06/18!)  (Read 1530 times)

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FREE COOKIES!!! (New Flavours 09/06/18!)
« on: June 19, 2015, 06:38:36 PM »

Now that I have your attention...

Welcome to my thread of requests, musings and inspiration!

Thread Contents:

What I'm Craving Right Now

Valuable Stock (UPDATED 09/06/18)

Got an idea? Send me a PM!
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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2015, 08:11:57 AM »
Welcome to my Ons and Offs!
Availability: Looking for roleplays!
Posting: Usually daily
Now, first things first, take a look at the charming fellow to your left. He is meant to remind you that we're all only human and behind whatever persona you are roleplaying with, there is a person. So let's follow some basic human guidelines and I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly  :-)

Respect: Sometimes just a little bit of courtesy goes a long way. Real life happens, posts are delayed, muses are missing for a short while, the works. Respect me as a human being with a life outside of E and as a writer who sometimes needs time to think.

Communication: This is a must. If there's a problem, with anything, let me know. Whether your going to be away, our posting speeds aren't lining up, my post length is inappropriate, or that tiny little accidental comma instead of a full stop is bugging you, just tell me! I won't bite, usually  ;)

Enthusiasm: No one wants to feel unwanted, neither do me or my characters. I pour energy and imagination into every post, I hope you'll do the same. If an RP isn't working out, it's not what you expected, or it's just not your thing anymore, that ok, sometimes it happens. I'd much rather let you get on with your other projects, and maybe we will write again sometime in the future. That way, we can all be happy role-players here on E!

Things that make me go mmmm...

Plot, plot and plot!: I love a good story. We all love smut, that's why we're here, BUT NOT ALL THE TIME! I put a lot of effort into character and world building and adore exploring and achieving things in those worlds. We can't do that from the bed room; well, usually not  :P

OOC Chat: Nothing puts me in a better state of mind to write than knowing that I'm writing with someone friendly that I get on with. Ask about the weather, query my posts, send a meme! This site is full of awesomely friendly and welcoming people, I'm sure your one of them  :-)

Brainstorming and plot thrashing: Come on, who doesn't like too let their plot bunnies out to play with each other? Seriously, PM me with a rough idea and ask for a brainstorm, you got yourself an RP!

Just a little literacy: I'm not a grammar Nazi. I don't demand a novel per post. Just give things a read over, give the writing some flow, don't make reading a chore! Some punctuation, a little bit of pacing, maybe even capitals on occasion and I'm sure we'll be fine.

Realistic Characters: Characters are people too! Or at least for roleplaying purposes we've given them human-esque thoughts and emotions. Meaning they should have flaws! I'm not looking for some angelic perfect goddess to play against, I want to play against a character I can believe.

Intelligent/Funny/Sassy/Witty Characters: These are traits I find simply compelling. Make me laugh or smirk as I read and you've got me hooked. What better than a savvy sassy smart-ass to get into line eh?  ;)

Unpredictable smut: When does sex ever go according to plan? Even in a deep D/s relationship there are funnies and slip-ups. Your character is allowed to mix it up, ask for something, try something new, don't feel I'll be offended at experimentation!

Red Heads: Don't ask me why, maybe it's a Scottish thing. There is just something about a red head that implies a little ferocity.

Girl Next Door types: Let's just not do the psychoanalysis on this one... Needles to say, throw an idea at me involving a sassy girl in some ass-tight jeans, you got me.

I'm sure I'll think of more...

Things that will get you spanked!

And not in the good way...

OOC Rudeness or general nastiness: We're all mature adults here, hence why this is such an amazing community. Let's not bitch and act like children. If there's a problem, don't just ignore me, talk it out. Don't just disappear if role-play is no longer your cup of tea. I'm a chatty person OOC, I love the back and fourths along side our RP, if it bugs you, tell me, don't take my head off!

Being pressured into role-plays: This has happened an alarming number of times since I join this site. Messages or invites to IM chats where I am then hounded into a role-play I have no muse for. I use roleplaying as a creative literary outlet, meaning that if something doesn't inspire me with character ideas, plot twists and delicious dialogue then I'm not interested. Take no for an answer, I'll happily listen to your new ideas in the future.

Inappropriate post lengths: No one-liners! As you'll come too see, I put a lot of effort into my posts, and expect a decent effort to be applied in response. A couple of lines responding to the story's actions while descripting nothing and failing to advance the plot or explore the setting, not my thing. Now I'm going to sound like a picky kind of guy, but I'm not I promise. I just don't need three paragraphs describing an inconsequential NPC or a short novel pondering one character's navel. Posts bulked out for the sake of making them bigger, more wordy and utterly indigestible do nothing than apply pressure for me to respond with an equally inappropriately long reply. And so on. So, big climactic scenes, opening descriptions, passages of time; feel free to blow me out the water. Fast paced action sequences, plot developing dialogue, ante-scenes between major developments; don't write for writing's sake.

Overly Naïve Female Characters: This is something that just annoys me. It tends to lead to some really straightforward plots and really struggles to be an attribute in a female character I want to play against. Sometimes naivety is appropriate, but most of the time I want a girl that's got something about her. Dare I say spunk?
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« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2015, 11:48:00 AM »

Working up new ideas currently, previous ideas have been moved to notes and scribbles.

A Hidden Gem (Mxf, possibly NC)

The Sultan’s harems were well known across all of his realms. Hundreds of the most beautiful, fertile and untouchable women from across his empire, and gifted to him from even outside that. Amongst this opulent mass of flesh and breast one went unnoticed, just another prize in the Sultan’s cabinet.

She was not unnoticed by everyone however. Daveth, Jarl of the small Northern realm of Kisengarth, had heard many stories of this one special woman. Only stories people of his kind would know too write. They spoke of her as if she was a long forgotten myth coming alive before their eyes. Countless sailors, traders and spies had been summoned before Daveth, all swearing the same truth.

She was one of Dragonblood.

Most the tapestries in Kisengarth were devoted to the Dragonblood. Beer hall songs of fierce warriors who could engulf a man in flame were sang most nights across the isle’s many taverns. The knowledge of exactly where the Dragonblood came from has long been lost, All Daveth knows is that she could bring it back

The Sultan was a notorious hoarder, never relinquishing any of his wealth even to some of his own starving citizens. If Daveth wanted her, he would have to mind a way to take her. If he was caught, the Sultan would take it as provocation to finally finish off his extermination of the island peoples. If he could pull it off, there could be one last mighty roar to come from Kisengarth.

Development Notes
Kisengarth is one of a few remaining island nations, far removed from the seat of the Sultan’s power and protected by merciless rocks, unnavigable currents and storms so fierce they could scupper a fleet with a single thunderous clap.

Daveth is serving as Jarl, which is a military elected leader, as the last of the Elders were slain by the Sultan’s forces during the wars against his expansion. Daveth had fought in these wars, and has something of a distasteful bias towards ‘southern scum’.

There are plenty more ideas floating around but most is open to interpretation. I’d love too here someone else’s ideas and bat some ideas back and fourth.

Other Picture Ideas
Sultan's City

Valuable Stock (MxF/f, NC, possibly EX) NEW!
Space can be a very desolate place. Although planets and species abound across the discovered universe, the space between the many colonies seems infinitely vast. Through the many trade routes and settlement shuttles between these worlds a virus has taken hold. For years a vicious strain has threatened all life killing many but most importantly leaving almost all women infertile.

YC is travelling on board one of the many medium class passenger ships when it is attacked by Reavers. The Reavers are well known to space travellers, boarding ships, seizing and killing as they please, carving out their own futures in the space between the colonies.
YC is immune to the virus, and not only immune, but her immunity is passed onto her children. Once this is discovered the captain of the opposing ship, MC, realises her worth is far more than her jewelry and purse.

I see this as a lower sci-fi setting, who doesn’t love grungy sci-fi? I can see the story progressing a few ways. Either YC is transported and sold to the highest bidder, and maybe en route somehow proves their worth to the crew, therefore cancelling the sale. Perhaps more interesting is the idea of her true value being through some kind of breeding system. This idea came out of a brainstorming session that ultimately didn’t make it into a full story, so I’m really flexible on where it could go.

Some Visual Inspirations
Coming soon...
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Offline Magnum OpusTopic starter

« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2015, 04:35:36 PM »

Political espionage/power struggles
Military settings and characters
Sandbox games
Diplomatic arrangements
Something modern but interesting
Something funny and sass filled

Previous plot ideas, in need on invigoration or reworking

The Interrogation (Mxf,possibly Fxf, NC, possibly Extreme)

An esteemed officer of the internal security service, Juliette Harrows had given most of her adult life in service to her country. All that was gone now. A dossier had emerged, left on the Interior Minister’s desk one grey Thursday morning, portraying her as the ultimate double agent. Every treachery had been exquisitely detailed, recorded on an almost daily basis. Mere hours after the papers emerged she had been taken. Found waiting patiently in her city residence, already aware of both the dossier and the fate that awaited her. Running would do nothing that to confirm her guilt, this wasn't something she could run from.

None of it was true. Juliette was nothing but a faithful protector, framed by factions that would rather see her removed.  No contacts left to call. No allies willing or even able to come to her aid. Thrown into the nightmare scenario she had always feared most she finds herself interrogated by the man she once hailed as the paragon of thought out yet ruthless defence of the realm. Can she convince him of the truth?

I see this story starting as a regular interrogation, think steel table in some dingy underground complex, where she is questioned by her former commanding officer. As the interrogation lengthens he begins to use other methods, combining all his field knowledge and natural brutality to try and break open the smear on his exemplary recruitment record. Ranging from subtle dialogue rich scenes to bestial non-consensual acts, there really is a lot of scope in this idea.

Who's side am I on? (Mxf)

Power does strange things to people. Creates a kind of primal lust in anyone exposed, forces them to yearn for it. Delphine Morgan had always relished the feeling of empowerment. What greater power is there than that over life and death?

An excellent assassin, master infiltrator, she was only ever hired by the best. Deep into an operation she has secured her cover as Captain Matthias Christophe’s women of the moment. Now it was time to execute her orders. Christophe was to be eliminated.

High in the ranks of the military-esque security force, Matthias Christophe was seen by many as the natural successor to the Lord Governor’s seat. Favoured by the establishment and seen as effective by the public, it was only a matter of time until the power of government was his alone. As the Governor’s health wanes positions are secured and promises jostled for, factions and figureheads on all sides ready to descend.

No-doubt employed by one of the parliamentary vultures Delphine only cared for her bottom line. Trap laid perfectly she prepares to complete her contract, but someone has got there first. If it wasn't for some minor delay the blast would have killed both her and Christophe. Now cut off from her employer, trapped alone in a political arms race, fast becoming one for real weapons. At least her cover is intact. But who’s left she can trust? Who’s side is she on?

Too Far Gone, Far Too Long (Mxf, possibly NC, possibly EX)

War is never glorious; it is bloody, brutal and damning. Those who live play by the lowest set of rules and no high horse will save you from the darkness of that is to come. Far removed from the marble spires and flagstone courtyards of the capital the soldiers of the Dominion have been fighting this conflict far too long. This far away from home nothing can remind them what they’re fighting for, only how to survive one night to the next.

Leah had always been told she was been a damn fine solider. If she was a man she would have left the Capital’s academies an officer, not the rank the file she marched out as all those years ago. Yet on the frontline, no one cared for your stature, only your ability. The savage fatalities of this long drawn out campaign means she now found herself second only to the man whom all this far north must surely owe their lives too; Commander Daveth.

They we’re close by now, probably too close if anyone still had a manual to check. Far from reinforcements or resupply they both know this cannot continue, the breakthrough is now or never.

This could be either a low medieval, near modern or sci-fi story. Daveth and Leah’s relationship is always brought into question, more so by themselves than anyone else. I’m quite flexible on a lot of how this develops or is even set up to begin with, I think I’m just craving some grit and conflict.

Men Amongst Stars (Mxf, possibly NC, possibly EX)

Most people thought space colonisation would unite the human race, those people were the first to perish.

Mankind has spread amongst the skies, colonising every habitable system they come too. Worlds are stripped and species wiped out before the never ending tide of human colonialism. With the galaxy at their fingertips the greed of humanity has been truly unleashed.

One of thousands across the galaxy the Haidara is known as a freelance merchant vessel. Glorified pirates most would say. Hopping from system to system, sticking close by the bustling trade stations, hunted and preyed on by larger ships and the authorities of the various human alliances.

Living aboard the Haidara, Amanda Watt craves adventure, and perhaps sometimes her own brand of twisted excitement. With tensions aboard the ship reaching the limit, soon the crew will have too decide where to draw the line on their exploits.

Hoping this plays out as a dark sci-fi sandbox game. I’d plan on playing the ship’s captain, with probably quite a gritty character. I love the idea of this being a story about the darkness of human beings compared to the spectacular back drops of space. I’m quite flexible on exact content so just let me know your own take on this.

Some kind of forbidden, office, workplace, modern romance Fxf story inspired by these NSFW

Picture Cravings

Partner Inspirations NSFW
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« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2018, 02:39:34 PM »

Updated 21/6/15:

-Added 'The Interrogation'
-Rework of 'Who's side am I on?'
-Removed ' Work and Play' (getting reworked)
-Removed quenched cravings

Updated 24/10/15:

-Added 'Too Far Gone, Too Long'
- Added 'Men Amongst Stars'
- Added new cravings
- Added picture inspirations

Updated 27/10/15:

-Massive Thread Restructure
-Added What I’m Craving Right Now
-Added O/Os
-Created Magnum’s Plot Library
-Created Notes and Scribbles
-Moved Picture Inspirations into Notes and Scribbles
-Created Update Log

Updated 20/8/16:

-Moved old plots to Notes and Scribbles
-Added 'A Hidden Gem'
-Changed 'What I'm Craving Now' to 'A Hidden Gem'

Bumped 01/06/18:

Back after a long break, will be updating some newer ideas soon, but for now just throwing a line out there. It's good to be back!

Updated 09/06/18:

-Added 'Valuable Stock'
-Changed 'What I'm Craving Now' to 'Valuable Stock'