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Started by Passion Pants, October 28, 2008, 08:55:07 PM

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Passion Pants

I am looking for a Female or Male to join me I will be a New Girl in Town having moved from the UK or even within the UK has the topic line suggests we meet in a club could be a Lesbian/Bi club or just any club I am looking for friends and hoping to meet maybe someone for a relationship.It is my first time out without a partner since my divorce 6 months ago after 15 years of marriage I am now 34 and i am very vunerable and nervous and a little naive.

Not really had any thoughts of  where this story goes just thought I would let it find it's own course so you can add suggestions has it flows along,can be either first person or third on a thread or pm or im whatever you prefer.

I post often but sometimes there are a few days between them

PM me or leave a message if you are interested plus any ideas of direction
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If you have any ideas for role plays message me and we can discuss anything considered xx

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Seems fun maybe we could discus it further on.
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