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May 24, 2018, 03:27:43 AM

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Author Topic: Beorning's Newest Cravings! Wife school, horror, mind control and romance!  (Read 469 times)

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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Hello, E!

It's been some time since I posted any story requests... but, lately, I've accumulated some itches that need scratching. So, here they are, for you to peruse! :)

As it's often the case with my ideas, these are a little vague and need some development. That said, I'm more than ready to brainstorm things with my writing partner and work out the details! I certainly don't expect my writing partner to do all of the legwork here.

So, to the ideas!

Fantasy Female Warrior / Adventurer

Okay, this is rather vague, but I really, really would like to try my hand at some sort of fantasy story! Specifically, I'd like to write a story where I play some sort of female warrior or adventurer - travelling, fighting, having adventures... Of course, there are myriad possible stories like that :) I'm open to discussing any possibilities which would be of interest to my writing partner.

One possible story idea I can provide is: a female adventurer with dark past. Basically, my character would be a former member of some sinister cult, a repentant blackguard / deathknight or a warrior who used to belong to some sort of group with... generally bad reputation. In this story, she'd be travelling the world, trying to find a place for herself and, possibly escape her dark past. Would she manage to?

Of course, this is just one possibility for a fantasy story. As I said, I'm open to discussing others!

The Religious / Non-religious Romance

It's a simple idea for a romance story involving a non-religious, liberal man and a very religious woman. Who these people exactly are and how they end up meeting each other is up for discussion - for instance, they could simply be co-workers who keep bumping into each other and falling in love in spite of their differences... In this story, I could play either of the characters, depending on my writing partner's wishes.

The Preacher Man's New Wife

A brainwashing / mind control story. It was inspired by this image:

There are two characters in this story: an unmarried pastor / preacher and a young woman who catches his attention. The pastor has a secret special ability: he can control people's minds! :) Using this ability, he slowly creates a group of followers, all sharing his prudish and conservative idea. What the preacher wants now, is a wife... and he decides to make the aforementioned young woman into one!

Basically, in the course of the story, the young woman would be mind-controlled into falling in love with the pastor. She'd also be turned into the pastor's ideal of feminity: old-fashioned, matronly, wearing prudish clothes and very obedient toward her husband.

I'd be interested in playing either of the roles in this story: the mind-controlled woman or the pastor. So, I'm looking for a partner interested in playing either of them, too. If my writing partner wants to play the woman, I'll play the pastor. If my partner wants to play the pastor, I'll be equally happy to play the woman!

Wife School

A similar idea to previous one, but on a bigger scale. This story would take place in a somewhat dystopian setting where a conservative government have come into power. Now, a new law gets instituted declaring that all women willing to marry must attend a week or two of a government-run "wife school", where they learn of what they should be like as the wives. The public believes that these "wife schools" will be just a sexist formality, but there's more to that...

My character in this story is a woman that will be getting married soon. So, she gets sent to the "wife school". She expects that her stay there will simply be an annoying waste of time... but, after arrival, she quickly discovers that the "school" actually uses mind control to turn the attending women into the government's idea of proper women: conservative, matronly homemakers. Will my character escape in time? Or will she end up a government-approved wife herself?

Warhammer 40000: A Wych With A Heart Of Gold

Okay, the title *is* deliberately corny - also, I admit that the idea might just be a little straining the canon of the WH40K universe... Still, bear with me! :)

Basically, I'd like to try writing a story of a Dark Eldar Wych (a female one) who has some vestigal (and well-hidden) remains of conscience under the typical Dark Eldar thirst for blood. In this story, this Wych either ends up stranded in Imperial space after a raid gone wrong or deliberately flees Comorragh after being deemed too weak by her brethren. Anyway, she ends up in the Imperium space and has to survive on her own. And, quite soon, she meets this one human and their fates become interwoven...

Yes, this is, in a way, the "warrior with dark past" idea transplanted into the WH40K universe. And yes, I know that it's a little corny :) Still... any takers?

Eldritch Encounter

A horror idea, inspired by such stuff like certain parts of Hellraiser 2 and Grant Morrison's new horror comic Nameless.

Basically, in many examples of horror fiction, there's this motif / trope of an evil cult trying to summon some eldritch abomination or of sinister artifacts opening doorways to otherworldly realms where scary beings dwell. This kind of scenes often happen at the very end of the story / movie and, quite often, aren't very well explored. So, for a change, I'd like to play in a game that focuses on that very aspect of horror!

This story would involve a character or a group of characters who, for some reason, stumble right into the domain of horrific beings from beyond. Maybe these people simply happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time - or, maybe, they are some sort of investigators actively searching for the supernatural. They could even be captives of some cult who bring them to an eldritch ceremony to be sacrificed... In any case, some sort of magic rite happens or some sort of artifact is activated and... scary stuff begins to happen. The Elder Gods manifest, the dimensional barriers are breached... and the lead characters end up facing the supernatural point-blank.

What will happen to them? What kind of monstrosities and horrible happenings will they have to face, exactly? And what will be the outcome - will they go mad? Will they have to fight for their lives? Or, maybe, they get abducted to some other dimension? I'd like to explore this kind of situation in detail...

Interested in writing a story like that? Let's talk! :)

All right, these would be all of the ideas! If you'd be interested in any of them, please PM me!

Also, feel free to browse my main idea thread! Maybe you'll find something you like there... :)
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Offline BeorningTopic starter

An update! I changed "The Preacher Man's New Wife" a little and added two new story ideas: "Wife School" and "Eldritch Encounter".