Detailed, plot-driven smut, F for M, NC heavy (omittable)

Started by SweetSierra, June 18, 2015, 02:18:36 AM

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Ciao a tutti,

Just coming back from a long hiatus. I finished my Master's program. Go me! Now it's time to live in the real world. Somehow, I feel like this might not be as nice as I had imagined it would be.

For forum based RP goodness, my ideal per return is 2-6 paragraphs per return, and will give the same. Obviously, there are some situations where this doesn't work as well, but I like a detailed reply. Longer isn't always better, but detail is always appreciated... as long as we aren't describing in deep detail every individual line of his faded pea-green corduroy slacks, if you catch my drift. I do not like PM-based RP, and I will not entertain them. I will not RP via email. I will roleplay via forum posts ONLY, though setup and contact via messenger is A-OK. Say hi, I don't bite. Much. Hard. Often.

My reply times vary based on reality, between within the hour if I don't have a lot going on and a week if I'm swamped, but I do my best to reply same day or next day. I do not object to a PM guilting me into moving my ass if it's taken me longer than 3 days to reply to you. I hate keeping people waiting, so don't let me keep you waiting. I have functionality in Italian and French, but prefer to RP in English past flavour / character text fill.

  • I am a more submissive personality- I will struggle, but in the end, I want to be overpowered. This doesn't always mean non-con, though I do enjoy it, I'm talking about mental struggle and personality power.
  • I prefer 3rd person for the roleplays ("Character caught her breath, watching him approach" vs "I catch my breath as you approach"). This allows me to create a bit of distance between "me" and the character, and allows for more flexible likes and dislikes. This does not give my partner leave to manipulate my character.
  • I like "I am talking" more than *I am acting* or Actions and then words without pause or break
  • Historic context makes me happiest. I like long gowns and elegant things. Modern fantasy works as well, but my favourite things involve stereotypical pleasures- pirates, lords, bandits, etc.
  • While many of my prompts call for a level of casual non-con, I am open to alterations for consensual story lines as well as those that push straight to non-con.
  • Though most of my spoons don't indicate it, I am up for fantasy worlds, realms, and characters. I prefer original characters, but if you have a favourite series, ask away and it's vaguely possible I've read it / would be willing to give it a go. I am not a great fan of canon, and I don't know many series well enough to execute it successfully.
  • One big pet peeve I've found is the breaking of tense; "Johnson would smile as he clutched the apple to his chest." That would just does not belong there- why did Johnson not simply smile, clutching that fruit?
  • I enjoy open-ended "short" scenes, things that don't necessarily require a lot of set up or prior details to be filled in / worked out. If those scenes run, and run well, then I like to let the characters involved evolve naturally rather than forcing them into pre-destination. I amn't Zwingli, and I don't believe that anything should be ruled out before its time, that means that I don't have an end point in mind for any given character, and I am not adverse to making up a character to fit a starting point which doesn't "match" someone pre-existing.
  • Hit me with a spoon of your own- I like challenging myself with situations I didn't contrive. Please DO be aware of my O/O though. Challenges are one thing, being propositioned with stuff I really don't like isn't fun for me.

Oh hey, speaking of that- further and fleshed details live in my O/O: Found here.

Promised spoons;

  • Highwayman x lesser noblewomanSpoons; Lady Sabine is en-route with her maiden aunt to the High City for the start of the Season when their carriage is waylaid by highwaymen. The third daughter of a minor Earl, the ransom she represents is not as attractive as the other things promised by her body. 

  • Pirate x captive Ceron; Tiena loved the sea, so when offered a chance to sail with the merchant vessel Windswept, she leapt at the chance. Little did she know, the vessel would be boarded by pirates, and the female members of the crew taken hostage.

  • Lord x Stolen Lady; Lady Ashkevra is stolen from her bed in the dead of night and delivered into the hands of a mysterious Lord who having watched her from afar has determined she would be the perfect companion- if only he can convince her!

  • Indian brave x settler.; Rhianne Johnson's family sought to escape the crippling debt of her father's lost business by moving west to the plains where it had been promised that any man who was willing to work could grow enough food for his family and be his own master, but so far, the only abundance seemed to be misfortune. The loss of half their caravan to illness, another group lost to the river crossings and other misfortunes had taken the toll on the group's morale, but the worst was yet to come. Though the day dawned bright, the air would soon fill with the screams of terrified settlers as a group of braves descend, determined to teach the intruders a lesson not to be forgotten. 

  • Bad boy x Study abroad; Alessandra's grandmother was always full of tales about "Veccio Italia", and impressed on her the importance of heritage, so when a scholarship opportunity offered to send her to Milan for a year, Alessandra was over the moon. Armed with a lifetime of stories and speech stilted with a dialect pre-dating World War II, she dives into life in Milano. Within the first day, she meets a bad boy with a motorcycle who is ready to show her a whole different side of la bella vita.

  • Border guard x contrabandieri; Life under Mussolini was hard, and in hard times, you did what you had to do. That was what Flavia's father had taught her. He'd gone to the United States to work, promising to bring Flavia, her mother, and her two younger brothers as soon as he could. Until then, they still had to survive, and they did whatever they could to make that happen. With increased taxes and rationing of things like cigarettes, smuggling had become a lifeline for many of the villagers from the mountain reaches, and Flavia was no different. Her brothers were too young to run, and her mother not strong enough to carry the bags, leaving her with few choices. This can run a few different ways. She gets caught, she's suspected, she's in cahoots, etc.

  • Choice x Study abroad; Antonella grew up in the small town of Gurro, tucked into the southernmost reaches of the Alps on the Italian side, and while she loved her hometown, something had to give. Applying herself to English lessons, she's finally got the chance to study abroad for a term. This one's very flexible as to where she's studying abroad and who it is she meets. Meet me halfway!

  • Popular boy x rival's sister ; He was all that- good looking, too clever for his own good and athletic to boot, everything a girl like Melissa could never hope to score. Her brother Mike hated him, and they were rivals for everything, so when he started flirting with Melissa, Mike warned her to stay away, but Melissa didn't want to. Even if it was just a game, just to get at Mike, she knew what she wanted.

The ones past this point are meant to be shorts. They're designed to be run in smaller pieces / non simultaneous instances. This means short-term roleplay, NOT short posting. I expect the same post length here as I do any of the above games, I just expect them to move faster.

  • A Long-standing AffairTheDoctor46; Valeria had been in London less than twenty four hours when she fell into his arms. Well, no, that was romanticising the situation; she fell on the Underground and landed squarely across his knees. Instead of laughing in her face or getting mad, he invited her for a drink and swept her off her feet again, with much hotter results. Work took her back to Italy and began a long term affair of business, pleasure, and excuses to visit at every chance.

    Scene; Any of the future affair encounters, either in London or Italy. Could also further detail the initial encounter.
  • I know you can be bad; Jenna was, for all intents and purposes, average. She was pretty and smart, but too shy to do anything with it. She was athletic and slim, but not ambitious enough to take that anywhere beyond a stint on the gymnastics team. Until He came along. He wasn't the usual bad boy- he was worse. Smooth, intelligent and devastatingly handsome, he was the worst kind of seduction, and even knowing his list of ex-girlfriends went around the block couldn't convince Jenna to say no when he asked her out. For him, there was nothing more enjoyable than taking a pretty little girl and turning her into a wild thing, then turning her loose. But something about Jenna was different, turning the game distinctly on its head.

    Scene; Any of their dates, a day in school / skipping school, etc.

  • I never meant to hurt you; Lynn had always had a crush on him, and he knew. He thought it was kind of cute, but she'd never really pushed his buttons if you know what he meant. She went away for the summer and came back different, though. More confident, more outgoing and prettier. She tried to pretend everything was the same when he asked her to hang out, but deep down she had to realise it wasn't.

    Scene; Date-rape / non-con / forcible sex scene. Can be either the first time they hang out alone after she comes back or after a few times where he reaches the breaking point.

  • Mine for Always; He had been Kameren's first boyfriend and first love. She'd gone on dates before him, but no one before or since had made her feel the way he could- nervous, aroused, and desperate. When she decided to move to the West Coast to get a fresh start for college, she thought that was it. She dated other men, earned her degree and started working for the company she'd done her internship with. She had a boyfriend she cared for and as far as she was concerned, everything in the world was right. Until he came walking back into her life.

    Scene; Running into him the first time, any subsequent meeting, may include her boyfriend or not.

Acceptable cannon fodder (played with OCs at least 90/10)

  • Wheel of Time
  • Game of Thrones
  • Heralds of Valdemar & related series
You can pitch something else, but if I don't know it super well, I will probably say no.

All that said-  if you've any questions, suggestions, offers, please send me a message. :)



Here feeshy feeshy.

Looking for more towards the shortier reply end of the spectrum at this point, quick one-offs and so on.