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Author Topic: Miss Belle's Collection of Plot Buttons [Seeking experienced, literate writers]  (Read 1353 times)

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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my roleplay request thread. Before we get to the story ideas, I'd like to begin with what I'm looking for in a roleplay partner. Some traits that I desire in a co-writer are:

  • Experience – On average, I write about 600-800 words per reply. I can easily write more or less depending on the scene, so my word count is fairly flexible in that respect. I’d like to have a skilled writing partner that can match my post length. Correct spelling and grammar is mandatory. That isn’t to say that you can never, ever make a mistake, but a reply with multiple spelling errors is an instant turn-off for me.

  • Communicative – I will never ask you for specifics regarding your personal life, but I do need to know if something IRL is interfering with your ability to write with me. Furthermore, I need a partner that can talk to me openly about their feelings and thoughts regarding the story. If you have an idea you’d like to try, or if there’s something about the plot that bothers you, I need a co-writer that isn’t afraid to discuss those things with me. In return, I’ll be open and honest with you.

  • Creative – On that note, I need a partner that’s willing to help build a story with me. I may have the foundation somewhat laid down, but these plots can go absolutely anywhere. Please, please, PLEASE be active in throwing your own ideas out there. I can’t tell you how quickly a passive co-writer can ruin a roleplay for me; so, if you’ve got suggestions, share ‘em!
If you have any questions regarding the information I’ve provided or the plots below, feel free to ask me via private message. If you’re interested in collaborating with me on any of the stories listed in this thread, please message me with your character’s name and an image of what they look like, as well as a writing sample (or a link to one is just fine). If you’re interested in writing with me as a partner but my stories either don’t appeal to you or they’re all taken, I’d be very pleased to have you reach out with any suggestions or to even express your interest. I’m sure we can figure out a storyline that we’re both excited about.

Thank you for reading!!

Available Stories

The Human Conservation Project - [Sci-fi, alien abduction, vanilla]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It had been a perfectly average Wednesday evening for Riley. She had just clocked out at the café and was wearily untying her barista apron from her waist, when a sudden pressure in her ear drums made her halt in her tracks. She tried to reach her hands up to the sides of her head, but her hands were frozen stiffly into place behind her back, where her fingers were still in position to undo the rabbit-ear knot on her apron. The realization that she couldn’t just move her hands or arms, but that her entire body was immobilized temporarily took her attention off the uncomfortable pressure building in her ear drums. It wasn’t a long reprieve, however, because the sound was growing with ferocity. Her vision was suddenly growing fuzzy and, before she could even register that she was blacking out, she fainted.

When she woke, Riley was startled to find that she was completely naked in the middle of an expansive, sunny meadow. She might have believed she’d died and gone to heaven if it weren’t for the throbbing headache, a leftover symptom of her unconsciousness. When she attempted to stand, she reeled backwards, her weak sense of balance careening her straight towards the dirt. Before she could hit the ground, a pair of hands grabbed under the arms and helped stand her to her feet.

“Ah, thank you,” Riley spoke, holding the heel of her palm to her temple. “I haven’t been myself since…” Her words fell away as the realization gripped her. The unbearable pressure, the unconsciousness, this headache.

She spun around in the stranger’s arms, which were so startled that they forgot to reach out and catch her when she fell back again. Her butt landed unceremoniously in the dirt, and she was forced to look straight up at the unfamiliar, naked man in front of her.

“Did… Did you drug me!” She snapped, more of an accusation than a question.

The man only smiled innocently. His knees suddenly folded to a crouch to be eye-level with her. Riley scooted backwards, hoping to regain her personal space. The man just sidled up next to her again with that same boyish grin. She began to panic, and tried to scramble to her feet. The horizon swam as it had before, and Riley floundered in a heap into the grass. She closed her eyes, pleading the universe to take her back home.

“Welcome, human female called Riley,” a voice spoke in her head. She snapped her eyes open and stared into the grass with bewilderment. The voice was her own. It was as if she had thought those words, but she hadn’t. How could she? Why would she ever refer to herself that way?

Before she had the chance to jump to the conclusion that she’d simply gone crazy, the voice resumed, “You are the newest addition to the Intergalactic Nature Preserve. You have been brought here to serve as a companion for our human male specimen.” As the words popped into her head, she turned her eyes upon the grown man who was looking at her with both curiosity and concern. He was again moving towards her, invading her personal space by hanging his body over her own.

“For your convenience, we have tailored your exhibit as a miniature planet Earth. Feel free to explore the dimensions of your new home.” The voice—her voice—faded away. She stared up into the eyes of her “human male companion” and a shudder of fear ran through her.

“My new home,” she repeated to herself, struggling to believe that it was real. She had been plucked off of Earth, and had been thrown into a look-alike cage. The sweetness of the air, the warmth of the sun on her skin—it was all artificial. She was trapped in a zoo where the only person she had left in the world was a man she didn’t know.

Some details:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a nutshell the plot for this story follows the abduction of two human beings at separate points of time. Riley’s male companion (your character) was taken from Earth when he was four, and has spent most of his life in the zoo. He knows very little English—he can tell you his name and can use simple words and phrases (think toddler-level)—but he’s very intelligent and eager to communicate with Riley, which will mean he’ll be more articulate as the story goes along. Riley, meanwhile, was abducted at the age of twenty-two. She had just received an acceptance letter to medical school, and was going to be receiving her undergraduate degree that spring. To support herself, she worked at a late-night café. She is very rational and deliberate in all that she does, which makes the chaos and impossibility of her situation all the more devastating to her. Riley is strong-willed, though, and is determined to find some way out of the zoo. She has a fierce passion for life, and will do what she must to survive.

The aliens that have abducted the pair of humans are highly evolved beings. They communicate with each other via telepathy, although they use the mental “voice” of the recipient during this process. This allows thoughts and ideas to flow freely between themselves and other species, like humans, without the limitation of a spoken language. For as inconsiderate as their specimen collection is they are mostly well-meaning. Their advanced intelligence has enabled them to see that the human species will soon become extinct within a few hundred years, and their conservation program specializes in preserving creatures that are no longer found in the universe. Their human conservation project is just beginning, with the male specimen being taken as a child for both his adorable crowd appeal and as a test run to see if human beings could live and thrive in their artificial Earth exhibit. When they agreed that the child had grown into a strong, healthy, sexually mature adult; they collected a female specimen, Riley, to give him some company and kick-start their breeding program.

Nonetheless, these hyper-intelligent beings, have completely overlooked the basic, “primitive” complications to their plan. For one, humans do not communicate telepathically with each other. They rely on vocal and written language to understand each other. With the male specimen’s limited use of English and naivety about proper human behavior (like personal space, for example), their ability to understand one another will come only after their mistakes and outright fights with one another. (Although, any physical aggression is more likely to come from Riley—who will use physical blows out of defense, not hostility—than her easy-going, gentle partner.) It should be noted, too, that while the aliens can speak to humans via this transfer of thoughts, it is a one-way street. Human thought is too primitive to understand, so the aliens can never hack into their minds to know what the humans are thinking.

Their abductors have also failed to account for the emotional investment humans need to establish before they become a mated pair. The male has no knowledge of what sex is exactly, except for the dumbed-down version he was given as a child: “When a daddy and a mommy love each other very much...” The instinct is certainly there, and, while he might not know that it’s sexual, he knows from experience that masturbation feels good. As for Riley, sleeping with a strange man-child is the last thing she wants to do. The program coordinators will certainly have a disappointing wait before they’ll have human babies on display.

Although this story revolves around a breeding program, it shouldn’t be mistaken as a smut-heavy plot. While I have no qualms about writing sexually explicit scenes, they will be few and far between. This story is mainly about forging an intimate relationship through struggles to understand and coexist with a total stranger.

The Vampire's Curse - [supernatural, BDSM, hardcore]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lucian was born and raised to kill monsters. He came from a long line of vampire hunters. As a hunter he saw himself as a hero of humanity; he stalked monsters through the shadows, he killed the undead, and he avenged all the innocent humans who had fallen prey to bloodthirsty fangs. But Lucian himself was a monster. By becoming a hunter he ironically made himself hunted, as well. Vampires seeking vengeance of their own came for him, and he confidently met them head-on.

Until one night, when a vampire successfully brought the mighty Lucian to his knees. It had been a bit of foul-play, certainly. Lucian was celebrating the death of his father, a momentous occasion that would mean he would inherit a multimillion dollar, underground hunting business. Surrounded by cheering friends, he had gone to one of the most prominent clubs in the city and drank himself senseless. Lucian had gotten so inebriated he’d not only managed to separate himself from his gaggle of overgrown frat boys, but couldn’t even tell the person he was taking home with him wasn’t truly a “person” at all.

There was one trick vampires could play with mortals, and that was known to hunters as “playing with their food.” Vampires could simply choose not to drain the blood completely out of their victims, and, instead, bite them to inject venom into their bloodstream that bound mortals to them. Not only was Lucian poisoned that night, but the vampire was particularly cruel enough to sink their fangs into his neck just when he was cumming. In a fraction of a second, Lucian’s one-night sexual conquest became an eternity of servitude. He lost everything to the darkness: his inheritance, his humanity, and his basic will.

The bite created such euphoric pleasure that Lucian became fatally addicted to the sensation. If he wasn’t fed upon by his new master/mistress within a certain period of time, he’d physically suffer excruciating withdrawal symptoms of mental and physical nature. When the time was drawing near when he needed to be bled, Lucian lost all control of who he was. He lost the will to refuse the vampire’s wishes. Although the true Lucian was still there—screaming with rage and grief—it was overpowered by his pure need to be bitten, a need that the vampire readily exploited. Lucian became a puppet to the vampire race, and an unwilling Judas to the hunting community.

Not only was Lucian a slave to the creatures he had been taught all his life to hate, he was also the hunters’ worst enemy. Through him, the vampire was able to kill off hunter-after-hunter with just a whispered order. Lucian was forced to murder his business rivals, his loyal allies, and his closest friends.

Desperately, Lucian is seeking a cure for his curse. While his vampire mistress/master sleeps in the daytime, he is out looking for some magical being to assist him. But being a slayer has made many supernatural beings hate him. Indeed, many have laughed in his face: karma’s a bitch. He hopes to one day find someone who can help free him from the vampire’s will, but until then his nights are possessed in utter servitude.

- - - - -

This is a very smut-laden plot. Given the nature of the bite, Lucian is not only overcome with the desire to be fed upon but also for sexual gratification from his vampire master/mistress. This opens the plot up to many BDSM qualities. It is also a plot that blurs the line between consensual and non-consensual actions. Although the true Lucian might find it repulsive to have sex with a vampire, the curse clouds his judgement and makes him feel otherwise. Indeed, he can be murderous if he’s denied access to his master/mistress. It also makes him incredibly protective of the vampire’s well-being, which means he can’t kill the vampire himself. No master/mistress means no feeding, and the addiction is so powerful he cannot imagine going without his next fix.

The destination of this plot is totally open for discussion, as is the background of the master/mistress and his/her reason for taking revenge on Lucian. I’m open to any suggestions or additions you have!
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New plot, "The Vampire's Curse", added.

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Storylines are once again open!

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Seeking writers for the storyline, "The Human Conservation Project." Please reply via personal message if you're interested!