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Started by Geraint, June 15, 2015, 05:01:44 PM

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I'm getting a bizarre thread display pattern on one thread here on site:  "The Pic You Want Someone Else to Play".  So far, I have only seen it on this thread, starting when I came on an hour ago, and it's been consistent despite reloads and closing and opening.  Other threads display normally.  This is a screen shot from it:

The first post looks normal, the second has stripes, the third is blue background only, as is the rest of the page. 

Has thread perhaps gotten too large to display properly? ... just a thought.

edit:  The second page displays normally, but there are no page number links on the bottom of the first page.


Someone probably misclosed a tag. Link to it and myself or someone can figure out what.


Looks like it was a problem with a formatting tag.  I believe I've fixed it.  Give it a look now?  (You may need to refresh the page.)
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