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Author Topic: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)  (Read 65545 times)

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Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #600 on: August 03, 2017, 09:24:37 pm »
Anyone else by chance showing interest in joining?

Offline Bowen

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #601 on: August 08, 2017, 01:38:45 am »
Anyone else by chance showing interest in joining?

I sent you a PM with a character.

Offline WanderingBlackDragon

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #602 on: August 09, 2017, 07:06:39 pm »
Okay, apparently I have more going on than I thought, so I won't be able to participate in this group for now.

Offline Bowen

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #603 on: August 09, 2017, 07:46:16 pm »
Zack Fair

Current Occupation: Works as a sort of Jack of All Trades at the 7th Heaven bar (Cook, Dishwasher, Waiter and Bartender)

Home World Information: Zack Fair hails from the world of Final Fantasy VII, on the planet Gaia, a living and breathing geo-organism. Its lifeblood is called the lifestream, and is where the liquid energy known as Mako comes from. Mako when it crystalizes on Gaia's surface creates crystals known as Materia and which grant the users phenomenal powers. Due to the greed of humans, Mako was harvested in such vast amounts that Gaia was being drained of its lifeforce. In result, there were many corrupted flora and fauna that were transformed into nefarious beasts and monsters.

There existed legends of the Cetra, the Ancients of Gaia, who cultivated life wherever they roamed and were believed to be able to commune with the planet. At the end of a Cetra's journey, it was believed that their spirit retired to The Promise Land, a realm similar to heaven.

The dominating faction, once upon a time, was the Shrine Electric Power Company, the power responsible for the draining of the planet's lifeforce in order to improve the quality of human life for those who lived in the industrial city Midgar. Shinra has since crumbled after the Meteorfall incident.

Appearance/Style Description: Zack is tall, well-built, and has the iconic sky-blue "Mako eyes" many SOLDIER members have. He lost his classic SOLDIER outfit but still dresses with a military flare. Since leaving the military his short spikey hair has grown longer and a bit wilder.

Sexuality: Hetero
Personality: Zack started out having a positive attitude and was always ready for work. His energetic personality and short attention span earned the nickname "Zack the Puppy" from Angeal. He was loyal to SOLDIER and had dreams of becoming a hero. He is sociable and easily befriends almost everyone. Angeal's words of valuing dreams and honor have had a great impact on Zack. He is flirty with women and protective of his friends. He has lost some of his innocence since the betrayal of Sephiroth and is more wolf than puppy now. At his core he still believes in honor and is protective of his friends. He hasn't flirted with anyone in a while but that part of him is waking up again.

History: Born in a small, quaint little town, miles away from Midgar called Gongaga, Zack Fair had always strived to one day grow up to be a First Class SOLDIER like Sephiroth and so many others. He got his wish one day, however, when there was a surprise draft of new SOLDIERS and Zack had been recruited. Since then, over the years, Zack worked hard and strived to be the best in his class, even if it meant working for ShinRa. He would do anything they asked without hesitation or fail… most of the time.

Several years later, Zack worked under Angeal Hewley as a 2nd Class SOLDIER, completing several missions assigned under his command; one of the most covert being an ambush in Wutai, in an attempt to stop the long-time war. A large number of SOLDIERs, led by Genesis, a First Class SOLDIER, had gone missing while being deployed to Wutai. Angeal disappears during the mission as well, and Sephiroth believes that he had betrayed them. The war had been ended, however, due to Zack's brave efforts, but Zack had been disheartened by the loss of his mentor.

Soon after, Zack is sent with the Turk leader Tseng to Banora Village, the past home of Angeal and Genesis, to look deeper into the SOLDIERs' whereabouts. Zack finds and meets Angeal's mother, only to have her later murdered by Angeal himself. Angeal runs off, and outside the house, Genesis appears, presenting his black wing and explaining to Zack how they're all just 'monsters'. Genesis flies off, and Zack escapes on a helicopter with Tseng, just before the small village is burned to the ground by the Turks.

Zack works with Sephiroth from there on in, completing missions and also looking more into the disappearances of both Genesis and Angeal. Zack encounters his mentor once more in a mako reactor, before being attacked and falling into the Sector 7 slums. He meets Aerith Gainsborough there, who explains that he'd fallen from the sky and into her church. He agrees to make it up to her for 'saving' him by going on one date together. Zack had also been the one to suggest that she should've started selling the flowers in her church to make a living. During Zack's stay in the lower levels of Midgar, he and Aerith developed a strong bond between each other; perhaps even love.

Zack encounters a young infantryman on a later mission, talking with him and becoming good friends. While talking, they realize they have similar interests and personalities, and the man reveals his name to be Cloud. Zack agrees to help Cloud get into SOLDIER, but unfortunately, Cloud is not qualified enough to make it.

Upon confronting Angeal one last time, Zack is forced to murder him. But he carries on, knowing he did what he had to do, all depression aside. It would still take quite some time to recover from this ordeal, however.

Several months later, Zack is sent to Icicle Inn to deal with an AVALANCHE base with a Turk and a couple of fellow SOLDIERs, Essai and Sebastian. Though during their mission, the two SOLDIERs are kidnapped and turned into Ravens by Fuhito, the lead scientist of the organization. By the time Zack reaches his two friends, it's already too late. They both have become Ravens themselves, and are forced to be killed. The memory of their burial is etched into his own Digital Mind Wave later on, and serves as a boost in his own strength, along as a reminder of what he'd lost that day.

With the combination of Angeal's death, and the murders of the two SOLDIERs, Zack is sent on vacation in Costa Del Sol soon after. The vacation doesn't last long, however, as several Genesis Clones appear, and Zack is forced once more into battle.

And this is when he arrives in Nautilus; with nothing but a beach parasol serving as a weapon. He fought beside, made and lost many friends. One in particular stood out since they became blood brothers in the final moments of Korvus' life. He wielded a family treasure called The Blade of the Phoenix which reminded Zack of the Buster sword he'd given away to a young SOLDIER named Cloud Stryfe. Korvus entrusted the Blade to Zack feeling that Zack would need it's power in the fights that were upcoming.

Current Situation: Zack was surrounded by scores of enemies and not a friend in sight. He used the Blade of the Phoenix to try and summon Odin but then things went dark. He thought in those last seconds he was dying; he woke up somewhere else. Good news--no enemies in sight. Bad idea where he was. Got up, started walking.

Weapon: Given to him by his dead blood brother the Blade of the Phoenix has power and slots for his materia that he is slowly discovering.
The Blade appears to have sentient intelligence allowing it to teach its wielders how to use it, and can show them its past wielders' lives. It easily cuts through most metals, and has the potential to rearrange matter at the molecular level. The Sword's energy has charged a hyperspace jump engine for hours, and can also emit jets of blue flame to stun opponents as well as repel energy attacks and create telekinetic shields. Its user can also access the Blade power by concentration alone. The Blade can locate other Phoenix Force host, and has created an empathic link between Korvus and former host Rachel Grey.


Strength - 2
Agility - 2
Stamina - 2
Power - 2
Reputation - 0

Special Powers:

Materia: The crystallized life essence of the planet Gaia. Materia grants the user to perform great magic. In Final Fantasy 7, there are five types: Summon, Magic, Command, Support, and Independent. The amount of materia that Zack can carry and use in battle depends on the amount of materia slots there are in his weapons and armour. Current known materia:
 Ice 2
 Lightning (Bolt 2)

Limit Break: An ability where the enemy pushes Zack to the peak of his anger and patience. It is a unique ability, unique to the character. For every level that Zack gains, he will acquire new limit break skills that accompany that level. Current limit breaks:
Braver Lv 1
Cross-slash Lv 1

Supersoldier: Unlike regular humans, due to the experiments performed on him, Zack is a 'super-warrior', to put it lightly. All of his senses have been enhanced dramatically, including, but not limited to, hearing, smell, sight, reflexes, and strength. He's extremely skilled with a sword, and can wield one twice his size.


Balanced: Zack is balanced in his abilities, making him well-rounded in all of his attributes, and a "jack-of-all-trades" for any team. He can function in any position: melee, support, tank, and ranged using materia. While he isn't specialized in a specific area, and therefore, isn't adept solely in that one area, his balance allows him to fill crucial roles in a team needing more of a certain specialty.

Expert Swordsman: For having never been good enough to make it into Shinra's elite group SOLDIER, Zack has proven that he doesn't have to be the best swordsman in the Final Fantasy 7 be the best swordsman in the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

Special Forces Training: As a SOLDIER 1st Class Zack has had a lot of training in the basic skills all operatives need: Driving/Pilot (familiarity with most vehicles), Guns (doesn't really like them at all or use them), Close Quarters fighting, Survival (in a few environments), Athletics(Climbing, Swimming, Jumping, Skiing), Parachuting, Scuba, Stealth(Camouflage, Shadowing)

Equipment Reliant: Zack is most effective with his equipment. While he may be able to hold his own in a hand-to-hand fight due to his training as an infantryman for Shinra, he is more effective with weapons and materia. His weapons are also what allow him to utilize more spells, and therefore, he must always seek out better equipment and materia to keep up with his strength.

Slot Reliant: Zack can have a bag full of materia, but he can only use what he can fit in the materia slots on his weapons. The more slots his weapons have, the more materia he can use.

Duelist: Zack fights best in solo matches where he has time to learn his opponent's moves and improvise better strategies to defeat him or her. Against multiple opponents alone, Zack's technique becomes entirely defensive and retaliatory.

Ghosts of the Past: Zack has lost a lot of people in his life. That is always a blow for someone who from a young child has always wanted to be a hero. These past failures haunt him in his quiet times reminding him that he still has far to go. They also spur him on to help others.

Ok what do you think? I just copied some of Cloud's stuff figuring they were the same and only kept his level one powers. I've posted what Marvel says about the Blade of the Phoenix but would like some help in translating that into powers as he levels up.
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Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #604 on: August 20, 2017, 04:34:48 pm »
Well I was going to approve of Knuckles but due to withdraw hats gone for now but the doors open.

Zack Fair is hereby approved and ready to go.

Offline zergmuncher

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #605 on: August 21, 2017, 11:29:22 am »
This game is still going?

Offline Laughing Hyena

Re: Game Protagonists At War! (LGBTQ Friendly) (Video Game Mash-up!)
« Reply #606 on: August 21, 2017, 02:14:17 pm »
This game is still going?

Yes it is actually.