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Started by Evalon, June 15, 2015, 02:35:28 PM

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   Since ages long past a legend has been told, a dark prophecy of a time when the darkness from within will break out from its eternal prison and sweep across the land like a slow, smothering fog stealing the life from all. The darkness will not stop until it has claimed all the land as its own. The dark ages will be upon the world. In this time of need heroes will be born, heroes with the power to conquer the darkness should they be able to conquer themselves. They will be the shining beacon should they succeed and the envoy of the end should they fail.

   This story has several parts but the biggest elements are body-swap and the setting of high fantasy. I'll go into detail on how each of these elements are included in the story.
      Setting of high fantasy: The twist of the story is the setting does not begin in a high fantasy world but rather it begins in our modern world. The two worlds are intertwined on a dimensional level. In the opening act of the story two friends/lovers/strangers get pulled into this high fantasy world where magic exists and all the fantasy races of ye old fairy tales walk the land. 
      Body-swap: Body-swap is included in the form of what happens to the main characters. When they are pulled into the world they are put into bodies of that world. It can be any race you desire, I'm not picky. We can discuss the details. The idea, however, is that the bodies are descends of the founders of the Temple of Ascension, which once protected the world from the dark threat that now looms. Speaking of the dark threat...
      This story revolves around the idea that, at the center of the world, an old god has been imprisoned. Or something akin to it. It could be a great old mage who has ascended to godhood or it could be a demon summoned long ago. The idea is it was sealed and for a long time guarded, until the fall of the temple. When the temple fell, through an invasion of more savage races, the seals began to weaken and the darkness sealed inside began to leak out.
      Why pull in characters from another world? Well, I think it's be more interesting that way but I do have an in-story reason as well. The Temple of Ascension wasn't all grand. Some of those within used the darkness to fuel their own powers and through this power found a way to slip between dimensions. Some of the temple's less honorable members slipped through to another world, Earth, long in the past and lived there. The characters pulled over are the most direct descendants of those members. When pulled over they are put into the bodies of the remaining descendants in the fantasy world. Only those who once sealed the darkness can once again seal the darkness.
   That's the rough idea I had forming.
   What am I looking for? There is a couple options here. I would love to find someone who likes to GM/DM one on one stories and wouldn't mind doing that BUT I'm not going to require that. I'm open to playing on even footing with another player and allowing us both to control the story. In this, though, I do need the other player to be a majority dominant. I'm a submissive player by nature and two submissive players usually have a hard time telling a story together.
   Does this idea catch your interest? Send me a message and we'll work on sorting out the details.
   Do you like body-swaps but this story just isn't your flavor? Send me a message and we'll try and work something else out.
      **I do not play characters who are swapped into male characters. I do not play masculine characters. Please be understanding of that if you send me a message.**
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