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Author Topic: F Seeking M or F for FxF Romance Stories  (Read 1016 times)

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F Seeking M or F for FxF Romance Stories
« on: June 15, 2015, 02:05:34 pm »
I'm craving some lesbian writing.  I have not done any in what feels like ages, and would love to get back to doing some more lesbian romance stories. 

I don't care if you, the writer, are male or female.  I really don't, as long as you're capable enough to write more than a few sentences for posts.  I do take past posts into consideration, so please be warned.

Some ideas...

First and foremost...  My female pirate could really use a romantic relationship in the group I am running.  She's had a bit of rough luck with relationships, coming out of one, and battling her own personal demons and jealousies.  I'd like to find someone to write out a relationship with her in the group, and find some happiness for her.

Femme Fatale
Inspirations:  Rewatching "Hannibal" Season 2.  Random thoughts.
Rating:  Extreme Solo
Pairing:  Female X Female (Detective X Psychiatrist, Officer X Serial Killer OR Patient X Doctor).  Seeking Female Characters.
Looking For:  Seeking Female Characters for Either Role.  I have a slight preference to play the Psychiatrist/Serial Killer role.
Themes:  Modern.  Lesbian Romance.  Moral Corruption.  Murder and Death.  Struggles with One's Conscious.  Education in Taking A Life.


After having tried my hand at writing such a complicated character in the form of Hannibal Lecter before, I'd like to try again in a different type of role and route.  What I had in mind was something of a gender switch with enough changes and alterations to make it something akin to an original story.

This could go into a number of different routes.  It could be a lesbian pairing of sorts, with a female Will Graham and female Hannibal Lecter, a female Hannibal Lecter and a patient, or even a heterosexual pairing with a female Hannibal Lecter and a male Clarice Starling.  I'm certainly up for other pairings and suggestions.  I think it could be something rather interesting and intriguing and offer the freedom of not being so tied down to canon story and elements.

Method Acting
Inspirations:   Fifty Shades of Grey (Film), Black Swan (Film)
Rating:  Bondage Solo, OR Extreme Solo (Depending upon Kinks)
Pairing:  Female X Female (Actress X Actress)
Looking For:  Seeking Female Characters
Themes:  Modern.  Acting.  BDSM.  Sexual Exploration.  Developing of Romance


Sorry to disappoint, Shades fans.  This is not related to the book.

It's the story of two actors, one a well-established actresss, and a relative unknown who won over the director and casting officials with her reading, an up and coming talent.  Both have won the roles of the leading characters in the film adaptation of a novel that has been controversial to say the least with it's sexual elements (much darker than Fifty Shades).

To help prepare one another for the roles, the two, in secret, away from the paparazzi, away from the stresses and pressures of the studio brass, have agreed to practice and try out some of the bondage and S&M elements on one another as a way to help prepare for the roles.  Perhaps one is more experienced, and helps the other explore the dark side of sexuality.

Again, I'd like for this to be different than the books.  I'd like for sexual elements to be darker than just spanking and plugs and crops.  I'd be more than happy to work with whomever is interested in incorporating kinks and fetishes and building the story further.

Opening Up
Inspirations:  Thoughts.  Vacation Thinking.  Revisiting Old Characters.
Rating:  Light Solo, Bondage Solo, or Extreme Solo (Depending Upon Kinks)
Pairing:  Female X Female (Resort Goer X Resort Goer).
Looking For: Seeking Female Characters forLesbian Romance. 
Themes:  Modern.  Nudist Resort.  Opening up.  Personal Growth.  Romance.


This was something that I've been thinking about and craving for some time, and revisiting old characters and past attempts has only rekindled this desire.

It should be noted that, despite it's setting of a nudist resort, I am not looking for a sex and smut heavy story.  I would ideally like for this to be a romance of sorts between two resort goers, one who is a regular of sorts, and comfortable in their own skin, and another individual who has never attempted this sort of thing before in their life.

What I had in mind was for a young woman, perhaps about to embark on a new or even her first major career, or perhaps even a woman who is about to be married, who takes the plunge and tries something different.  Whether it's to do something she's always wanted as a way to relax and prepare herself (i.e. building her self-confidence), or just one thing she's always wanted to do before being married, she decides to venture out and do it.  I'm open for whatever you would like to do with your character, but I would ideally like a relationship to form between them.

Again, I'm not looking for a sex/smut heavy story.  I think it would be really interesting and fascinating to write a sort of romance story in this type of setting.

Blind Date
Inspirations:  An episode of 30 Rock
Rating:  Light Solo, Bondage Solo, OR Extreme Solo (Depending upon Kinks)
Pairing:  Female X Female (Lesbian Female X Straight Female)
Looking For:  Seeking Female Characters for Either Role
Themes:  Modern.  Questioning of Sexuality.  Romance.  Turning the Tables.  Guiding Hand.


I was watching an episode of 30 Rock, with the storyline of the episode being Liz getting set up on a blind date with a Lesbian.  Instantly the idea stuck in my mind for a role play and still, after a few days, has not left.

I had envisioned something along the lines of perhaps a woman who constantly is single.  Just has not had the best of luck with finding Mr. Right.  Reluctantly she agrees to a blind date set up by a friend, not knowing it was a joke by said friend to set her up on a date with a Lesbian.  Somewhat embarrassed, the two decide to make a night out of it and have some fun like two friends just hanging out.

From there, there are a few routes the story could go.  Perhaps a drunken night leads to an embarrassing morning...  Maybe they just have a good time with one another, to the point where they become friends, and allow a relationship of sorts to slowly develop. .

Inspirations:  Sons of Anarchy
Rating:  Light Human, Bondage Human,, or Extreme Solo (Depending on Kinks)
Pairing:  Female X Female (Biker X Girl). 
Looking For:  Seeking Female Characters.
Themes:  Modern.  Moral Corruption.  Gang Activity.  Motorcycle Club Culture.  Questions of Morals and Ethics.  Romance.  Illegal Activity.


Though this description is written in a heterosexual style, I would kill to do this as a lesbian romance.

She was always the good girl in life.  Pushed by her parents to succeed in school, she strove hard under the pressure and stress to try and better herself and make a better life.  Things like fun, of partying and having a good time, just never seemed to be options for her.  It was always studying, preparing for life beyond school, for the real world, never any time for fun.

He was never the best student in school.  At a young age, he dropped out, seeking the life that always felt right and true to him.  No stranger to crime and trouble, he always seemed to be a magnet for danger.  Quickly did he rise in the ranks of the club, earning his stripes and colors with honor and pride.  And yet...  Despite the comfort of the way of life that had a low life expectancy, he always wanted something more out of life, as if something were missing...

Based off this song, I would like to do a sort of biker love story.  What I had envisioned was something along the lines of a straight-laced good girl, fresh from college coming home where one night she meets this handsome biker.  One things leads to another, and slowly she begins the decay from a good girl into his woman.  Later in the relationship (with the aide of fast-forwarding) he could get into trouble with the law, and as a result, make her choose whether to stay there, or go away with him on the run.