Boarding school because....I love women? (F for F)

Started by Usani, June 15, 2015, 04:59:23 AM

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My character Miranda is 16 years old and finally had the courage to come out to her parents.  What happens you ask?  Well, she's gay so her parents think if they send her to a Christian boarding school that it will "fix her".  Of course that's a bunch of bullshit but her parents being hardcore religious believe it will but they will be proved wrong.  Her roommate Paige is 17 and gorgeous and also gay.  They both become really good friends then start to become even more then friends so in private and in secret places they would go off and have some fun together.

Beth turns 18 3 months after they meet and which means she graduates soon.  So, when she graduates she takes Miranda with her and they run off together and move into a special location that welcomes all LGBT runaways and helps them with housing, schooling, etc.  They start building their lives together.

Miranda Brewer: