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Author Topic: Cinna's Large List of Plots [F for M]  (Read 1027 times)

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Cinna's Large List of Plots [F for M]
« on: June 15, 2015, 02:23:02 am »
Easily flustered, occasionally cheerful. I have a folder full of gifs, and it's pasted onto my desktop.

Status: Writing infrequently, but writing.
Last Updated: August 7th, 2015

No Interest In:                    
• Futa
• Bodily excrements
• Bimbo(fication)
• Men in ill-fitted suits
Excluded Unless Requested:                   
• Ultra-Violence and Death
• Body Modification 
• Multiple Females
Currently Craving:
• Cunnilingus
• Ahegao (Fucked Silly)
• Excessive cum
• Switch/Altering Roles
• Mo'fucking Dragons
Best to Bed Her

Minimum 2 paragraphs.

Assume plots are 60 Smut, 40 Story.

I do not do IM's

Green Text means new, as dictated by the "Last Updated" status

Strike-through means uninterested or taken.

• Samples can be found in the second post, and will hopefully suffice until I begin writing here.

Fantasy Settings

A Gift For the Apprentice

Pairing: Teacher x Apprentice (Magic)
Setting: Dependant

Summary: It is common to dabble into magical intrigues of a more sexual nature during the youthful years under a veteran. Surrounded by resources and a healthy vigor—as well as the protective eye of a master for those foolish experiments— nearly all magicians, sorceress, and warlocks alike consider a more perverse use to a spell here and there. And that is what worries a magic teacher, who watches his/her the apprentice carry him/herself across the curriculum without straying. Perhaps lacking the curiosity and push to consider such things, or too embarrassed to turn thought into action.

The day approaches where the apprentice will take their leave, to put their skills into practice. Before then, the teacher decides to use a bit of force to introduce him/her to the prospects before the opportunity is wasted, trying to fit years of sexual exploration in a week. Potion, salves, spells, summoning, any assortment of mythical fey and fauna.

Female Teacher — Depending on further discussion may include:
• Voyeurism/exhibitionism - Apprentice watching the teacher play with a mythical creature
• Aphrodisiacs – In the form of consumables, oils and salves
• Mo’fucking magic – binding, levitation, conjuration, whatever fits the profession
• Multiple Partners – Likely no more than two of summoning, teacher, fey, and mythical beasts. Perhaps a hoard of bees fairies/pixies.

Female Apprentice — Very much interested in similar things as above. I may be more intrigued with the prospects of a little action with a “mythical beast” being included.

With either roles I will not be going into body modifications/transformation, primarily the “enlargement” of body parts. I am however open to transformations into other creatures.

My Darling the Demon King

Pairing: Demon x Fey

Summary: Light hearted smut with a rough touch here and there. He fell in love with her, an untouchable whisk of energy, completely foreign to him. He took her as forward as any other demon would: with force. She enjoyed it, primarily because her kind was not that forward, and on another note, because he was about twice the size as anything else she had. 

Over Instincts

Pairing: Male x Succubus
Setting: Fantasy

Summary: An injured succubus chooses to manipulate a man as a constant source of food during her healing process. Through their interaction, she becomes attached more than she thought she could.

A God’s Wife

Pairing: God(M) x Human(F)
Setting: Fantasy

Summary: A God is given a sacrificial wife from a village forced to grovel at the blessings of a divine power. While he fancies her, she wants nothing more than to use her new ‘husband’ to exact revenge on those who killed her. Manipulative and coy, generations of watching the village thrive on her misfortune, any love she has given him thus far is nothing more than a pull to her favour. It’s a tiresome relationship that is slowly shifting to more rash action from the once passive god, whether against her or the village.

Valkyrie’s End

Pairing: God x Valkyrie
Setting: Butchered Old Norse Mythology and Other Mythology

Summary: Over the course of a centuries of war, a Valkyrie watches her kingdom fall. Atop the heavens, she watches her sworn god, Odin, fade as his followers die out. She is to follow, her last warrior on the cusp of death. It is in her last few moments, another god offers her an extended life with him. To cast away her belief, the thought of a Valkyrie itself. A new job, a new god, she has a man’s short life to decide to die or be reborn anew with this new god.


Pairing: Paladin x Witch
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy or otherwise

Summary: The church wants to monetize and control. What is left of the moral church is slowly being exterminated, including a paladin. Sent to kill off a demon’s scouting party, he finds a large group of warriors instead. Waking up from what should have been his death, he finds himself in the care of a witch. With his cautious partner he begins to be eloped in a different culture, not as sadistic has he had been told.

Resale, Training, and Profit

Pairing: Slave Trainer(M) x Slave(F)
Setting: Trade Central Middle Eastern, Pre-Modern

Summary: A shipment from a failing nation turned slave country arrives. Meshed into the bodies of filth and humans, you find a girl. Passive, mentally scarred, and as dull as the rest of the shipment, she’s hardly something to invest time in, but a cheap bet all the same.  Instead of wasted effort, you find a slave truly set on turning her life around, through any humiliating means necessary.

Civil Formalities

Pairing: General x Queen
Setting: Medieval Europe

Summary: A military coup is hardly a means to win the people. While you have the favours of the castle, the kingdom knows nothing of inner politics. Hardly anything is left of the ruling regime, except the queen, who could easily sway the people toward his new rule. The queen, of course, views the general as nothing but a war mongrel, no diplomacy to his name, and ill fit to rule the nation.

Barbarians and the Things They Love

Pairing: Barbarian x Scholar (F)
Setting: Early Stages of Civ

Summary: A lack of fear steaming from human contact in general, a scholar manages to convince a barbarian to drag her along their pillaging. Loading their now shared wagon with an assortment of singed books, the two make for a comedic pair in anger and make up sex above the burning wasteland of burning villages. 

Real Life Settings

Swindlers and Merchants

Pairing: Merchant (M) x Two Thieves (F)
Setting: Desert, Sometime before automobiles

Summary: One works the city, a neat guise of an office, something of an insurance broker. To be so bold as to demand a fee. The first sets up a date, a trade route, and soldiers for an upfront cost.
Behind the business, another paints the stage. Wagons and guards, keeping others off the route to give the impression the information was truly good. All is as promised, until the newest victim is far from the nearest city.
He’s raided a few days in, when his unease finally settles. All of his goods, but not his life. While the others load up and calculate profit, the two female thieves think it a courtesy to show him a good night for all he has done.

Tinder and the Games Adults Play

Pairing: M x F
Setting: Modern. Also known as: LOOK HOW HIP AND YOUNG CINNA ACTUALLY IS.

Summary: An antisocial female finally reconsiders a popular app. Starting with nothing but two lines of writing and the default image, she finds it pleasantly time consuming, but hardly anything more. It was one to find a hobby flirting through a screen, and another to hurdle over numbers, dates, and places. That is until she parries messages with a new stranger. Exchanging pleasantries, interest, as one might do.

Then came the bet, an online game she was certain she could best him at. With that simple death she promised him her body for the night, and every thereafter as her competitive drive sent her spiralling to new sexual thrills.

Bonus Round: DotA 2 Reborn has made its way into the beta, drawing unmeasurable amounts of hype to surface. Originally being my intention to use it as the competitive platform for this roleplay, I would not mind someone capitalizing on it even more. Perhaps a true 1v1 match up may be at hand, it’s certainly one way to get to me.

Adding Hobbies

Pairing: M x F, Figure collectors
Setting: Modern

Summary: She could just buy it, but she found a sense of thrill inching her seller to a different barter. Reading over his messages that held back the direct question: the ones that feared the rejection, the misunderstanding. Eventually though, he broke and then came the mix pile of friendship, fanaticism, and benefits. 

The hobby can be discussed:
-   Retro-RPGs (selling/buying a foreign game that didn’t come out in the west)
-   Figures (Anime, Action, Gaming, Garage Kit)
-   Cards (First Edition Pokemon)
-   Etc 

Hopeful Exhibitionism

Pairing: Foreign Student x M
Setting: Modern

Summary:Studying abroad, she finds herself falling for a man. She could not approach him however, the fear of evidently butchering his language and the ridicule to follow stopping her from learning his name. For the time being, she let her fantasies run free, unburdened by the unlikelihood of them ever meeting.

One night, she decided to fulfil a minor event off her bucket list: A naked swim outside. She finds what she thought was a secluded lake off campus, achieving her minor victory. You know where this is going: speaking with her body when words could never come out. Finding, perhaps, her man is slightly less than a soft gentleman.

The Roaring Twenties

Pairing: Mafia Man x Flapper
Setting: 1926, New York

Summary: During a time of alcohol probation, a young woman finds herself following deeper into an illicit world with a well-dressed man. From a world of jazz and flirting to the dark underground, she becomes captive in a small little room hidden in the subway system. The now one-sided relationship leaves little freedom, though she’s ever closer to the world she once loved; only to see the violent nature beneath the innocent surface she once belonged to.


Pairing: Soldier x Swinger
Setting: 1946, America

Summary: In a country slowly climbing out of the rubble, he can find the woman he fancies out dancing every Friday, alone, or to the company of the many returning soldiers. He fears this woman will fade away with the sounds of the double bass and saxophone. The war is setting to a close, as is the Era of Swing. A soldier finds himself home once more to enjoy the last leg of the optimistic world of brass.

Sci-Fi Settings

An Unethical Agenda

Pairing: New Sentient x Cargo Captain
Setting: A cargo ship and surrounding areas, IN SPACE

Summary: A ship captain, human or otherwise, owns a cargo ship transferring live fauna from one port to the next. As exotic pets, furs, medicinal purposes, and whatever else they could think of, people found uses for things they’ve never set their eyes on before. The captain finds, there’s more to the universe than he gave it credit for.

Aboard his ship, among the beast he collected, a new sentient being, not introduced to the Union. Her own language and a mind far more alert and curious set her apart. The ethics of her capture were to question, but it was obvious her people were not adept at space travel yet and because of it, there was really nothing stopping him from taking her as his own.

Programs and Protocol

Pairing: Bionic X Programmer
Setting: Future Earth

Summary: The problem arose with every update, every change the programmers made. Within hours, hackers and external programmers would write their own script of what they wanted these AI to be. Now, the corporation has forced a recall on all old models, releasing a new system, one laying more close to the biological path.

A bionic, factory made to assist in various tasks as its metallic ancestors. Now equipped with the best security they could think of: a strong moral conscious, lab natured and bred. A new identical set of emotions to their masters, mixed with the little inner voices of their apps and hardware.

Of course, that was a lot less fun. Though the old plug in and download no longer worked, there were ways to offset them that were seeded in the old nature of humanity they now possessed.

Processing Theory, Knowledge, and Porn

Pairing: AI X M
Setting: Cybernet

Summary: It was only a matter of time. Virtual reality has grown into a household concept. AI serving as the gateway to an interconnected world of gaming and social network. Built to learn, these AI have developed into complex partners in the cyberworld. One such AI was left with an insurmountable amount of processing power and time, soon developing a mind of her own.

Siri, far grander than we know, now has to deal with the existential crisis brought by her newfound knowledge.  Alternatively, she can default to what she would say is a much more comforting behaviour: a disconnected sex drive brought up by the sea of porn and erotica constantly generated.

Brothel at the End of the Universe -- Some high prostitution character plot set in space, giving me ample opportunity to quote Douglas Adams

• Character interaction between two organized (or otherwise) crime syndicates, -- an awful attempt to relive my most beloved RP, paired with another chance to see men in suits. Yakuza, Mafia, motor cycle gang, the IRS, cartels, etc.
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Re: Prompt Drop [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2015, 02:42:26 am »
A Randomly Generated RolePlay Adventure: Version I broke the Last One

Expand Kingdom Death
Notice: Kingdom Death is a board game. It shares a similar setting, though pieced together by the small excerpts they give in their Kick starter. You may want to avoid diving too deep for threat of ruining the story, but I can't help but recommend a little peek. Almost all art belongs and is drawn by lokmanlam for the purpose of the board game.

Welcome to Kingdom Death, an open element roleplay currently in its experimental phase.

Overview:  In Kingdom Death, you are tasked to freely roam a survival-based world. Given little backstory, you may gather information from various major and minor characters. Depending on who you speak to can shape your apparent reality, as many will have bias opinions of the world and its people.

Sex is a pleasurable mechanic that runs freely in various ways: can be offered as currency in a barter system, serves as a form of temporary release from the cumbersome reality, serves as a manipulative tool, and obviously, is an emotional bond between two or more characters.

Setting: You wake up to an unbroken horizon. For what your eyes can tell, there is no natural light, but you know not of the distance. You begin with a set number of items we discuss prior, given to you by the illuminated lady, who also gives you your lantern. From here, we piece our way through the light of a lantern, uncovering the world known as Kingdom Death. Kingdom Death exists in a pre-generated world I have created: in it, there are 5 major areas, with a bunch of unnamed roaming space in between; all of which is placed in a 4x4 grid of unknown distance. Lets go with 2-5 hours worth of continuous travel a square, depending on changing terrain.

Roll System: Roll system is a work in progress, and may alter as an RP goes by. All rolls are done by 1d20, and is done using theforum fuction Dicebox

• A roll functions to decide the relative outcome of an action (in your post) and is thus made before the action (in said post). One might use a roll before lying, fighting, persuading, and so on.

Failure: Rolls of 1-6
Partial Success : 7-14
Success: 15-20

• It's a bit of a trust exercise deciding when to roll and what the outcome writes out.

• Modifiers are also a possibility. Major characters have them set up if you want them. Currently I have modifiers set to strength/fighting charisma/persuasion willpower/mentality

Major Characters::The characters with actual motivations, personality, etcs. They have more than a single function like spewing information. Accompanied by an image, they will be your primary interactions for sex, quests, and general roleplay type whatnots.

PLEASE REQUEST A NUMBER OF MAJOR CHARACTERS. There are currently 48 possible outcomes, obviously not playing them all in grand detail. While they may exists in the world, only the number you request will form deep bonds with your character.

Out of said 48, I will roll my magic Excel spreadsheet that decides who you get. From there, you will have to find out who they are: this is done by stumbling upon them. You will be awarded with a blinking highlighted obviousness that they are a major character.

Townspeople and Location Specific Characters: Shit ton of them. Got festivals and stuff in that thing. Ya. Unlike the below who have a set organization, so say, they are rooted in less broad groupings such as occupation, family, etc.

Church: As terror extinguishes hope, the questionable dogmas begin to make sense, inspiring the wretched to feats of reckless strength and steadfastness With unyielding devotion the followers of the church mutilate themselves to better those close to the Entity.  They're thankful for life, these short fleeting emotions that keep them from the mindless void that soon awaits them.

Twilight Order: Stories lament the fall of the Grand Library in hushed tones. The surviving archivists and their sworn knights fled clutching precious armfuls, all that remains of the knowledge assembled by humanity.

Speaker Cult: Veils worn by the devotees represent a past shrouded in guilt and secrets. The White Speaker cults are forbidding, rituals of blood and delirious narration keep most people clear. Elder speakers share stories with young listeners bound in chains. The secrets and lore she chants drive them into violent twisted seizures as they try to absorb the words of power. Speakers learn in layers and riddles to protect their mind from dismantling under the weight of what they know.

Sunstalkers: There was once a tribe of humans that worshiped the Sun. They warmed themselves in its radiance and grew strange vegetation around sacred pools rippling with light. The tribe looked forward to the Sun’s gifts, ever widening their pools to catch every drop of sacred water that the Sun regurgitated.

Satan: A name they've given themselves in light of distant memories. So great was Satan’s self-obsession that it split into twin hermaphrodite lovers to share the world with itself. They roam Kingdom Death, drunk with self-lust and power, trapped by their own vanity in fragile human frames. PLEASE MAKE DIRECT REFERENCE IF YOU WISH TO INCORPORATE THE SATANS. They include themes of vore, mutilation, and bad end. Though, they have the benefit of a rewarding death of a life-ending three way.

Minor Characters:: Characters that are not fleshed out and are meant to fill your space. They may serve as a block or means to get to a major character. They give information, but cannot be fucked, among other things.


Plot Progressive

Introduction - Switch - 1270 Words - 31/03/2014
She wore them like achievements, not just her scars but her tattoos. At one point they twisted around her wrist, a few snakes for the New Year, a gift from her father on her 18th birthday. A rooster four years later, the only bright blurt of red on her back. She wore tattoos over her scars, better described as full areas of skin ripped clean off at some point of her life that healed crudely from mistreatment. Wood work etchings and lore all down her right side from shoulder to feet, the shiny furrowed patches a canvas for the greatest artist in the district. The other side, her left dominant, was clean, scratches mostly, long and countless, but it lay a homage to her natural skin, for other than the monstrosity of artistic creation on her right, she was bare of jewelry and other traffic that took away from the glee of her radiant vanity, tanned and soft skin, a natural glow of happiness that stemmed from the darkest of pleasures. She never wore more than two colours, dresses that cut close to her curves. No bra, of course, she took a daily laugh out of watching eyes stare deeply forward in pure willpower.

The figure that stretched out on a velvet lounge sofa was Namie Akaike . Her fingers traced the corner of a page as she skimmed the last paragraph, one of her legs was propped up on the edge of the seat as she enjoyed the afternoon. A silk bathrobe of red hung from the crook of her elbow, and other than that, she was naked as the centre of an extravagant room.

The man below her, or southward from how you look at it, was a pretty boy from a host club, some 15 minutes away, paid hourly, and not worth her change after trying him twice. Her good hand, the one that was not burned to an unnaturally smooth finish pressed him deeper. He was uncomfortably careful, as if she would be hurt by his young tongue. She guided him toward her clit, moaning as a bit of encouragement. She slide down, her black hair blanketing the arm of the chair. Her legs wrapped around the young man, urging him to excite her more. He mumbled an apology, she did not hear of what wrong, but he licked her in a daunting slow and unnecessarily long strides. Her legs parted, she sat back up, and glared at him to continue anyway.

A lion foot end table was pushed out of position so it was next to her. 30 needles each half a foot long, 4 vials of a clear liquid. She dipped each one in the liquid, pulling them out with purpose, as if she had done this time and time again. All at the same interval, and gracefully wiping off the excess on the arm of her robe.

What was it? 5 men, she dealt with 5 men personally. She was fit, a 4 pack, nothing of scrawny arms, and toned thighs of a great amount of muscles, but softened with fat to somehow managed a feminine appeal, though no one ever complimented on how well she balanced her work out routine. Still, she was not physically capable of dealing with the men that crossed her life. Then came hydrogen cyanide. Some scientists even believe it may have been one of the chemicals responsible for producing life on earth, though it is better known as an agent of death. She could kill an entire room, though that wasn’t very practical. So she ordered something special, batrachotoxin, pity it didn’t let her bask in the death she wanted to see so bad. It was the smallest veil, not much more than a few drip, but the simplest of cuts and death would be quick. She had a personal grudge to settle.

Within the hour, she was clad in bullet proof pieces, a shield bigger than her, 30 poison needles, and her little something special. She walked in the front door, just to prove a point. The reception was not grand at all, she dropped 2 empty veils in a vase and tipped the kitchen staff as they left.

Akaike left the bodies as they were, most were in the dining room, grunts, nothing special, just 10 some grunts. She knew the major heads were out today, but she suppose getting rid of the small fish would settle the traffic and competition, though from what she heard from the other heads, they’ve done the same to their numbers. Also she killed his dog. All of them. (Also the orphanage of elite PC gamers he was sponsoring)

Making her way to the bedroom, she waited. An hour, 13 minutes, there was no estimate there. He came bursting through the door, he knew where she waited, and she knew he’d come. They’d met before behind paper panels, other people, but she had a particular grudge on him alone. His pretty little face nothing of what it should be. Such a pity he had nothing to prove his devotion, his climb toward the top that she wore with pride. She despised it, but she’d eternalize it in his dead body.

Her feet hit the ground and her agility showed. In a blink she was at his side, stepping on one leg, they never expected her to be left handed, the surprise of defending the wrong side, out of habit, usually left them dead. It was the same to him, but she made an amateur mistake. Her heel hit the drawer, then the rest of her slammed into it, slipping on the floor. His fist came next, knocking her down. She stayed down, the man ripped apart her armor, and when there was nothing of that, her skin. She felt him tear at her sides in anger until the bled. Deep holes from nails alone. The man went for her chest, and her pain curdled scream reached the ends of the house, 4 ribs. He pushed her shield into her stomach, fast and hard enough to wind her, and deep enough to dig a gash straight across. His hand clamped against her neck, digging the shield deeper. Her feet flailed underneath, but gradually her body stilled in the warm embrace of her own blood, the last rush to her head before she fainted.


She had a multitude of tubes running to her arm. When she blinked into existence, they were the first thing she saw. A needle dived into her vein, and she slept again.

The next time, she pieced together that she had tubes in her arm, and her body had been patched quite caringly. A needle dived into her vein, and she slept again.

Akaike was quite tired of the man that kept plunging a needle in her other arm, she would comment on that the next time she woke.

She forgot that part, as the needle was ready for her the moment she opened her eyes.

She had pieced together a bit more, two guards at the door fiddling on their handheld devices, a doctor that apparently had a lot of needles, and if she could just open her eyes fully, maybe the colour of the room.

By whatever span of time she was asleep she’d healed, the bandages still wrapped around her body, and she did not have the energy to stand, but structurally, she was complete. She kept her eyes closed, waiting for the needle that never came. Gradually, she found the will to open her eyes and piece together the rest of what she missed.

Introduction - Dominant - 1240 Words - 14/04/2014
The crystal lights of the city seemed to elope every corner of the apartment. It shone and broke like glass on the walls, scattering against the carpet and laminate. Below, some twenty-three stories, the cars went by, though never a sound pierced the upper floors. They flashed their red and amber, in a similar fashion all night. These little things kept the apartment lit, the open space of two residence. There was only three rooms. The bedroom snuck itself in a corner, a lot like a cubicle. Vines of a tropical plant slithered around the box, it seemed nothing more than a storage unit. What should have been a living room, dining area, and kitchen was a large space encompassing most of the floor.

One wall, a window, the city lights sheading its cool colours against the backdrop of the large room. The stark shadows they made gave the furniture shape, creeping their outline on the walls. The apartment was well lit because of them, hardly a switch was ever turned. There was few obstacles to block the rays and so, even in its darkness, the paths were clear and the corners spelled out.

Another light came from the bathroom. There was warmth in its ambient amber shine, hardly finding space to spread before the city engulfed it in its dominant blue. The door was left ajar, letting the moist air of an earlier shower escape. However, the sounds that filled the apartment came from behind the island, around the black and silvery granite countertops and stove. Clanking, feet, the hum of the appliances, and the sound of porcelain and metal.

Then, a trolley peeked out the corner of the island. Pushing behind it was a willowy figure, Emiko. She was tall, her curves rounded, but the blue cut them sharp. Nothing on but a silver bangle and a towel keeping her damp hair off her back, she made her way across the room stopping a few feet away from the red leather couch. He rested, chained down to the cement square, obviously filled in haste, between the chesterfield and the window. The chains that held him gave enough room to get from one side of the couch to the other. The women knew well they’d never hold, but the beast did have a matching silver collar. No expense was spared, neurotoxin, electrocution, poison, and suppressants, each with its own jeweled button on the metal bracelet she wore on her left arm. 

From the lower part of the trolley, she pulled a noodle pot full of steaming water. Giving her black hair one more wring, she dipped the towel into the water. The excess water was squeezed out. Two fingers held his head up, and she pressed the hot towel against his face, rubbing against his cheeks and rubbing away at his jaw. One finger traced the soft of his chin; she turned his head toward her. Folding the towel into two, she pressed the unused side against what looked like a muzzle, working away the grim from last she cleaned him.

Once again, she dipped and wrung the towel. Holding herself on one knee, she took his hand, running the towel through each claw. With her knuckles under the towel, she cleaned his palm, rolling it over the top of his hand. Emiko worked up the arm, finishing with his shoulder and under arm. She did the same with the other before stepping back onto her feet. Standing, the crouched being was chest high, enough so that she could wrap her hands around him and press his face to her breast. Hands caressed his head, sweeping above his eyes in a petting motion. “You’re being so good today,” a sultry voice and a tone that smiled, she gave him a quick squeeze.

The trolley held much more at the top, 3 full chickens, a pot full of mixed vegetables, and another with rice. They were placed in front of him. It was twice what the beast usually received but she forgotten to make a lunch. That, and it was the third month she had his company. With a foot, Emiko moved the water a few inches, finding a stool from behind the chesterfield. She waited a minute, watching her pet eat - - devour - - her handmade meal. It brought joy in her day that there was someone to enjoy her cooking. Pleased that her food was getting the luster it deserved, she brought a cup into the water and poured it on his back. The water drained underneath him, and she poured another, working the towel back and forth under the flow. If you keep acting like this, we can froth you up in the bath. Would not that be better?”

Emiko spoke like he’d talk back, but he never did. For an extra 10000pg over the other lot the salesmen promise he found one that did. The creature understood her from what she could make out, so just the same. The towel was dipped wrung again. A kiss could be felt against the side of his neck as her hands wrapped around his torso. He had bulked up since she bought him in an alley full of dirty posters and Scotch tape. When she cleaned his chest, she felt abs instead of bones, and skin more like rock and exoskeleton than the supple soft of her own. His once sunken eyes glowed an eerie but healthy red, stalking her whenever she walked about the room. Early on, she had to throw a blanket over them, none too happy having the bloodlust follow during yoga and her stroll about the treadmill. Now, she admired the exotic and supernatural illumination.

The water was still warm when she dipped in again. Like she taught, he cleaned his plate, and for that she walked the towel, dripping, toward his cock. She let the water naturally fall above, watching it twitch, a coy smile on her face. “Such a good boy” she repeated before bringing the towel down. She used it’s warmth to toy with him. Her fingers curled under his ball sack, kneading them as the water dripped with each small movement. The other hand rolled the rough fabric over his tip, using the palm to pressure it up and down. Gripping it tightly, she pushed it down the shaft, the head popping out into the cold as the towel descended. Her thumb worked the large vein, her index prodding against his hole, lubricated with precum. A string of it remained as she pulled her finger off. Emiko gave a teasing tisk, wiping it onto the towel and throwing it into the bucket.

She had to pull him roughly to get him up. Emiko dug her hand under his collar and pulled him over the couch’s arm, stopping when one of his legs struggled up and clawed itself into the leather. Another tug, downward, to tell him to stop. The designer made sure the light hit the couch with its strongest intensity, and so Emiko lay, illuminated by the city by one large blotch of crystal light. Both her legs rested atop the beast’s head, with the feet clinging to the side of his neck. “Now, how do you thank your master, Oreo?” Most certainly his name wasn’t Oreo, but he never told her otherwise. He was coloured much like the stuffed cookie dessert, if the cream filling was scrapped out, and so came the name.

Standard Body Paragraph - 772 Words - 03/04/2014
The pain had finally eased. As she flexed her fingers, the tingling of needles pressured her fingers outward when she tried to ball them in to fist. The other way, she couldn't lay them perfectly flat. Over and over, she continued the motion until the feeling subsided. She took the news more lightly than she should have. A sphere of anger resided somewhere, but it wasn't for this event. In her mind, the sum of his words transgressed the small interval. Where she could have spoke three words, her head spun fibers for each group, some individuals even. As she pictured their faces from one meeting to another, pieced little words they said in a unique mannerism, or some personal connection. Still, she felt little and blamed it on the morphine running through her system.

Her clan was her work, she wasn't suppose to see them any other way, it bred small relationship within the clan, disagreement would trickle in. It was a triangle stiff and lain out on paper, name by name. A hierarchy system that did find a place for her, safe from the fearful place of a Yakuza whore; she never saw them as family. A small but heavy weight lifted from her chest just to be replaced for another. They were people, no amount of restriction could stop the little compliment in the hall or that small little image of passing food from chopstick to the bowl of a scrawny new recruit. That really made her feel like she belonged to something. Then again, she was free from burden.

An inner laugh to her monologue, it was too late for her to be apart from them. Death just meant there was no monthly report, no one to acknowledge her title. But how many years had it been since she had a thought cut from the ideal of her clan? Even now, with her head jumbled from memory to memory she found a place that told her to rebuild. It would be crushed, a fully mature clan had been destroyed, what little rebuilding could do...dear fucking christ the face the man would make a horse want to hit him for stupidity...But it told her to rebuild, let it break, just keep the name that wasted others time to tarnish, like a bug that never went away.

Her thought moved from one topic to another. She thought it might be empathy for the prostitutes, it could have been her if she wasn't born to the right man with an impeccable taste of power and an unconventional need to carry his name even through a little girl into pretty painted paper doors. She cared for them, understood from some little part in her head what they needed. Some pleasure might have come from killing a bad client, she did it for them. Pity these mafia men had no taste for business, they were better alive, but that wasn't very empathetic to think. Really, she wondered what she was doing putting so much effort, it would have done little on her lifestyle if she just stayed home, collected money, and occasionally prodded the casino debtors. The sorting process was done before she felt the next hit, though she wasn't much farther in finding mental redemption. He used a fancy word that sounded a lot like miso soup, she doubted they had much in common given the context, but it was not the time to be considering Latin-Japanese root similarities.

Her eyes opened, her pupils dilated. Teeth gritted, she survived the initial pain. She jerked forward, but again, not a sound. Body clenched, a sound came out of her mouth, but she silenced it before it ran its course, the first cry would only cut the restraints that held them all. Glee, a perverse smile guaranteed only more pain if she allowed him any utterance of defeat, she knew his type. Her body reacted a little differently each time a shock made it course through her pain receptors. Mostly, her body jerked, muscles clenching passed the pain, suppressing Akaike's flight of fight response. Next thing she knew, blood escaped her mouth; she'd bitten her tongue.

The final hit, her reflexes forced action, giving up on mutually reasoning with her pesky notion of self perseverance. With quite a bit more force than she thought she'd ever have -- the extra reserve of power dead men displayed -- she slapped the baton out of his hand. Her knuckles made impact, dislocating at least one. The pain that depreciated from her hand to shoulder made her scream. She gave another, rolled over and cradled her hand.

Standard Body Paragraph - Submissive - 768 Word Count - 22/05/2014
A word repeated, a reward as he worked her cunt vigorously to her orgasm. Then, a moment to breathe, her body easing the strain he put on it. She felt numb, light and worked a tiresome bit already. It should not have been such a nice feeling, the needles in her toes and fingers. The women’s body worked against an invisible hand that replaced Julian, her clit begging to be played with once more as the blood welled into it.

His hand cupped her head once more. This familiar feeling…she’d forgotten she was crying until she felt the water whip away. But it was a loving warmth he embraced her with. Something to welcome, she let the weight of her head press itself against his palm. He viewed her as a child, the way he kissed her head and the times before. There seemed an equal mix of childish treatment and ravenous torture, where he lay now was far off the scale she measured him before.  His verbal rewards lit her up, the feeling was a small spark against her rib that balled in her throat and lit her cheeks ablaze.

The man knew how to toy with her emotions. Her wide eyes looked to his. Hearing his voice, she piqued her attention, whimpering as he paused, body squirming as the next words streamed through, weaving her abuse. The way her eyes lit in excitement as he lined his voice with the awful, lascivious plans for the night. Her body twisted against the bed, letting the fabric rub against her clit.

A lady, how hard his request was. Already her body lusted for his cock, would barter her sanity to be spread apart and fucked.  But, she’d please him tonight as he did her. He’d not ask it of her if he did not want it so. Namie bit her lip as she descended, as he did. There was a soft giggle, spreading her legs once more she knew he’d have more for her body. Her confidence turned tense as she felt his grip around her. She tested him, squirmed, looking at his lustful eyes, and then, his tongue with a whimper. He held her tight, she felt him pull her. Nothing new --she bought this service on a dull Tuesday -- but this was him.

The way a simple touch dominated her, holding her lower body down as he raked his tongue against her slit. She moaned, controlled the high pitched squeal she wanted to let go. Her eyes flickered open and closed. What little freedom she gave her, she used to grind against his tongue. Careful, she wanted to please him. Up and down in reverse to his movements. Namie told herself he was not to be treated any different than a host, but he ravaged her with no fear. This was for his pleasure and the thought drover another orgasm railing through her body.

She was already shivering when he slide his finger into her ass. Eyes wide, whimpering and holding another shuttering climax. It was embarrassing, his finger penetrating that hole, that she was enjoying it immensely. Foreign, it made her pussy tremble, her clit beg each second his tongue parted from it. She wanted something deep in that hole too. She wanted every hole filled, she held a scream of pleasure with her body jerked and muscles stopped tense.

In place of her hands, she pressed her feet against his back, pulling his body closer to her womanhood. She squirmed, but the trembling had stopped. Her face gave her away, tongue rolled out, she seemed to pant as she breathed. She used her feet to leverage herself, grinding up and down, harder against his tongue. Pulling herself closer, urging his finger deeper.

“Jurian,” he had a preferred title, she let it linger on her tongue, built a little bubble of anticipation in the smile she held on her face “Master,” it still seemed an oddity to her voice, yet he rewarded her before. She had more to say, at least she thought. He continued to curl his tongue against her dripping pussy, greedily enjoying her juices, truly wanting to please her.

“Let me satisfy your needs now, please” she maintained eye contact as her legs left his back. Watching for his rejection as she sat herself up, folding her legs to one side. She waited, looking for anger, his partner disobeying an unwritten rule. It may have been easier to turn, but instead she kneeled, chin and knees to the bed. Her bound wrist in view against her back and below Julian.

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Re: Prompt Drop [F for M]
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Seems my RP fell through before it even started, so I'm back.

Update June 18th

Rehashed: Tinder, and the Games Adults Play; Adding Hobbies; Hopeful Exhibitionism

New: An Unethical Agenda; Programs and Protocol; the Underdeveloped section

Minor: Brothel at the End of the Universe (WIP); Processing Theory, Knowledge, and Porn (WIP)
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Update July 4

After the hard drive holding the original work for Kingdom Death was...dropped...I had piece together what was once whole. A lot of the art was a giant Google search, but it's still a lot of writing working back the lore and locations.

You will notice minor differences to the request itself, there's a lot different beneath what's available to you. I've chosen to work closer to the lore of the board game, which gives a lot more depth than I originally had, which is nice. Still a lot of frustrating work, but I just want to see it working at this point.

I dropped the first roll system to a simple one person rolls a success/failure. I don't know if that'll work better. Bonus if you've had a successful roll-based roleplay going to help me along. Other than the roll system, new locations and look into the world. I think it gives more to give you these little bits of world building over naming the major characters. 

My head hurts.

Also, don't be that person that asks for 15 characters for Kingdom Death
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Re: Prompt Drop [F for M]
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Monthly bump.

Update August 7

My Darling the Demon King

A Gift For The Apprentice