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April 25, 2018, 05:41:11 AM

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Author Topic: Vampire and other story ideas (Looking for sub F/M, Futa/M (Ex))  (Read 284 times)

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Offline Far eyesTopic starter

Vampires: I mean the non sparkly kind, i have some spins on them but in general terms they fall into the category of the more classic type that dos not like the sun. One of the things i like for them is while they can feed of any human they tend to find and keep ones they are specially compatible with. Vampirisam is also not the sniffles you don't just catch it 

World setting: I have a basic idea of a world ware Vampires are known about but they are more like underworld bosses not some behind the scenes controlling everything kind of way. There are scenes of humans who are really into them and tray to get noticed by a vampire. Its a bit like the WoD mascaraed but dont get to wrapped up in the WoD stuff

General story idea: Your character would be the friend of some vampire groupie, you spend most of your nights in clubs and places ware they try to get noticed and picked up. But really there are not a lot of vampires around and lately there are whispered rumors, news that a particularly old one has come to the city and she has lost her chosen and is looking for a new one. To your surprise you get picked.

YC: I am looking for somebody interested in playing a feminine male who would get further feminized, some body alteration forced dressing getting shown off. YC has some basic knowledge of what to expect but not in detail.

MC: An very old vampire, ware as in almost all vampires date to no more then 1800 and there are few of those she is much older. I am playing with the idea that she spent a long time in 'sleep' and is some what out of touch with the world, this would also be one of the things she would use your character for.
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Offline Far eyesTopic starter

Re: Vampire story idea (Looking for sub F/M, Futa/M (Ex))
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Mothers best friend (F/M)
MC: Dominant female, 30-40 years old
Kinks: Faminization, Pegging, dubcon +i am quiet open to maybe things the rest are optional

Your family has been planing this summer vacation for quiet some time now, but just a week before you are suppose to leave you get the bad news. There has been a mess up with the booking and only 2 places have been booked for the whole trip, and its to late to do anything about it. After feeling a bit sorry for your self you insist your parents leave reasoning that your level headed and 16 and you can take care of your self. Plus they have been arguing lately both of them stressed out and you are vaginally worried that its just more then stress this could be the perfect solution.

In the end you manage to talk them into it and they leave, this leaves you home alone and feeling secure to indulge your secret more openly then ever before. This knowledge makes you feel less sad about missing the trip. Instead you dig the box of clothing out from the back of your dresser and take a shower, shave carefully even though you dont really have much need for it and put on the sexy red silk lingerie, stockings and high heels. You get ready to watch some movies and maybe have a bit of fun its very rare that you get to be this open and elaborate about your secret desire.

You are in the middle of watching your favorite porn, and you never here her unlock the door and step in trough the kitchen. Dorothea your moms best friend and your garden neighbor. Your dad dos not really like her for some obscure reason tends to leave the room when she comes over, she never married and is an art teacher and artist. She stands there just watching you, then smiles turns around and locks the door behind her.
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