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Started by traci80, June 13, 2015, 07:45:25 PM

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  I prefer using PM and writing in third person. I average two to three paragraphs per post. I can play either character in the following unless otherwise noted. All characters are minimum age according to site rules. The link to my F-List is in my profile.

TWO SLUTS (f/m f/f possibly m/m)-A pair of sluts have their eye on a boy from school who is a year younger and lives in their neighborhood. He seems so sweet, but is so shy around girls. They corner him one night determined to show him a good time. They might eventually push him into trying boys, or not.

PERVERTED UNCLE (m/m m/f)-An uncle has a thing for his nephew. The boy is well aware of the man`s attraction to him. He thinks of himself as straight, but likes the attention his uncle gives him and the things he buys for him. He has turned down the man`s attempts of getting into his pants thus far. But when his uncle offers him a woman in return for a little play it is hard to say no.

COUSIN'S FRIEND (m/m or f/f)-A popular teenager has a girlfriend, but getting her to go beyond kissing is somewhere near impossible. He has a cousin who lives on the other side of town. Once or twice a week the two boys get together to hang out for a few hours. Humping each other with or without their pants pulled down had been his cousin's idea one afternoon when they got horny talking about girls. Now they did it every chance they had. Then this week his cousin has one of his buddies with him. His cousin tells him that his friend wants to hump him. At first he was a bit freaked that another boy wanted to do it with him in particular. It was kind of gay. Guys were just supposed to do it because you were horny and not because you were turned on to another boy. He agreed to play around with his cousin's friend anyway. The boy went farther than his cousin ever tried. This could also be done using girls.

Other Pairings I Like If You Have Ideas...
brother/brother **
brother/sister *
best friends **
Justin Bieber/anyone ***
m or f photographer/teen male model ***
m or f boss/teen male employee **
and many others...