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May 26, 2018, 03:09:03 AM

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Author Topic: *Her Master* (MxF -seeking male to play role) -CLOSED FOR NOW-  (Read 437 times)

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Offline CherriTopic starter


I have been CRAVING a good mxf vampire story! I'm looking for  someone who can hopfully scratch this itch I've been having over it! If you have any ideas you'd love to bring to the table PLEASE feel free to let me know ^_^ As for the types of vampires in this story, I was thinking more along the Lines of the vampires from Anne Rice's stories or the vampires from the anime Hellsing. The old school type~ It may be a cliche story... but lord knows I crave even those every once in awhile! I'd love this story to be equal parts story and smut, so a bit of everything  ;)

❤ For this story, I'm seeking a somewhat active partner. I understand life happens, but if you feel you're going to be away for a week to two weeks then please let me know! I'm a perfectly understanding person :-)

❤ No one-liner's please... I'm not expecting a large paragraph or multiple paragraphs! All I ask is that you try your best to help the story move along. If you lose interest that's okay~! Just let me know so I don't waste your time. This should be a fun experience, not a chore.

❤ Please don't ever feel afraid to bring something up! If you have an idea or don't like an idea I want to know so I can help make this fun for you as well, I don't bite~  ;) Just be honest with me, Everything in this plot is changeable! :)

(Contents of the story: MxF pairing, slight non-cons, romance, bondage.)

A young woman didn't know how, but she almost found herself become a victim of one of the recent kidnappings & assaults. It started when a stranger approached her at the end of her shift as a waitress, he followed her for a few blocks before cornering her in an alleyway. The woman feared she would be doomed- raped and possibly murdered. However, before the criminal scum could get to the deed a mysterious figure appears in the darkness and easily snags the man //your choice to kill the criminal or let him go//. Afterwards the vampire couldn't help but notice how intoxicating her scent is and how fragile her body appears to be despite her spirit being strong, //He could have seen how hard she fought and struggled to get away from the man// And so he offers her a choice, she could continue to be a fragile nobody getting walked all over or get a taste of the dark side and become his servant. Unable to resist his charm and seduction she decides to take the chance and join him.

Now that she's turned she must deal with the new life of being a vampire. Learning how to control her thirst, how to work the art of seduction, to control her powers, and abide by her master's commands. //It tickles me to think of him guiding her along, perhaps scolding her over her stubborn attitude to drink blood at first and offers his own. Maybe using her as his own blood bank. I anticipate quite a bit of smut to go with the plot~//

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Offline CherriTopic starter

Re: *Her Master* (MxF -seeking male to play role)
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Looking for more partners for this or a similar story ^_^