a gentleman's smut request (m for f)

Started by agentlemanwithadream, June 12, 2015, 11:38:25 AM

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This request thread is for my more smut oriented plots because, well, this is E and we all enjoy a bit of smut. I'm thinking about 70 - 80% smut. As ideas come along I'll post them here and if you like what you see (or have your own ideas) send me a PM!

Quick O/O for reference:

Light Bondage
Dirty Talk
Fingers in Mouth


Be Careful What You Wish For

MC is a young, intelligent college junior who is incredibly intelligent, has a lot of friends and several potential job offers lined up upon graduation. Unfortunately for him, he's a virgin and has no prospects for changing that. One night, while intoxicated, he wishes on a falling star that all women would be attracted to him. Well, his wish comes true but it has an unwanted side effect, he can't say no!

I see this as being a humorous story, with either one partner playing multiple women or multiple partners, exploring his new found situation.


Name: Is he really THAT good?

Content: Light Human, Possible Light Bondage

Scenario: BFF's are sitting around discussing their sex lives. One of the friends has recently engaged in a friends with benefits relationship with my character and is bragging about the sex to her best friend. Since it isn't a serious relationship, friend one decides that friend two needs to have the experience as well. However, friend two isn't comfortable putting herself out there alone so friend one has a plan to seduce the guy along with friend two for an unforgettable evening.

Setting: Anything Modern, maybe a college setting.

Requirements: I am looking for a partner(s) to play the best friends. It is my preference that the partners are females in real life but if you think you can write a convincing female character don't be afraid to PM me.

Other info: This has the potential to go into a sort of long term game. What happens in the morning? Does friend two and my character hit it off? How does friend one feel about that? Does my character even find friend two attractive etc. etc.

(Okay so, I really just like the picture, if you have an idea from the pic let me know.)


Name: Need a ride?

Content: Light, VAN, Humor

Scenario: My character is a regular, everyday college student enjoying downtown Miami. While walking along listening to music and minding his business he is approached by your character for a quick and enjoyable romp in a van with extremely tinted windows and a missing seat. What's the catch? It has to be filmed, he has to wear a condom, and he has to cum on instead of in the starlet, simple enough.

Setting: Miami, Florida

Requirements: A writer who is willing not to take her character too seriously for this fun one shot.

Other info: I would be willing (and by willing I mean I would prefer) to write more than one male characters (some of whom would be less adept at this sort of thing) if you liked. If this sounds a lot like the Bang Bus...well it is. If you wanted to use a different starlet that's perfectly okay. (I have a short list that I would prefer you choose from but...it's your character so.)

PS: This could develop into a sort of multi-shot, maybe long term story, if you wanted to RP a particular character coming in to sign paperwork (or simply being out and about) and running into our starlet again. Can he convince her that he can be more than just a one night stand? Maybe he simply HAS to have her again? Maybe she likes him but he doesn't want to put up with her lifestyle? Does he have the self control to simply turn her down or does he take advantage of her chasing him?


Just a bump. Also, I've been wanting to try my hand at writing a female character for the first time and would be open to giving that a try on Need A Ride.


Name: Fuck the Police!

Content: Light, VAN, Humor

Scenario: My character is a regular cop, working a regular beat, in a regular division. He makes a regular traffic stop for regular speeding. Your character, however, is in no mood for a ticket and will do anything to get out of it.

Setting: Anytown, USA

Requirements: A writer who is willing to write an aggressive, won't take no for an answer woman against a reluctant, law abiding (at least at first,) officer.

Other info:


December's bump, looking for something lighthearted, smutty, and fun.

Edit: Craving Be Careful What You Wish For


Baby It's Cold Outside

Looking for something based off of this comic.

Very simple story, MC is stuck out in a blizzard. YCs are inside but without heat and accept MC in. They cuddle up for body heat and some touching and teasing commence.


Bumping this thread and maybe our characters can make the headboard bump?


Making Ends Meet

MC and YC have been dating serious for two years and intend on getting married. They are so serious and in love that they decide to move into together. Well, YC loses her job and the two struggle to pay bills. MC is a phto/videographer for a hobby and runs a semi-popular tumblr and often notices that the few, steamy photos of YC are among the most popular on his blog. Genius strikes when he decides why not ramp it up a bit to keep the lights on.

I see this as being more on a long term story. The two would start with more pictures of her and eventually develop into full blown porn. While it will be be smutty, I do see this as having a good bit of plot and character development as well.


Give Daddy Some Sugar

YC puts out an ad late one night in drunken despiration (or as a joke) for a Sugar Daddy and adds a few pictures for encouragement. MC is among the several replies that she receives and he sends a sizable Cashapp donation for her consideration. YC takes the money and runs thinking that she got off with an easy score. Eventually the money runs out and she reaches out to MC to see if she can get more money out of him. She can..but it will cost her.

I see this being sort of episodic unless you want to make it into a longer term story exploring their relationship. Would love to see some Face Claims from my regular request thread (ie. Draya Michelle or India Love Westbrooks) but that isn't a requirement.


Bump because I'd like to get back in the sack.