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Started by SK0M, June 11, 2015, 05:54:45 PM

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Well hello all!  I will start out with some basics and then get to finer details.  I hope to meet some wonderful writers and roleplayers!


  • Writer of 14 years
  • Roleplayer of 11 years
  • Gamer of 23 years  (For those who care :) )
  • Time Zone EST
  • I am online later in the evenings.  I work five days a week morning to afternoon.  And I do other things besides roleplay ;).
  • My normal reply average is once a day.  Sometimes it can take up to two days depending on work / life.  On good days and days off I can reply multiple times.
  • I will always have a status on my profile somewhere if I am going to take a long time or if something comes up.  If I am losing interest in things I will let you know as well.

    Roleplay Information

    • Male x Female (Primary)
    • Female x Female (Willing to try if someone is interested)

    • I have a character I primarily play as.  Wayne Connor
    • He has his own personal story and is opened ended for roleplay during the main period of his life aside from his past. 

    • I have and will play other characters including those you request.  I have played several characters and I can create new characters for roleplay.  Anything and everything is game as long as I feel as if I can pull it off.  I have played everything from Loki from Marvel to original characters people asked me to play.

    • Story is most important
    • Smut is awesome but should not override story
    • I will consider purely smut, but it has to be good smut.  Not just something to throw away for a one night stand
    • Your character is your own and my character is my own unless you are playing something I created or I am playing something that you created.  Even then, that character should have your twist on them.  Be free.  Don't ask about your reactions or replies aside from confirmation of facts.  React just as it comes to mind.
    • I roleplay via PM, Thread or Email.  I prefer PM.

      Pairings & Genres

      Pairings (all can be flipped)
    • Original Character x Original Character (Look for link to my original characters listing soon!)
    • Original Character x Fandom
    • Fandom x Fandom (Fandoms include Movies, TV, Books and Video Games)

    • My favorite genres are action, adventure, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, suspense and mystery. 
    • I play in any time period or universe/setting suited for the story.

      And please always feel free to bring me your cravings and ideas!


    • Feisty submissive
    • Sensual dominant
    • Legs
    • Stockings
    • High Heels
    • I can both dominant and submit equally with pleasure.
    • Strong women
    • Light Bondage
    • Unnatural/Supernatural sexual experiences
    • Dirty talk (not abusive)
    • Intelligence
    • Fight scenes (not so much sexual unless it leads to that ha ha)
    • Rough Sex
    • Vanilla Sex
    • Oral (Giving and Receiving)[/color]

    • Sexual Abuse (Can be story element, just not to play out)
    • Rape (Can be story element, just not to play out)
    • Toilet Play
    • In general, don't be nasty in the bad ways
    Just PM me if you are interested in playing!