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October 28, 2021, 01:38:09 pm

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Author Topic: I Just Have A Lot of Feelings About GoT Right Now (Possible Spoilers?)  (Read 1067 times)

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Offline BeautyTopic starter

With the end of this season rapidly approaching I have an overwhelming amount of Game of Thrones cravings in my system. I have four stories in mind right now, and I realize that two of them involve original characters against canon -- so for these stories, I am willing to double up with a partner (it doesn't have to be within the same storyline, we can have two separate ones going) in order to even the playing field if need be. In these scenarios I would prefer to play the female roles EXCEPT with #4- but as previously stated, I can play whoever for other stories. I'll keep the summaries simple here, so we can expand in private.

1. Ironborn (OC x Theon Greyjoy) **Craving Immensely**

So this story is kicking both the show and the books in the shins and making a run for it - purely because it's my desire to try and spare Theon/Reek from some of Ramsay's least physically...if you know what I mean. What I envision is that a cherished cousin of Theon's coming to Winterfell under the guise of supply guards. She and a few hired men will attempt to abduct Theon after hearing about the events at Moat Cailan.

I like the idea of having someone like Theon who is so clearly suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome, and removing him from his abusive circumstances and nurturing those terrible wounds...Healing and affection is not something that occurs often in Westeros, so perhaps we can give even the smallest glimpse of relief...for however long it lasts. We can establish the past relationship between these two characters prior to beginning, and with no clear end in sight, who knows where we'll end up! :3

2. For You, My Queen (Ser Jorah x Dany)

Ugh this pairing...I have so many feels. I don't know how this would work out, and this is probably the one I really want but I'll be really hard pressed to pursue, but Maker help me I melt at the thought.  Perhaps if we draw out a bit of time between Jorah winning the arena match and what happens very soon after, there may be a fleeting moment where - devotion, can be re-established. (Seriously though, when she takes his hand...I didn't know whether to fan myself or cry - or both)

3. Blood of the Dragon (Viserys x Dany)

Entirely the opposite of the pairing above, this one would likely be a brief one shot that has little to no semblance of romance involved. I do not typically tolerate non-con scenarios, but this particular pairing almost requires it - unless for some reason Viserys feels unusually tender? Which could be quite interesting as well.

4. The Beauty (Brienne x OC)

I absolutely adore Brienne and really I just want someone to love her as much as I do! Now, bare with me for this because it may start out smut heavy but it could develop into quite the interesting plot! So there are two possibilities...Brienne, finding herself briefly overwhelmed with the burden of her tasks, makes her way to a tavern or a male brothel...In either place, she will find a young man who in all manner of ways, breaks through her rough exterior and awakens something she's never dared to dream.

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