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Author Topic: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)  (Read 2249 times)

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Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« on: June 11, 2015, 03:08:34 AM »
Recently, I`ve had a hankering to try a magical girl game, in the vein of Sailor Moon or Precure...With an admittedly rather perverted twist.

The concept I`ve had in mind is that an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl gains the power to transform into a *very* sexy magical girl - But besides the standard challenges that come with the role, there`s a *lot* of temptations, like the perverted monsters and men that just can`t resist the urge to get their hands on her!

I`m looking for a DM to run this game, as the various characters she may run into - As well as all the naughty fun she may have. Will she *ever* fulfill her purpose? Or will she end up knocked up by some gross man or horrible monster~?

Now that she has an adult body...What`s there to stop her from having some adult fun? Especially when she realizes when she can use her powers for anything she wants...And get away with it!

Inspirations would be Beat Angel Escalayer, Beat Blades Haruka, Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights, and Taminin Asagi...Well, without the extreme components of the last one. Some general inspirations for 'naughty' magical girls would be the especially fetishistic Bad End Precures!

Staff Note:  All URLs in this post should be assumed NSFW

To further clarify what I had in mind for this one...

Our heroine - Let's call her the Digital Angel Etoile - loves her new body. It's sexy, adult...An impossible virtual vixen come to life, that makes men ogle and whistle as she walks down the street. More, she can use magic, too - And she's faster, stronger, and tougher than even the Captain of the Girl's Track Team! While she's supposed to fight supernatural evil, there are always so many monsters around...It's enough to make a girl feel a little overwhelmed!

An example encounter would be: Let's say our gorgeous heroine corners a filthy, potbellied little goblin. Her first thought, though, as her gaze slides up and over it's form is... "Ugh, what a *pervert*! I wonder...What would he do if he got his hands on me~?" And since it's - To her mind - a harmless creature, she hesitates...Long enough for the perverted imp to chat her up, to mention what a total babe she is! And of course, she can't help but preen and flirt back...She enjoys being told how hot she is, how *good* she looks in that sexy figure-hugging costume of hers!

Since this monster doesn't seem to be hurting anyone...She might just be convinced to let him go 'this one time'. More - If the horny, greasy creature mentions that he has some Dark Energy that would make her feel *really* good...Why, she might be convinced to try it, and loosen her inhibitions enough to do - *more*! And by the end of the night, she's basking in a post-orgasmic haze...Fucked utterly senseless, and loving it!

The idea I had for our heroine is that she's fundamentally virtuous - But also vain, and a little ditzy. She might walk into a nightclub with the honest intention to investigate...But the big, black stud keeps insisting on calling her a 'babe' and buying her drinks, and surely her mission could wait - So when she's being banged in a love hotel later...She's forgotten about why she'd come entirely!

I'd love to play with the elements of corruption, too: Possibly in conjunction with her ability to transform into multiple forms! After all, no-one would ever connect the sweet, Etoile with the naughty, ninja-themed Syndella...Which means that as Syndella, she has free rein to do whatever she wants...Knowing she can get away with it! (And that's not even considering the 'evil' forms that might be forced upon her for the night, and so on...Or a disguise she keeps assuming! After all, if she takes on the form of a busty office girl, but ends up being seduced and fucked by her horndog middle-aged Boss...She might keep going back, and doing it again and again - Which might make things very interesting when he proposes!)

Remember how Tuxedo Kamen kept getting brainwashed in Sailor Moon? Well, here - Taking on a naughty form allows our heroine to walk 'on the wild side', with - To her mind! - harmless and petty crimes. Anything from being arm-candy for a particularly hunky monster...Stealing some artifact for her dark energy fix - It's a slippery slope. Not to mention, her big black stud of a boyfriend might really enjoy having a gorgeous magical vixen by his side when he's ridin' dirty...Which makes our heroine's awkward romance with her actual childhood friend incredibly boring to her!

There's a very strong element of escapism in this: After all, she can become a sexy adult any time she wants...And just take it off once she's done having her fun. Of course, her actions have consequences, too...

To my mind, there are three ways this game could end:

1.) Our heroine finally moves past her 'wild times', and becomes the virtuous heroine the city needs.

2.) Our heroine abandons her identity (And duties!) to stay as a sexy adult...With her unsuspecting boyfriend, who is way older than her - But now with regular access to the hottest woman ever. (This might happen if she's knocked up!)

3.) She's entirely corrupted by the Bad Guys, and really becomes a villainess for *good*!

...With other less-than-optimal endings like her becoming a breeding slut for monsters, losing her powers, and so on - Just off the top of my head! I'd love to make a full-length game of this, if anyone's interested - It's possibly my favorite idea at this point.

I just love the combination of transformation, corruption, sleaze and all the good stuff...As a girl gets access to all of an adult's vices, seemingly without the consequences! 

Here's some new magical girl-related image sets!

After all, fighting for Love and Justice is one thing...But when you can become an incredibly gorgeous adult woman *any time you want*, there are all kinds of naughty fun any girl could get up to! It's not like she would ever face any consequences...Right?
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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2015, 06:48:23 AM »
Quick update.

I...kind of want to play out a scene where our heroine is seduced and fucked - In her magical form - by her boyfriend's horny old coot of a father! There's a lot of fun she might have in her double-life...Trying to keep up her clandestine affair!

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2015, 06:47:40 PM »
To put an interesting spin on the Madoka idea: What if male monsters - a la the Witches from the series - inhabited pocket dimensions that corrupted the world around them?

More - What if those pocket dimensions were further split along the lines of the Witch's personality? Sure, they're both expressions of that particular Witch's insanity and the events that drove it to the brink, but it doesn't mean that they can't be fun for a magical girl to explore.

For instance - A Witch focused on 'defending the environment' might have a forest as the environment and some kind of plant-based form that lures in victims to an awful fate. But the flip side of the Realm could be a horny, lecherous wolfman that doesn't care about the environmental issue at all...And actively seeks to supplant the 'primary personality'! Of course, it's not like the latter is morally any better than the former...But it's certainly a lot more tempting to a lovely magical girl! I rather like the idea that aspects of the Realm could seduce/charm/tempt her into letting them slide...Or helping one aspect of the Witch's personality (the one she *likes*) overwhelm the other!

And then there's the fun idea of becoming part of the Realm/Nightmare...Sort of like a Sub-Boss to the primary Witch's Boss! Possibly even battling other invading magical girls...Assuming she's corrupted enough. After all, the fat, lecherous Demon Sultan needs a sorceress minion to back him up - For example! One based about a Demon Realm could certainly use a Demon Queen or a succubus...And one representing mechanical desolation might need a sexy viral vixen.

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2015, 08:47:31 AM »
Two more images.

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2015, 06:52:46 PM »
Quick bump!

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2015, 07:54:09 PM »
And some new images!

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2015, 02:29:16 AM »
Quick bump.

Rather liking the first image, myself:

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #7 on: December 18, 2015, 06:36:55 AM »
I've also had a vague idea for a Madoka-ish idea. Perhaps a Witch's Labyrinth has the Witch surrounded by lecherous shadows...And our not-quite-heroic heroine would love to preserve the place's properties for her own enjoyment!

In Detail...
A Witch that appears as an immobile maiden in a weaponized golem-cage. The thorns and bars lashed out at her attackers to damage them, and it scuttles around on big spider-legs - Sort of like the legend of Baba Yaga. The Witch herself is also collared to the inside of the birdcage by fine chains. The thing is that she loathes men, so her familiars, like the Sayaka-witch's familiars, are shadowy, featureless, but very masculine figures that constantly whisper luridly sexual comments and try to get into the cage until the lashes drive them away. Sort of like more masculine versions of the Shadows from the Persona series!

It might be fun to see a girl 'consort' with those familiars...Or even find a way to usurp the Witch and preserve her shadowy, anonymous, grotesque 'boyfriends'.

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #8 on: February 27, 2016, 07:05:11 PM »

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #9 on: March 28, 2016, 06:48:46 PM »
With the recent release of Beat Blades Haruka, I'd love to give this a shot!

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #10 on: June 19, 2016, 08:17:36 AM »

Possible starter:

"Oh. My. God."

The taut gasp pulsed from Keiko Asagi's lips - Her eyes going so very, very wide indeed! - as she peered through her now-blurry glasses: "Is this...Is this me~?" she marveled, out loud - Running slim fingers along her chin, turning this way and that...Admiring herself in the mirror. It'd worked. She'd heard the transformation spells dozens of times - After all, who *wasn't* a fan of the Digital Angels? - but the shy, bespectacled girl had been the *only* one to try and decrypt the spells they'd used.

It was, after all, simple enough - If you watched the video, parsed out the words letter by the letter, made the right foci - The bracelet she wore on her left wrist, now marked with strange, eerie sigils!

She'd spoken the spell, and...

Everything had changed.

Just look at her, now - Tall, curvy...Voluptuous, with midnight bangs framing her lovely features - Sparkling grey eyes and curvy hips...And that costume! She twisted around to look at it - Black and white, low-cut...A sexy maid's costume with matching stockings and lacy black panties. She was - She was more than gorgeous. She looked like a virtual vixen come to life...Like someone's impossible, naughty wet dream.

She wasn't sure if it was stable, just yet. How long it'd last. But - She had to try it. She just had to.

The window was open, and it was Friday night - It was time to head out...And see what trouble she could get into-! The only question was...Where should she go?

Maybe the city's recreational district - A place she'd never have gone on her own! Or Akihabara, the city's anime/manga mecca...Either would work. She had a distinct feeling that she was in for the night of her life...One way or another!

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Re: Misbehaving Magical Girl (F looking for M GM)
« Reply #11 on: July 15, 2016, 08:38:14 AM »
One new idea - In a Madoka-esque setting, a sexy, villainous magical girl must invade the Labyrinths of Witches...And induce despair in other magical girls *and* her she can enter their tormented psyches!

Why? For power - and for a chance to have fun with the monsters in these strange, surreal pocket realities! Of course, she's getting all kinds of corrupted...but that's the big draw!

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