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September 27, 2020, 09:39:37 PM

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Author Topic: Sadistic Seme, Demanding Seke, and Feisty Uke  (Read 522 times)

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Sadistic Seme, Demanding Seke, and Feisty Uke
« on: June 10, 2015, 12:27:41 PM »
.....Hello there and welcome to my humble abode of a search thread,
where the magic happens.....




My rules are simple. Please no one liners. I can understand if the inspiration isn't happening. There is no need to rush, I'd sooner your heart  is in it then feel 'have to' do it. Trust me forcing ideas to happen will just make it plunder. So I'd prefer to wait.

I'm versatile, I can play all three positions but I get tired of 'seme'.  Constantly. So I like to switch around so someone that can play all three would be a godsend. But it's not essential. Just makes the role play run more smoother and hopefully our characters could connect more.

I'm fairly literate and lengthy poster.  I do not expect perfect grammar but text talk is not an option unless it's coded for ACTUALLY texting. I can barely understand my brother's. If you say 'U' Instead of 'You'. That will be the one thing that I will see and I will not really be happy to see it in a PM. As first impressions I feel is vital. But if your texting from a phone and happens (not so often) I will forgive you.

I realise that these rules may seem Harsh believe me if I could have it any other way. But at the same time. I put TIME and ENERGY. Into my posts. I get disheartened if people don't put an equal amount, I can understand if you have outside commitments, I do too my world doesn't evolve around E. I am patient and understanding I can easily tell if I feel your heart's not in it any more.

I do mostly all kinds of kinks, open to anything, just nothing over the top.  I do have fantasies, I like tolerable pain, but I don't do anything that is gross or too violent

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Sadistic Seme, Demanding Seke, and Feisty Uke
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2015, 01:03:24 PM »
YAY! (Things I like)
  ++ Angst
  ++ Male pregnancy
  ++ Avengers!
  ++ Romance
  ++ Equal parts story and smut
  ++ Roughness
  ++ Fantasy, sci-fi, medieval genres
  ++ Piercings, tattoos
  ++ Punk boys
  ++ Kemonomimis
  ++ Age differences
  ++ Height differences
  ++ Switches
  ++ Aliens

NAY! (Things I don't like)
  -- SUPER UKES (I can't say this enough)
  -- Full-on furries
  -- PWP (Plot what plot?)
  -- Shota (under 16)
  -- Inflation (I think it's weird)
  -- One liners.


• Leviathan/Demon
• Angel/Demon
• Angel/Human
• Shifter/Human
• Shifter/Vampire
• Vampire/Human
• Ghost/Human
• Faun/Human
• Faun/Elf
• Elf/Elf
• Elf/Human
• Dragon*/Human
• Hybrid/Hybrid
• Hybrid/Human
• Sorcerer/Warrior
• Warrior/Warrior

• Teacher/Teacher
• Tutor/Student
• Popular x Awkward
• Jock/Popular x Nerd/Emo/Outcast
• Geek x Slut (Plot ramblings in the next post)
• Roommates (Character ramblings in the next post)
• Bully x Bullied
• Psychologist/Patient
• Psychologist/Criminal
• Criminal/Innocent
• Criminal/Criminal
• Assassin/Target
• Boss/Underboss (Mafia, Gang, etc.)
• Cop's Son x Criminal
• Suicidal x Innocent Bystander
• Murderer x Spared Victim
• School Shootout Gunman x Student
• Artist x Model
• Artist x Prostitute
• Singer x Fan
• Sexual seduction (Bar Scene, Nightclub, Boss seducing a employee)
• Romance (Forbidden Love, Modern love)
• Arranged marriage
• Bondage (Master/Slave, Confederate soldier/Slave, Plantation owner/slave, etc,)
• Pirate/Captive
• Victim/Kidnapper
• Nurse/Doctor
• Nurse/Patient
• Doctor/Patient
• Loan shark/Victim 
• Prisoner/Prison Guard
• Pervert/School boy
• Blackmailer/Victim (Blackmailer blackmails victim to do his biddings (favors))
• Fan-fiction (I will do Vampires, Nekos, Gods/Goddesses etc.)

-Historical role plays (Greek, Middle eastern, Harem themes, Medieval, theme, etc,)
-Harems (Concubines/Royalty or high officials or Love Slaves/Sheiks/Royalty/Officials )
-Best friend/Best friend
-Sworn enemies
-Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
-Mail Ordered Husband
-Groom/Best man

 Military General/Private
• Military Commander/General
• Scientist/Test Subject
• Test Subject/Test Subject
• Royalty/Prisoner
• Royalty/Royalty
• Royalty/Commoner

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Sadistic Seme, Demanding Seke, and Feisty Uke
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2015, 03:02:18 PM »

Lucky horse shoe
Pairings can be:
M x M **
F x M
Looking for Part A

Character A works as a Stablehand/groom for a very wealthy, very aristocratic owned horse stable. He's a middle class citizen with a passion for the equine world and being able to work at such a high end stable is an honor. Of sorts. To Character A, all rich people are the same; arrogant, pushy and selfish.
Now, Character A has never met the aristocrat family who owned the stables [save for the mother or father who hired him] even though the manor and barn were all on the same property, so it comes as no surprise that when he runs into an unfamiliar face in the barn, feeding the Young Master's prize horse an apple, he's too assume the stranger is just the extra help promised to him weeks ago.

Wrong. The stranger turns out to be Character B of our story, who is in fact the Young Master himself, home from his schooling over seas. Instead of telling Chara A his identity, Chara B lets him assume who he is being the new stablehand/groom and goes along with it, probably intrigued with the other man. As the story progresses, the two men get close to one another, starting their friendship as teacher and student and onwards. That is, until Chara A finds out who Chara B really is... will that change anything?
Side note:
This story can be male for male or female and male.  Quite vanilla based plot but open to ideas.
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