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May 24, 2018, 11:11:09 AM

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Author Topic: Black Panther on the prowl for a smutty Harley Quinn- DC/Marvel (Details inside)  (Read 274 times)

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Offline NubianLegendTopic starter

Cleaning up the Town (Harley Get's Wrecked)

Content: Blindfolds, Bondage & Submission/Dominance/Discipline, Roleplaying, Fucked Silly, Oral sex, BBC, Facefucking, Objectification, Sexual Objects, Cumplay, Dirtytalk,  Roughsex, Interracial, Public sex, Erotic Humiliation, Degradation, Hero/Villain, Anal, Opposites Attract.

 I'm primarily looking for a roleplay featuring Marvel's own Black Panther character and Harley Quinn, though I can just as well roleplay with any combination of female characters such as Storm or Emma Frost, but Harley Quinn is really what I want right now for specific story reasons. The outline of the story involves Black panther stepping into the role of Gotham's protector and expunging some of the more problem-ed elements, eventually forcing an awkward ultimatum onto Harley Quinn and some other Gotham villainesses such as catwoman and poison ivy to sign away their reproductive rights in exchange for their lives. Essentially, becoming a sort of sex slave.

If you're wondering who the Black Panther is. Black Panther is a warrior-king of a highly advanced though covert isolationist African nation by the name of Wakanda , he was briefly married storm of the x-men and he's been linked to other love interests such as monica rambeau, she-hulk, spiderwoman and sue storm if you can believe, he's been a member of the avengers and the Illuminati and he's an all around badass, but he's very much different from your average comic hero, not just his origin, but his mentality is what I find most appealing about the character. He's been compared to being that of marvel's Batman. No disrespect to Batman or his fans, but the difference between Batman and Black Panther is that if you dropped Black Panther off into Gotham, Gotham would be cleaned up for good. There would be no maniac jesters walking around in Black Panther's Gotham.  Batman is a great philantropist whose improved gotham considerably, he's just not a ruler. BP doesn't do the glorified janitor thing.

 Marvel has a movie in the works with Chadwick Boseman as the lead, but's it's been pushed back to 2018 thanks to the introduction of a certain spider. So, let's get down to the specifics, shall we?

-Oral (Giving and Receiving)
-Rolepaying (I guess this would be roleplaying in a roleplay)
-Cosplay (goes along with...)
-Slutty/Sexy Clothing
-Girls who enjoy cum <3
-Sex in open spaces
-Exotic settings
-Depraved sexual acts
-Soft slavery (Where a woman is bought or coerced into a concubine arrangement with her lord, she has freedoms to do as she please,  and she's taken care of but her purpose is clear. She is his bedwench to do with as he please.)
-Drugs (sex serum)
-Full-bodied women (I'm not afraid of curves, bring em on)
-Interracial/Int-racial (I like the pink stuff period)
-Contrasts (opposites attract)
-Double Penetration/Group sex
-Fantasy scenarios
-Realistic scenarios
-Wife/Gf sharing (sharing is caring)
-Escorting/pimping (let's make money together)
-Action scenes (smack, smack, kiss, smack)
-Forced Bisexuality
-Forced Homosexuality (turning a woman or weak man out)
-Penis worship
-Sexual Tension between friends who haven't...
-Transformation (can be physical, mental or a combination of the two)
-Slutification ( A woman wanting sex, craving it from strangers, anyone because she can't control her growing sexual apetite is very hot to me.)
-Intelligent Partners
-Milf characters
-Casual writing ( I have other roleplays/interests, 1-3 paragraphs is ok with me).
-Watersports. (I understand some people aren't into watersports, that's fine with me, not a dealbreaker, but golden showers are a plus)

As you can see, I have quite a few ons. Not too many things outright squick me. I'm pretty open-minded but I do have some offs. If you have a suggestion, throw it my way. Now, onto what we all came here for. The prompt(s) =)
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