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Author Topic: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)  (Read 981 times)

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Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:34:46 PM »
All ideas completely negotiable.

Forbidden Romance (Rom/office/deception/violence/WW2)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Liesel was four years old when her Jewish mother and gentile father died in a boating accident in her birth country of Austria. She was sent to live with her father's mother in Poland. when Liesel was seventeen years old she graduated from high school and began working as a city clerk in Warsaw. She had been at work a mere four months when the Germans invaded. Her two uncles immediately joined the resistance, but they encouraged Liesel to stay at her job and spy.

Enter YC, a German officer. A moral, upstanding man who has his doubts about the Third Reicht but is a loyal German. Ordered to put down the resistance, he makes his office in the city hall and begins making lists of suspected resistance members, possible hiding places, and organizing teams of soldiers to hunt them down. Pretty teenage Liesel would catch his eye, of course. Deliberately so, because she wants to be close to him. Perhaps she doesn't intend to get THAT close...but we both know it is going to happen, right? Will he discover her secret and use it to blackmail her? Will his doubts intensify so much that she can bring him over to their side and cause him to turn on his country? Let's plot!
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2015, 10:13:24 AM »
It's just a Job (Rom/modern/office/deception/violence)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Kyrie Montgomery is absolutely delighted with the personal assistant position she landed right out of her two year office management degree. For being an at risk foster child for over ten years, Kyrie is proud of how life is turning out for her. She has her own little apartment with an adorable kitten, a minute little bit of a car she will be paying off for years, and most of all, this precious, precious job. Harold Beamer is a successful businessman with an interest in several different companies and charities, and he has hired Kyrie to help him keep track of everything.

But Kyrie doesn't know that her new boss is the subject of an intense criminal investigation, and that now the eyes of law enforcement are turning speculatively towards her. Does she know what sort of viciousness her boss is capable of? Is she helping him, a willing accomplice?

They send in an undercover man (YC) to find out.

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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2015, 10:27:53 AM »
Obsession (Dark Vampire/Dark Romance/Violence/Death [not snuff])

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is vampire tale. Vampires have "mates", the one true love of their lifetime, blah blah blah. But seriously, they are fated for this person. Some vampires never meet their mate, others do and are drawn to them irresistibly.

Ella is just a normal college girl. She has a large loving family. She has dreams and aspirations. She has an active social life, a boyfriend she is fond of. She makes good grades, but not too good. She calls her mother every Sunday, and then after they trade gossip and affection she talks to her Daddy and pleads for money – and usually gets it. She has three older brothers and one older sister – yes, she is the baby of the family. She is a pretty girl, but not beautiful. So she is popular in her little set of friends, but isn’t one of the elites in the hierarchy of beauties in her college.
Ella’s life is going just about as perfectly as it can be.

But she is spotted – entirely accidentally – by a man who will proceed to utterly destroy her life. A solitary, rebellious vampire who has a lot of enemies in the hidden supernatural world. He sees her. Is obsessed with her. Takes to first following her around, spying on her when she is sleeping, perhaps touching her then. He escalates to periodic bits of contact, supposedly accidental meetings. A flash of an eye meeting an eye. A bump in a crowded hallway. Tiny meetings that leave him in an ecstasy of delight, and her in bewilderment as she tries to understand why she is so terribly attracted to this stranger – and why she seems to be seeing him everywhere now.

Of course, as stalkers do, he escalates further. Perhaps kidnaps her, keeps her prisoner in some secluded place. Her world is upheaved, her family devastated. Perhaps through the tv she can see their pain, her angry, helpless father and brothers, her crying mother and sister calling for some unknown kidnapper to release her, send their baby home. It makes her hate her captor even as she falls in love with him.

Eventually she will escape, or be taken by one of his enemies. He will turn her vampire (possibly a very painful process - both to go through and watch - with the potential of ending in her permanent death). He doesn't want to take the risk with her, but eventually he is forced too in order to keep her alive and safer from his enemies. Either way, they will have to arrive at some sort of understanding – eventually. He will demand full, 100% control of her. She won’t want a relationship like that. Will they come at some sort of understanding, some sort of partnership that on one level may be D/s, on another level be equal? Will he break her completely without understanding that is a bad thing? Or will she escape him permanently somehow? There are a lot of ways this can go, and this has the potential to be a very intense RP with a lot of character progression – both good and bad.  :-)
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2015, 10:50:26 AM »
A mutated 50 Shades, cause...well...fuck it. (D/s, reluctance, coercion, romance)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I don't understand the obsession with 50 Shades of Grey, or the hate for it. I read all three books. I don't like first person, but overall the books were mildly entertaining. I loved the character progression, especially Grey's. It wasn't wonderful, it wasn't bad. And there have been FAR too many versions of it. So of course I want to make another one. In THIRD person, please. :)

Bella is NOT a Mary Sue. Yes, she had a bad background. Yes, she was abused as a child - in every way. Yes, she spent her years from the age of ten till 18 in foster care as a result - not all of those foster care homes happy or even safe ones. Yes, she somehow escaped most of the "bad girl" rebellion through the care and attention of a very good state assigned therapist. Yes, she is, for the most part, a very "good" girl now. She is trying to succeed at life, struggling along as best she can. She graduated high school with honors, and is now struggling to work her way through college. Fortunately she has grants and scholarships to help - enough to help her pay for her tuition books, and her share of room and board at an apartment she shares with two other girls. She is pursuing a degree in child psychology and working as a Rent-A-Princess for little girl's birthday parties.

It is at one of those parties she meets your character - the quintessential moody, overprotective, demanding CEO who, of course, is instantly obsessed with getting in the princess's pretty pink panties.

At this point, we can play around with things, shake it up. Perhaps he makes outrageous offers. She won't accept. She has had too little respect and dignity in life, and now she won't give them up easily. She may be young, but she is old in the ways of emotional turmoil, and stands firm for herself. The problem is she really, really likes him. The mere sight of him makes her want to drop her panties. Either way, we must get these two together. I can see some danger from both their pasts threatening her - and as a result he must protect her when she thinks he is being over-reactive.

There doesn't need to be the spanking/overtly sexual bondage games that were in 50 Shades. But I definitely do like the idea of him being in control - and her fighting for it. If interested, PM me and we can discuss and negotiate and plot!
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2015, 07:51:32 AM »
Texas Romance (romance/violence/American West)
No Longer a Craving
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He is a Texas Marshall chasing after the bad guys. But they ambush him, shoot him full of holes, and leave him for dead. She is the tomboy who finds him, a shy, beaten slip of a girl who swears worse than a sailor. She cares for him, sneaks him food and water. And then when he is ready to ride out on his own, she demands to go with him. She has never been farther from the shack she was born in than the one hitching post town that boasts a trading post and a small rough mining camp. How much is his life worth to him? How much gratitude will he have for her, especially when he finds out that her asshole of a father is one of the most wanted men in Texas? Will he take charge of her and care for her, or take advantage of her?
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2015, 08:15:54 AM »
The Dragon Mother (modern/fantasy/dragons)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is an idea I worked out with a potential RP partner, but the story never got off the ground when my partner lost interest. I, however, thought it was outstanding. Basically, the legends of dragons are not really legends. They are based off an ancient reality. Long, long ago, before any recorded time, there were dragons. Just like beasts today have a great variety, so it was with dragons. Stone dragons. Air dragons. Fire dragons. Water dragons. Earth dragons. Lightening dragons. So many dragons - and the grand royal dragon to rule them all. The color of purple has long signified royalty, and that came from the royal purple dragons that ruled all the dragons. Until the great King Dragon died, and his heir was unhatched. A great and bitter war amongst the dragons broke out over who would rule until the heir was of age. Dragon conspiracies to kidnap the heir egg were too many to count. Thousands of dragons died in the war, and ultimately a battle was fought in the palace itself over the egg that resulted in the Queen Mother dying. The family that had lived as the protectors of the royal dragons stepped in. A spell was performed - a massive spell that took the lives of every member of the Guardian clan except one. The spell forced an eternal sleep on every dragon until the heir egg hatched.

But the egg never hatched. It's mother was dead.

Ages went by. The eternally lived Guardian continued to diligently guard the Heir Egg and the dragon city that contained it. As the years rolled by, sand covered the streets, filtered in through the doorways. The Guardian watched as the sands covered the Egg, but did nothing. No sand covering the Egg would matter if the Heir chose to awake. Eventually, the dragon city was buried entirely. The world changed around the Guardian. Spells were woven - if a building in the city was breached, he would know. But nonstop vigilance over an empty expanse of desert was no longer needed.

But then...after a great sandstorm, a corner of a building was discovered by a nomadic Mongolian tribe. Word got into the cities, and alerted an archaeologist who came to investigate. An archaeological dig was begun.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“Luu khot tsöld baidag yum”

“What did she say, Papa?” Callie smiled down at the woman who was, quite possibly, the oldest woman in the world. She certainly looked the part. Withered and dry, with more wrinkles than a shar-pei. Dressed in a dusty bronze colored robe that matched the color of her skin, the old woman did not even look at the white man and woman in front of her. Her voice chanted on and on, a shrill musty sound in the deafening racket of the Mongolian marketplace.

“Just that old nonsense about the city of dragons” Jasper Hunt smiled kindly down at the old woman, the very picture of interested English patience. “I do wonder what caused the legend though. You know what I always say, Callie…”

“At the root of every legend is a kernel of truth.” Callie laughed, slipping her hand into her father’s. “Maybe we will find that kernel on the dig. I can say it is far more likely than finding it from this old woman.”

Jasper pressed a coin into the woman’s hand and started away. He stopped when Callie shrieked, and turned to see her staring down at the woman who clutched at her leg in a frenzy.

“Luu khaalgach bolgoomjil! Luu khaalgach bolgoomjil!”

The woman’s grandchildren pried her fingers from Callie’s leg and the girl stumbled away, staring at the woman in shock as her family led her away, casting profuse apologies over their shoulder.

“What was she screaming at me, Papa?”

Jasper was frowning after the woman, his weathered gray brow furrowed.

“Beware the dragon keeper….”

The dig was not much quieter than the marketplace. Workers scraped and shoveled and carried dirt. Students discussed findings. The managers overseeing the diggers shouted orders and commands. And over it all, the desert wind howled.

The dig itself was a fantastic thing. A massive stone city that was discovered peeking up from the desert sand after a day-long sandstorm swept over it. Neither Archaeologist Hunt nor any of the Americans with him believed the city was actually an ancient city of dragons, but the structure of the city that was only now beginning to reveal itself was fascinating. Ground penetrating radar had revealed massive buildings, wide avenues the size of American interstates, and huge open spaces. The size of the dig was staggering. Thousands worked here over an ancient city that stretched for miles – and the borders had still not clearly been mapped out. And Jasper Hunt was in charge of it all.

Perhaps it was due to the “boss” appearing on site that the steady roar of the work dipped. But more than likely it was because every man there – and they were mostly men – were at least surreptitiously eyeing the boss’s pretty nineteen year old daughter. She was worth looking at, with her tanned sleek teenage skin shown off with her jean shorts, khaki cotton button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the front opened to display a brown ribbed tank top. She wore hiking boots, a straw hat perched over her dark brown hair, and sunglasses that hid her melted chocolate eyes. But it was her mouth that inspired the most fantasies from the workers. Wide and full, with plump gleaming pink lips that begged for a fat cock to be slid between them. Those lips were currently curled up in a gleeful smile as she slid down into one of the sand pits, mixing with the workers as they moved the sand from a doorway large enough a semi-truck could have driven through.

The excitement prickled through the crowd. It was the first time one of these buildings had been entered. The doorways were examined for any signs of a door, but there were none. No marks of hinges or other fastenings in the elegantly carved stone. Two members of the Mongolian security forces moved closely behind Jasper as he stepped into the stone building. Callie was right behind them.

Despite being buried beneath the sand for ages, the room was cool and relatively clean except for the sand that had spilled through the open doorway. There were no signs of furniture except for two elegant stone tubs carved into one of the far walls, about the size of bathtubs.

“Bathing rooms, Papa?” Callie questioned. They all moved towards the tubs, peering inside. There was nothing.

“Perhaps. Let’s explore.”

There was a wide, open doorway leading to another room. Room by room, they explored. Every single one empty. It was the fifth room deep they found the paintings. Jasper was the first one in, lifting a torch to light the way. His gasp was loud. Soon he, Callie, their two government dogs, and other archaeologists and students were staring in awe at the bright, gleaming paintings that decorated the walls of this chamber.


Jasper’s voice was a croak. Yes, dragons. Dragons flying, massive beasts the size of a semi-truck gliding through the air. Sitting in the sun, glittering and gleaming in different colors of the rainbow. Bathing in rivers and lakes. Eating raw meat from what was obviously a fresh kill. Baby dragons, awkward adolescent dragons. The minutes stretched as the humans gawked at the beauty, the talented, lifelike drawings covering every inch of the walls.

“Oh, Papa. It’s so beautiful….”

“The city of dragons…the old hag was right.”

Father and daughter stopped and looked at each other, then laughed.

“We dig. This is a wondrous find. I want photos taken of all these drawings. Let’s get this building mapped out, I want to know how deep it is. Let’s go, people!”

The next three days passed in a blur. It was late on the third day, when the afternoon shadows were stretching long on the desert sands, that Callie found the jewel. At least, that is what she considered it to be. She was exploring a newly opened building, one that had some damage to the ceiling. As a result there was a lot more sand in the interior rooms, and in the third room Callie had found a jewel buried in the sand. It was a stunningly beautiful jewel in the shape of an egg. A large egg. Polished and smooth, the edges were a dark indigo. But the heart of the jewel seemed to …well…there was no other word for it. It glowed a vibrant rich purple.

It was, too be quite honest, the most beautiful jewel Callie had ever seen. She found herself hunched over it in the corner, brushing sand off it long after there was no sand to brush off. Just to feel the warmth of the gem under her fingers. Her heart ached with its beauty.

It was the first find on the dig. No other objects had been found at all. She should have immediately turned it over to her father. Instead, she tucked it into the small satchel slung over her back that held her water bottle, notepad, and other small things. Tomorrow. She would hand it over tomorrow. Tonight she just wanted to…to touch it.

She ate without tasting anything, claiming exhaustion and all but running to her tent. She zipped the flaps shut, turned off her lamp, and in the darkness she took out the jewel. Without the flickering light of a torch, the glow of the gem was even more noticeable. So noticeable she was afraid it would be noticed from the outside of her tent, so she slid into bed and burrowed underneath the thin blanket. There she just…HELD the jewel. Touching it. Rubbing it. Loving the feel of it under her fingers. This obsession with the egg was unhealthy, she knew that. It was wrong. She needed to turn it over right away to her father.


For now, she just wanted…no…NEEDED to touch it.

A soft peeping filled her ear. Something pecked sharply at her ear.

“Gi’off me”

She smacked at it, grumbling and turning over onto her side. A squeaking little giggling sound brought her eyes flying open. She stared into the big owl-like eyes of the purple creature perched on her cot beside her and swallowed hard. Her mind froze, utterly unable to process what she was seeing.

The creature chirped again, a sound of love and adoration as it leaned forward, nuzzling it’s snout against her cheek. She flinched, and something crunched under the blanket. Her hand fumbled, felt something slick and wet and hard. She brought it out, staring at the shard of jewel in her fingers. Turned her eyes to the creature staring up at her like she hung the moon. And screamed.

When she screamed, the creature….not a dragon. No, no definitely not a dragon. Dragons didn’t exist. The creature shrieked with her, a tiny little sound of confusion and pain and fear. It ran to her, tottering the few steps over her pillow till it could burrow its little scaly purple head under her neck. Shouts of alarm arose near her tent, and the little creature little out a peeping little whimper. Instinctively her hand rose to cover it, stroking it comfortingly. Her tent was yanked open, and her father’s flushed, worried face peered inside.

“Callie! Callie, are you alright?”

His eyes dropped to the sweeping, spiked purple tail that curled up on her pillow, following it up that slender, almost snakelike purple scaly body to where it disappeared between Callie’s neck and the pillow. His wide eyes met those of his daughter.

“Papa, I think I accidentally adopted a dragon.”

Callie is now the mother of the dragon. She will have to work with the dragon guardian as they face an uncertain future. Dragons and modern humans will now collide. Intelligent beast vs intelligent beast. Only the Guardian - and probably soon Callie - can speak Dragon. Together they will have to struggle to bring humans and dragons to an understanding. Together they will have to try to prevent a war that will surely break out - a war that can devastate the entire planet. If the war does break out, they will have to survive and help the fledgling heir survive as well. He is far too young to command the allegiance he needs to control the thousands of dragons that will be rising from their hidden sleeping places with war on their minds.
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2015, 09:00:07 AM »
Yes, Master (D/s, Romance)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Abby just graduated from college at the age of 20 with her four year degree in Business and a minor in Psychology. She has always been a driven girl despite having grown up in the foster care system after her single mother died giving birth to her. She has no family that she knows of. It's always been just her, and she has always known it. She has been in some very good foster homes, and others that were not so good. But she has emerged from a broken system with relatively sound mental, emotional, and physical health.

But she is starved for affection. She has dated in the past, but was always too focused on schoolwork to lose her virginity or even make real friends. Now that she has achieved what her goals were - a stable adult lifestyle, she finds herself craving intimate human contact. Not just sex - but intimacy. Love.

She is also, through her study of psychology, well aware of her interest in the D/s lifestyle. So as soon as she has established herself in a job as an HR representative in a flourishing company, complete with an apartment - she goes hunting for a dom. And she does it in the stupidest manner possible considering she is such an educated girl - an online advertisement for one.

This will do several things. It will expose to her all sorts of predators online...and it will expose her to the dom she will fall in love with - your character.

I anticipate this will be a slow paced RP. I would like it to start no later than them meeting for the first time - in a public place of course. She is not entirely stupid.

Now - there are several types of doms. What I am hoping for for Abby is an experienced, mature man who is in full control of himself and - hopefully - her. I don't care whether he is a sadist or a daddy dom, as long as he is experienced, mature, and in absolute control.
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #7 on: June 20, 2015, 10:05:55 PM »

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (Rom/modern/violence/crime)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lily is a good girl. She always has been. She was raised by good christian parents, went to christian schools, lives a quiet little life in the city with a tiny apartment and a fast-paced job as an ER nurse. She goes to church Sunday and makes a periodic effort to date, and even has a once a month night out with the girls - her group of friends from college. But really, she lives to work. So when she sees the sex-god of a man on the street corner go down like a ton of bricks, she is at his side in a flash, doing what she does best - offering emergency medical assistance. But the ambulance is there too fast, and the paramedics are acting very suspicious. When she protests and demands ID, she finds herself shoved into the ambulance and on the adventure of her life...or death. Mixed up in a mafia/cartel war, she is fighting to stay alive...and falling in love with the brutal criminal she tried to save. If interested, PST and let's plot!
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Re: Chanti's Plot Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #8 on: July 04, 2015, 03:03:06 PM »
Death is Inevitable (Romance/Abuse/twisted and disturbing/possible bad ending/possible snuff/possible extreme)

This is a darker RP plot I have been playing around with for awhile. Generally I try not to be too specific about what the character my RP partners bring to the table will deliver, but with this one I am going over my usual line.


Kristina was born the daughter of a New Jersey based Russian Mafia boss. On the face of things, her childhood was stable and secure. Though her mother died when she was still a baby, her wealthy father ensured she never wanted for anything. She went to the best of private schools. She was kept safe by imposing bodyguards standing nearby throughout her life. But from the time she was eleven years old and accidentally witnessed her father torturing a man who had failed him in their basement, Kristina never once felt safe. For years after seeing that terrible bloody sight she suffered night terrors, wet the bed, and turned into a pale, withdrawn shadow of the happy little girl she had once been. Her father refused her a therapist, knowing her issues stemmed from his chosen life. He would not take the risk of the authorities getting information from her. While he loved her and hated how afraid she became of him, how with every loud male voice she turned into a cringing fearful child, he was not an affectionate man and knew only how to sternly reprimand what he regarded as cowardice. Eventually he sent her away to live with his sister in California rather than continue to deal with her.

At the age of thirteen, finally out of the immediate circle of deadly crime and harsh consequences, Kristina began to relax. She remained somewhat somber and reflective for her age, remained wary of strangers. But the night terrors regressed to the occasional bad nightmare, and her bed wetting stopped entirely. She was never quite confident, but gained a few friends and an interest in becoming an elementary school teacher. Her grades improved dramatically, and when she graduated high school she went on to college. She knew her father kept a close eye on her, occasionally saw strange men she suspected were her father's men, ensuring his daughter stayed safe. She did what she could to ignore them, digging her head in the sand and trying so hard to pretend she had a normal life.

But things were not going well back home. Her father angered another mafia/cartel, and they put out a hit. Not on him. But on his only daughter. Not just any hit either - but the promise that her death would be slow and painful and humiliating, and her head delivered to her father in a box afterwards. This was not to by a sniped shot to the head, this was to be up close and personal, a taunt to the father that could not protect his daughter.

And so they sent him - your character. A killer who likes to get up close and personal with his victims, to toy with them.

What I want: Stockholm syndrome on her part. Whether he kidnaps her or pretends to be her boyfriend, I want him to be gentle with her most of the time, cruel when it comes to sex. Loving and affectionate one moment, unutterably vicious the next. A mind fuck of mind blowing proportions. And in the end...he may or may not decide to kill her. Your choice. But before it ends I want her so in love with him that if he tells her he will kill her and take off her head, she will bow her neck to make it easier for him.
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