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Author Topic: Do you need a devil or an angel? (F for romantic, adventurous, dominant M)  (Read 547 times)

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter

Hello and thank you for taking time to read my request.

I am searching for M roleplayers that love adventure and romance., a good story and of course some smut. I am searching for strong, more Dominant characters. I like to build up tension, I like drama in a story. This can be more romantic and cliche, an office romance, modern or past, it can be in other cultures. At the moment I can take about 2-3 new roleplays.  I  of course have some of my own ideas, but I love to hear your ideas too! So if you search for a roleplaypartner to play one of your own ideas, don't be shy, send me an PM. I am more comfortable with playing human, or at least human-like creatures. I do play elves, feline or Mau, superheroine or some of that sort.

The Scenario-Ideas

Captain and Princess(romance, adventure, jealousy, drama,possible BDSM)
I play a princess on a royal ship heading back home together with my father the king and royal guards. As soon as we will arrive home I will have to marry a man I've never met in my life. The purpose of the trip was to pick up a very expensive exotic necklace for my wedding day. This necklace is on board. I know that this is my destiny to marry a man and be the next queen but I feel deep inside trapped, bound. Your character is a very famous pirate's captain. He by coincedence finds out that this royal ship is traveling alone and enters the ship. At that point I am hiding somewhere and so is my father...

The main idea here is that I will be taken hostage, I will have to work for you and slowly there will be somethig like a romance between us. First it is only lust, sex...but there will be soon feelings too. Only that nobody can know about it because we both hide a terrible secret.

Two pirates(adventure,drama,jealousy,romance,,possible BDSM)
Your character is a famous pirate captain, Mine is as famous as yours. They have never met, they successfully avoided eachother untill now. They both sail around the seven seas, raiding and killing. Your character is more known for leaving a trail of death, mine is known for being very quick and silent in her attacks. One day they are searching fo the same treasure on an island and meet eachother the first time. There is immediatly a sexual tension, both are very sensual and handsome, but both are also eachothers enemies.

The thing about this story is that they also have of course their secrets, they will fight eachother in the beginning and try to trick eachother out but the more times they meet, the more in love they fall. Untill they start a secret relationship. The end would be that they sail the world together as a pirate-couple...we could fit in some jealousy,bondage, drama,adventure...

Beauty and the beast( romance, drama,possible fury, possible BDSM)

This is based on the beauty and the beast fairy tale. A greedy rich young man is put under a spell by a witch, he turns into either a very ugly man or really a monster. He has to find real love before he turns back into the handsome young man. He lives very secluded in a castle. One day a beautiful girl crosses his way(how we can discuss) and he takes her as a hostage, she has to stay in his casle with him. She in the beginning is afraid of him, he is rude and unfriendly. But because of her soft and sweet character, he melts down bit by bit untill he is in love with her, now will she return the love, will she give him the kiss that sets him free?

Here there is a lot of room for discussion, furry or not, BDSM or not, more like the original story or more modern, just talk to me if interested

Teaching me,teaching you(modern,romance,BDSM, age-play,drama
I would love to play an older teacher, between 35-40 that has been a submissive in the past. She is single and hot. Your character is a young student, barely 18,gathering experience as a Dom and he hits on his teacher. There is a long time where there will be tension to build up and she is in class quite dominant. But as soon ad they sleep with eachother he notices that she changes, that she is the total submissive.

The angel of the devil(Hard BDSM,dark, romance, supernatural, drama)
Here I am searching for a strong male to play the devil. The devil feels lonely, he is sick and tired of being alone, So he searches in the human world and finds an innocent, hard working girl. Of course he can not just show up and take her away, there are rules he is bound by. She has to die in some way and than they could be together. So he starts showing up in her dreams, he starts to torture her, very much, to the point where he has BDSM sex with her in her dreams. The girl starts slipping away in life, she loses her job because she can not sleep anymore, everybody thinks she is going crazy, she goes to a mental institution and finally commits suicide...only to arrive in hell after death. Now the devil takes her in his power and in the beginning she despises him, But slowly they fall in love and she becomes the demon on his side, she is submissive to him but dominant to all other creatures in hell.

Ok, like you see, I am open for a lot of different ideas and genres. I can play only vanilla or BDSM, I can play MxF or also FxF. Please just PM if you have any cravings that need to be fulfilled and let us spin a tale together.

Some things you should know about me
- I live in Germany, another time zone and language than most of you. That means I am fluent in English but not perfect and I post on mostly different times than you guys. If this is a problem, please don't contact me.
- I am naturally a submissive, I am in real life in a D/s relationship. I can play the uppity and kind of dominant woman, but it will always end in me being submissive. I thus like strong, Dominant charries for your Character.
- I can post normally every day but real life does happen and I normally post the most of my stuff in my evening, that means for the ones in the US in the afternoon. During my day it is sometimes possible to do shorter posts or answer my PM's, so please don't be offended if you see me being online and active and your roleplay is not answered. I like to take my time for a good roleplay and this is most of the days only possible in the evening.
- I write at least 2 paragraphs and tend to mirror my roleplaypartner with length. I can write 8-10 paragraphs if you give me enough to work with. I love literate writers that include their charries thoughts and feelings in their writings. I love detailed posts.
- My O/O's are very simple: I don't do scat,gore,vore,golden shower,needleplay or scarring of the body.,Incest, milking, diaperplay, footfetish or drinking sperm. All the other stuff that is extreme we have to discuss. My likes? maybe guessed already, I am into BDSM, my favorite kinks are forced orgasms, orgasm denial, gags, vibrator/clit stimulator-use, bondage of any kind,giving and receiving oral sex and receiving flogging. I do love vanilla too, sensual and slow vanillasex can be very statisfying, so don't be afraid if you are not into BDSM. I did a lot of roleplays with just vanilla, that is absolutly fine for me.


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