Wanted: Female Adventuress! (Pathfinder) (And other ideas!)

Started by PhantomPistoleer, June 07, 2015, 05:56:37 PM

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I'm looking for a female adventuress to go on a Pathfinder adventure.  I would like to GM it.  Though I'm interested in also playing a male NPC that accompanies the female adventuress, the character is designed to be the adventuress's sex buddy/best friend, and not the romantic interest.  I would prefer for the adventuress to enjoy:

  • Group Sex
  • Public Sex
  • Non-Con Sex
  • Exotic Sex
  • Sex with Strangers

Though this may sound smutty or what have you, the sexual escapades will tend to be prepositional.

Example:  "After Berwyn refreshed herself heartily by bouncing merrily on Brennan's cock for nearly an hour, the two decided to get their adventure underway."  Or, "Berwyn couldn't concentrate on the task at hand, and asked Brennan to nibble on her pussy.  In the midst of her orgasm, an idea suddenly came to her."  Or, "Berwyn was new in town, and decided to became familiar with the locals.  She got to know the butcher, hatmaker, and an asparagus farmer.  She really liked getting to know the asparagus farmer."

Sometimes, the situations will be in a smutty environment, but the focus will be on something else.

Example:  "Naked bodies lingered everywhere, thrusting, penetrating, moaning.  Everywhere in the room, masked individuals congregated carnally with one another, the men sometimes taking the women in groups.  Berwyn was in the midsts of being used by two men when she noticed Karnak, the man she was looking for, pounding away at an elven maiden.  The tattoo on his stomach was familiar to her.  She smiled inwardly, and kept track of Karnak while the man between her legs finished and spilled his load within her."

Please see a sample of the sort of female character that I'm interested in:

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The character would be a bounty huntress.  The stories would center around her bounty hunting.

Please PM me if interested.  :)
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The War of Thieves
A Marvel Superhero Game

The former X-Man known as Gambit and the notorious cat burglar Felicia Hardy are working together to acquire the priceless portrait of Dr. Doom from a dangerous mafia crime boss.  But they are not the only ones looking for a quick score.  An assortment of Marvel heroes and villains will be on the scene, including the Thieves Guild, the Sinister Six and Black Cat's former flame, the Amazing Spider-Man!

Though we will be using the Marvel Universe as a template, the universe is adulterated to suit our needs.  In this game, the protagonists are both in a business and sexual relationship, and they have been for quite some time.  The relationship isn't monogamous and it doesn't adhere to our social norms, but it is acceptable within the skewed adult Marvel world.

Though the game is free-form, I should like to create a set parameter for the characters using Mutants and Masterminds 2E to define what the characters can and can't do.  On the front side, this won't be noticeable and you really won't have to do anything to 'create' a character stat block.

Potential female candidate should be open to the following:  group play, voyeurism, S&M and forced penetration (it would be fun for Black Cat to get caught by the authorities... or bad guys!).  Though I'm looking for only one female, I would be very happy if candidates were willing to play with an additional female for FFM situations.  Potential third wheels could be one of the following:  Mystique!  Domino!  Tarantula!  Black Widow!  Or any other female street-level heroine or villainess.  I suppose I should also mention that there is an OVERT expectation that there will be indiscreet hanky panky.  I imagine that the opening scene will consist of the Black Cat and Gambit having sex on a rooftop as they scout one of the mafia boss' henchmen.  The gameplay should insist upon the idea that, while the two thieves are very focused, they can't keep their hands off of each other.  Our heroes are over-worked, under-slept, over-sexed and ready for more.

I don't think I'm missing anything.  If you have any questions, I should be very happy to answer them.  Thanks!
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