Some ideas that could use some suggestions. Please

Started by seeker619, June 03, 2015, 06:30:27 PM

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The one role play I'm positive about is that I want to play a James Bond spy vs spy roleplay.  We could be placed as partners or somehow you get to know me hoping to seduce me in order to get some secrets.  Which some you may get.

However I discover you plot to kill me an I get to you first and train you in proper behavior.  Could involve BDSM or just training in general.

OK the two I'm unsure about

One would involve a guy who loves this girl who he thinks likes her too but he has to push her away and make her hate him for some reason.  Perhaps knowing him can be dangerous.  My parents may be connected and have everyone screened after meeting me.  It may not be a pleasant process.  What I'm looking for is what it could be and if anyone would want to play the woman.

She may be insulted by me, demeaned, and spoken down to all because I have to.  Eventually some event would take place and she would find out on her own his reasons for his behavior toward her a how he really feels about her.

Just looking for some ideas

OK another would involve a young girl who grows and throughout her young life as she is now 19  or so she has sworn to herself that she has seen one man in particular whenever her life became in danger.  He always disappeared without saying anything.  Perhaps he was in his early twenties when he started watching her and now he is in his early thirties so it would be some age play or a stretch.

What I need is who this guy is and why he is following her.  Maybe an angel?  Why is she so important?  How does she find his true feelings and reasons?

Please pm me if any interest you or you just have some ideas.