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Author Topic: Slytherin Doctor's Ideas M/M  (Read 412 times)

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Slytherin Doctor's Ideas M/M
« on: June 03, 2015, 08:04:06 AM »
I am currently NOT looking for sex based rps. I am currently looking for story based rps.

Generally what I look for in a partner is several things: a willingness to write more then one line, probably at least two-three paragraphs at min, a certain decisiveness in their posting (that is, they know what they want, and they don't beat around the bush to write it), and an open honesty about them. That is, if they are losing interest in the story, they tell me why and we work it out without them poofing for quite awhile, perhaps enhancing the story in the long run. I've had stories in which people have told me they were losing interest and we ended up shifting gears or advancing time or what have you and it enhanced the story.

And I do mean open honesty. This is something very few people I have ever encountered in rp have ever actually done. They end up trying to be polite rather then honest. If I'm not posting and you want me to, tell me. If I'm doing something you don't like in the story, tell me. If my posts are too long or too short, tell me. If you're losing interest, tell me. If I'm annoying you in some way, tell me. And I'll do the same with you. I always prefer honesty over politeness. If you're holding back from telling me something because you're trying to be polite, don't hold back. Tell me. Because I want to know exactly what's going on. Because not knowing what the other person is doing or thinking and having them not answer you back just does not make for a fun time.

I most definitely expect a modicum of writing skill. Post length is not necessarily what I'm looking for, although it can be a good indicator. What I'm looking for is more then just a bare bones summary of things that happened. I'm looking for details: think why and how questions. Why is he feeling the way he's feeling? Why is he doing what he's doing? How is he doing it? Fill these things out. The what, when, and where questions are only the bare bones skeleton of a thing. The why and how are the real meat. If you find yourself posting a couple of sentences or a couple of paragraphs with just a summary of things that happened, you probably aren't describing enough. Post length comes in time when you start to answer those why and how questions instead of just those what, when, and where questions. If you don't know how to write the why and how questions, I'm just not going to be interested.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people ignoring me. If I send you a PM and you don't answer me, I will assume you aren't interested in writing with me. I don't mean taking a long time on writing a reply. I do that all the time. I mean if I'm trying to communicate with you and you just don't say anything back to me. That's a huge turn off.

I'm usually more of a story driven person, at least when it comes to sexual rps. Sex is great, sure, but the rp has to have something more going for it. Something that's interesting to write about where we start from a point A and the characters are different by the time we get to that point B. They've had character development or we've developed a unique history that's been interesting and compelling to write.

I will also say that I generally prefer to write with another male writer. I will most definitely play with a female writer, though, I've had quite a few amazing stories with women in the past. I just generally find that women are not so great at writing men. They often have a hard time understanding what men are like and think that playing a gay guy is a "get out of playing a guy free card." I've had this happen time and time again where female writers play a girl with a dick and not an actual guy. I've never had this happen to me with other male writers. However, if you can play a male effectively, I have no problem. What matters to me is how effective you are at writing a male character, your gender does not matter to me in that regard. If you can, then let's do it. If you can't, probably not going to enjoy it.

Also, as the title implies, I play M/M only. I'm just not attracted to women. I also tend to be the more dominant type in the game, although I do occasionally enjoy playing a submissive guy if the submissive guy is the top.

Specific Ideas:

OC/OC (can be set in any school environment like a RL High School or Hogwarts or Xavier's School): Two teenagers who have been bros with each other since they were kids now find themselves attracted to each other. The story is about them finding this out about each other and exploring each other's bodies in a sexual/romantic way after having been friends with each other for so long and how that change in relationship affects them.

Teacher/Student: In a high school (can be any high school age setting like a normal high school or a more magical one like Hogwarts), students are regularly cycled to go through a week(+) completely naked. During this week (depending on whether the student is a "problem" student or not, this week can be extended to a month, a semester, or even a whole year), the student has absolutely no rights whatsoever. Anyone in the school can do anything they like to the student as long as there is no permanent damage and they don't die. MC is a teacher who has marked a particularly attractive male student for this program and has slightly abused the system to make his mandatory nude time out to be way longer then expected. He then proceeds to enslave the student, making sure everyone knows that he belongs to him.

Zac Efron/Sprouse Twins (can be a variation on celebrities, but this is the base I thought of): Zac Efron enslaves the Sprouse Twins on the set of some show or other. They now show up naked and collared to sets and this is the norm. There is scandal about it for the Twins, it ruins their careers, but Efron gets away with it because everyone loves him. The only way the Twins can ever get a job is if Efron is involved in the project with them and fucks them during the show/movie at least once.

Game of Thrones: Loras/Tommen (Tommen can, of course, be a little older): In which Margaery finds out that Tommen is actually attracted to guys and Loras specifically, not her. She and the Queen of Thorns herself conspire to force Loras to seduce Tommen and ultimately steal Tommen away to Highgarden, after he becomes king, of course. I'm a huge fan of the Tyrells in general and Loras is hot. So there's that. Margaery, Olenna Tyrell (Queen of Thorns), Cersei, Jamie, and any other characters will be NPCs we can play in posts.

MCU: Captain America/Falcon: Captain America is a man completely out of time. He is a product of the 40s when being gay was not quite so acceptable. Now he finds a much more accepting society in the 21st century towards homosexuality and it scares him because he knows he is gay himself. It scares Steve to think that he is gay when he believed it was wrong to be gay and tried to ignore it, tried to find a girlfriend. But his new friend, Sam Wilson, suspects Steve may be gay and tries to coax it out of him, trying to get him to work through it and trust him. Based more so on the Marvel Cinematic Universe then the comics. I know virtually nothing about comics, but I'm a huge fan of the MCU. Also Cap is my favorite Avenger. So there's that.

Avatar: TLA: OC/OC: Two people from different worlds, preferably one of them being a fire bender (possibly a deserter?), meet on the road and fall in love despite the fire benders being the enemy. They travel together, fight together, and eventually want to settle down together in somewhere as safe as possible. Possibly Ba Sing Se. I really like that city actually. I've always been a fan of the "city of adventure" trope and Ba Sing Se is great for that.

Canon Pairings I usually like:

Harry Potter:
Any combination of Harry, Draco, Ron, and/or Fred and George
Percy/Fred and George


Dragon Age:
Any combination of Warden, Alistair, and/or Zevran

Star Trek (especially DS9):

Less defined ideas:

A rape fantasy involving a boy next door or all american type.

Two cousins in a very conservative anti-gay Christian family fall in love together under their parents' and grandparents' notice. Can be most any relative but not brothers or from different generations (like father and son).

Something related to Battlestar Galactica (unsure about pairing).

"City of adventure" type settings. Especially if it's a fantasy city, but not necessarily. What do I mean by this? Well it is a large, seemingly endless city, that is full of interesting things going on and interesting people. You could run into a whole new "adventure" around the corner. It's like a romanticization of the city setting. It can be anything from New York or or London to fantasy cities like Ba Sing Se, Republic City, Fallen London, Rabanastre, or Coruscant, which is an entire planet that is entirely a city. It can even be a space station city like Deep Space Nine. It could be a sky city, as well, like Bhujerba or Cloud City.

That's all for now. Send me a pm if interested.
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Re: Slytherin Doctor's Ideas M/M
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2015, 06:30:19 AM »
Updated with more ideas.

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Re: Slytherin Doctor's Ideas M/M
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2015, 12:44:15 AM »
Bumped with more content. Well over a week since I first posted. Possibly looking for new stories.