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April 24, 2017, 06:27:37 AM

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Author Topic: Sassy's brains rattling and now has a list of ideas (Seeking M Characters)  (Read 2216 times)

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So I am just going to jump straight to the ideas that are currently floating about my head, since I'm sure you will read my O/O's and look at my posts etc etc.   They are all pretty basic ideas, some with no details at all, to allow discussions, plotting, scheming,  to create something we will both enjoy.

Theme Idea - The Billionaire
He's super rich, always surrounded by beautiful women etc, but he feels empty.   Half the women he's photographed with he's never slept with and the other half are just interested in his money and social stature.  Then he bumps into my MC and it becomes pretty apparent right away she has no clue who he is.  Intrigued he pursues her, since she sees him and not his money and stature.  She's definitely your average girl, makes enough to pay her bills with very little for luxuries etc.    I kinda see him being use to getting what he wants, he's dominate, protective etc, but I see her standing up to him, fighting him, in the driving him crazy sense that she's won't accept his help financially etc.

Theme Idea -Marriage of convenience
I have a couple of ideas for this one.  He's a millionaire  and for whatever reason he needs to find a wife, so he 'hires' someone for a fixed period to be his wife, the future divorce date in the contract.  The other idea is he's a millionaire but already married, they are just no longer together.  They got married while at college, drifted apart before he made his fortune and now he needs his wife for whatever reason.   (Would consider twisting this plot where she's now rich and has to track down her husband for whatever reason)

Theme Idea - Encounters
My character is sitting in a restaurant on her own because the person she was meant to have dinner with doesn't turn up, be it a date, her husband etc.  Your character sees her, why he's there is up to you, and decides to join her because she looks so sad.  They have a pleasant dinner together, but that's as far as it goes, afterwards they go their separate ways.  However they don't forget those wonderful couple of hours together.    A few months/year later they bump into each other again, again they spend a few hours together and part ways.  I don't want this to be a cheating on their spouses story.   Their personal circumstances will prevent them from taking things further, but with each encounter I want them to grow closer until eventually both their circumstances allow for them to eventually be intimate.

Theme Idea - Amnesia
Waking up in hospital with no idea of why she's there, who she is.   Who comes to claim her in the hospital?  Her husband and kids, her boyfriend, her boss?  She needs to learn to live her life, but is it the life she led before? 

Theme Idea - Unexpected
MC has agreed to be auctioned for a charity event.  The person who wins the bidding for this date is someone unexpected.  Think opposites attract, so he could be geeky and she's not expecting to enjoy the date.   Or maybe he has a bad boy reputation and he turns out to be very sweet and caring.  It's about preconceived notions about someone and finding out there is more beneath the surface. 

Theme Idea - Something Different
MC wakes up and doesn't know where she is.   She's somehow ended up in a different century/timeline/world.  With no obvious way of returning she has to learn to adapt to her new surroundings/culture etc.  This is a little different for me, but could be fun to step out of my modern comfort zone.   

Theme Idea - Faking It
One character is dared to date/bed the other character.  Of course it starts out that way, but soon they start to like the other person.  And how will the convince the other their feelings are genuine once the details of the dare are revealed?

Theme Idea - She believed no one could love her
MC believes she will never find love because her mom/co workers/ex have had some mean things to say about her being curvy.  She exercises on a regularly, she diets, but she just can't seem to shift those few extra pounds she's carrying.  YC, however thinks she's the sexiest thing he's ever seen and wants her.  He is someone she'd never expect to show any interest in her, so he has to convince her to go out with him, that he does find her sexy, make her feel sexy etc, but I'd like him to have a flaw too, whether it's a scar he can hide beneath his clothes, or an insecurity, something to prove he isn't perfect but she can see past it. 

Theme Idea - the Boss
A slight twist on the secretary falling in love with the boss.  How about the boss is lusting after his secretary.  Nothing's happened, he keeps it hidden from her because 1) he doesn't date employees and she's a dam good assistant and 2) when she first started working for him she was in a relationship.  He's hidden his feelings from her by being a bit of an ass, but gets a kick out of her smart mouth retorts and the fact she doesn't take his nonsense laying down and stands up to him.  Basically she's driving him crazy in all ways.  Then he finds out she's no longer in a relationship.  Is he willing to break his number 1 rule to pursue her? 


Picture Prompts - I don't normally post pictures, but sometimes a picture screams out it needs a story, if you are inspired lets talk.

Relationship Dynamics -NSFW

It's more the story than the smutty stuff that is calling out to me.

Wedding Day?

I get the feeling she's been jilted before she gets to the alter.


Themes that I would play over and over again! 

Theme Idea - Best Friends

Theme Idea - Older Brother's Friend

Theme Idea - The Boss

Theme Idea - Man in Uniform 

Theme Idea - Reunited


Of course if you have any ideas you think I might like instead let me know. :)

If an idea is marked under discussion and you like the idea, PM me your ideas for it, I could be persuaded to run more than one version of an idea.
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A couple more ideas

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Somebody's rattled my brain cells again

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Another idea popped into my head and won't go away!

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The muse has been busy!

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A few new ideas. 

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I tried to ignore it, but the muse has been rattled! 

Some new ideas added, some deleted and couple of pictures that have been calling out to me, but I can't settle on a story for them.