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January 18, 2019, 10:56:22 AM

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Author Topic: The brains rattling and now has a list of ideas (Seeking mostly M Characters)  (Read 2827 times)

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So I am just going to jump straight to the ideas that are currently floating about my head, since I'm sure you will read my O/O's and look at my posts etc etc.   They are all pretty basic ideas, to allow discussions, plotting, scheming,  to create something we will both enjoy, they are also my opening thoughts, doesn't mean the story has to end after the initial idea is done.   

Theme Idea - Royal Romance
The setting is up for discussion be it modern or fantasy, but the idea is she's your average woman who is sponsored by a 'noble' family who don't have a daughter, to attend court in the hopes of landing the Prince.  For the noble family they could be 'broke' and are doing this to gain stature before the truth of their financial status is revealed.  Her reasons for doing it could be as simple as going on an adventure.  Everyone will know she's not 'Royal' but that's all part of the challenge, she has to impress them all.  Of course she will win the Prince over, during all the formal events since she's not like all the other women competing for his attention, but she also gains favour by treating him like a regular person, helps him sneak out of the palace to enjoy something as simple as a donut for example.  Now here's the twist....She also gains the attention of the Royal Guard, The Princes's best friend, someone who might not think she will survive 'court', that she doesn't initially get along with and they do a little verbal sparing that turns into fun for both of them....No she will not have sex with both of them, that's not to say there will be no flirting etc with either men, but the whole story will revolve around who she does end up with.   One is her true love, the other becomes a close friend.

Also willing to do standard Royal meets Civilian, they fall in love before the royals true identity is revealed, and how they go about continuing their relationship and how the civilian deals with royal life. 

Theme Idea - The Dating Game
My character is a journalist, whether for a college paper, or an online magazine.  Generally she writes the fashion/gossip pieces.  She is giving a new challenge.  She has to write a weekly piece, or a blog, about dating and dating different types of men.  Some of the dates wont go well, others are fun etc, but at some point during this exercise she will meet someone who makes things difficult for her.  Whether its an old friend she runs into and she has to juggle old emotions or if its someone she meets through the exercise and it becomes more difficult for her to finish the job.  She wont sleep with every guy she goes on dates with, obviously some will be disasters from the very start, but that's not to say there wont be the odd one night stand along the way, but there will be lots of flirting and maybe a few almost, but not quiet encounters. 

Theme Idea - The Billionaire
He's super rich, always surrounded by beautiful women etc, but he feels empty.   Half the women he's photographed with he's never slept with and the other half are just interested in his money and social stature.  Then he bumps into my MC and it becomes pretty apparent right away she has no clue who he is.  Intrigued he pursues her, since she sees him and not his money and stature.  She's definitely your average girl, makes enough to pay her bills with very little for luxuries etc.    I kinda see him being use to getting what he wants, he's dominate, protective etc, but I see her standing up to him, fighting him, in the driving him crazy sense that she's won't accept his help financially etc, but also in the way that makes him want her even more. 

Theme Idea - Seduction
Out with her friends one night MC is seduced by an older man.  Starts off innocently enough with the two of them noticing each other, exchanging looks, and then spend an amazing night together.  In the morning they part ways not expecting to see each other again.  Perhaps she ends up pregnant and he decides to do the right thing and take care of her.  Or he can't get her out of his mind so he tracks her down and woos her for something more long term.

Theme Idea -Marriage of convenience
I have a couple of ideas for this one.  He's a millionaire  and for whatever reason he needs to find a wife, so he 'hires' someone for a fixed period to be his wife, the future divorce date in the contract.  The other idea is he's a millionaire but already married, they are just no longer together.  They got married while at college, drifted apart before he made his fortune and now he needs his wife for whatever reason.   (Would consider twisting this plot where she's now rich and has to track down her husband for whatever reason)

Theme Idea - Encounters
My character is sitting in a restaurant on her own because the person she was meant to have dinner with doesn't turn up, be it a date, her husband etc.  Your character sees her, why he's there is up to you, and decides to join her because she looks so sad.  They have a pleasant dinner together, but that's as far as it goes, afterwards they go their separate ways.  However they don't forget those wonderful couple of hours together.    A few months/year later they bump into each other again, again they spend a few hours together and part ways.  I don't want this to be a cheating on their spouses story.   Their personal circumstances will prevent them from taking things further, but with each encounter I want them to grow closer until eventually both their circumstances allow for them to eventually be intimate.

Theme Idea - Amnesia
Waking up in hospital with no idea of why she's there, who she is.   Who comes to claim her?  Her husband and kids, her boyfriend, her boss?  She needs to learn to live her life, but is it the life she led before?   Willing to play this the alternative role where he wakes up with amnesia. 

Theme Idea - Unexpected
MC has agreed to be auctioned for a charity event.  The person who wins the bidding for this date is someone unexpected.  Think opposites attract, so he could be geeky and she's not expecting to enjoy the date.   Or maybe he has a bad boy reputation and he turns out to be very sweet and caring.  It's about preconceived notions about someone and finding out there is more beneath the surface. 

Theme Idea - Faking It
One character is dared to date/bed the other character.  Of course it starts out that way, but soon they start to like the other person.  And how will the convince the other their feelings are genuine once the details of the dare are revealed?

Theme Idea - She believed no one could love her
MC believes she will never find love because her mom/co workers/ex have had some mean things to say about her being curvy.  She exercises on a regularly, she diets, but she just can't seem to shift those few extra pounds she's carrying.  YC, however thinks she's the sexiest thing he's ever seen and wants her.  He is someone she'd never expect to show any interest in her, so he has to convince her to go out with him, that he does find her sexy, make her feel sexy etc, but I'd like him to have a flaw too, whether it's a scar he can hide beneath his clothes, or an insecurity, something to prove he isn't perfect but she can see past it. 

Theme Idea - the Boss
A slight twist on the secretary falling in love with the boss.  How about the boss is lusting after his secretary.  Nothing's happened, he keeps it hidden from her because 1) he doesn't date employees and she's a dam good assistant and 2) when she first started working for him she was in a relationship.  He's hidden his feelings from her by being a bit of an ass, but gets a kick out of her smart mouth retorts and the fact she doesn't take his nonsense laying down and stands up to him.  Basically she's driving him crazy in all ways.  Then he finds out she's no longer in a relationship.  Is he willing to break his number 1 rule to pursue her? 

Theme Idea - It’s too soon
Her husband passes away in a tragic accident/killed in action, whatever, and shortly there after she finds out she’s pregnant.   In my head I see a heavily pregnant woman so I’m guessing it’s about 7/8 months later when she meets your guy.  Who he is, what he does etc is up to you, but I’m thinking although she’s about to pop, he kinda likes her.  Over the next few weeks they get to know each other a little, platonically, and for whatever reason he’s the one that ends up taking her to the hospital and ends up in the delivery room with her.  Obviously this is a bit awkward if they are relatively strangers to each other.  But he will know about her husband, and after the birth of the baby he kinda sticks around.  He helps out where he can they kinda build a relationship over the weeks/months that follow.   Obviously the drama will be she’s pregnant, people think she’s moved on too quickly even though they are only friends at this point after the baby is born.   Their relationship is a slow build, but I think it could be kinda fun to write, he’s not the baby’s father but he kinda feels as if he is since he’s been by her side.  And how they go about “dating” once they do get to that stage and all the awkwardness of having a baby to take with them etc. 


Writing Prompts -  Something a little different from me, but I'm putting it out there to see if it tickles anyone's interest and yes this one I want to write the male character!  If it interests you send me your Intro and we can see if we can hash out something:   
My Intro
He hated being late.  Christopher Daniels pulled open the door to the bar that he had agreed to meet ***** in, glancing at his watch at the same time.   Ten minutes late to be precise.  Running his fingers through his damp black hair, he walked in and paused to look around for his date.  Crystal blue eyes scanned the room, except instead of finding the woman he was looking for, his eyes were drawn to all the brightly coloured furnishings.  Well could it be called furnishings since most of the seats looked like they belonged on the rides of a carnival  Well this was different.  Giving him the impression that **** was a little quirky.  He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, quirky could go either way.  He looked around the room again, searching for the face he had been looking at in the little profile picture for the last week or so, but didn’t see her anywhere.  He glanced at his watch again, had she given up on him already?    With a sigh he walked over to the bar, got himself a whisky and then sat in one of the booths .

It was Sarah’s fault he was late in the first place.  His sister was meant to have come over around dinner time to watch the kids, except he’d been putting the twins in the bath when she had finally turned up.  Sarah was a bit of a whirlwind, breezing in with "Sorry I know I’m late, I got caught up at work."  Nudging him out of the way she’d hunkered down beside the bathtub, reaching out to tickle the two little girls who were already splashing about in the bath, with delight.  She looked up at him with eyes much the same colour as his own "Shoo, go get ready, I’ve got this."  Fifteen minutes later he had emerged from his bedroom, showered and wearing a pair of Levis, a white shirt, a grey blazer and brown lace up shoes.  "Co-ordinated, the belt goes with the shoes." Sarah had teased him from the doorway of the bathroom, as the girls ran across the hall with their hooded towels wrapped around them. 

"I’m not sure about this." He said, not about his outfit but the whole dating thing.  He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this yet.  It had been Sarah who had talked him into signing up for the dating website, he’d been under the influence of a few too many beers that night, when she had pulled out his laptop and sat with him setting up the profile.  He hadn’t been expecting much from it, and in truth over the last few weeks he’d been on the site, he’d exchanged some messages with three women, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted more than that, until ***** suggested they meet face to face.   

"It’s been nearly three years Chris, go meet the woman, have a few drinks.   It will do you some good to get out and be yourself, rather than being dad."  Sarah gave him an encouraging smile.

And that was how he now found himself sitting in a carnival themed bar, wondering if his tardiness had resulted in his date leaving already, or if he was being stood up.  He glanced at his phone, lying on the table beside his glass.  They should have exchanged numbers, he could have at least then told her he was running late.  Looking at his watch again, he decided to wait until he finished his drink and if she hadn’t shown up by then, he’d head home.    Dating had never been this complicated before, had it?  His fingers went through his hair again, he never thought at thirty eight he’d be a widow, father of three and trying to get back in the dating game. 

The front door banging, drew his attention, and he looked round as a woman stumbled in with the wind and rain blowing in with her.  A slight smiled tugged at his lips as he recognised her from her profile picture.  It was a smile of relief he hadn’t been stood up, as he wasn’t sure he could enduring admitting that to anyone.  His smile turned to amusement as he watched her tug down the hem of her little black dress and fingered her hair into some semblance of order.   As she approached, he slid from the booth, pocketing his phone as he did so, and stood, all six foot four of him, as she gave him an awkward smile and a wave.  Maybe she was as nervous as he was about this date, she’d come across as confident and bold over the few messages they had exchanged.  Then again it might have just been the confidence of being hidden behind a screen. 

"Hello ******."  He greeted her with a warm smile.  "It’s nice to finally meet you.  What can I get you to drink?" he asked, lightly touching her elbow as he held out his hand in a gesture for her to take a seat.   Something was telling him that she need a drink to settle her nerves as much as he did, and maybe she’d then let go of the hem of her dress.    It was a lovely dress, it moulded to her figure perfectly, from what he could see of it from beneath the jacket she wore.  Not that he stared, he kept his eyes focused on hers, as he didn’t want to come across as a letch.  Sarah complained about letches all the time, he definitely wasn't one of those.

Picture Prompts - I don't normally post pictures, but sometimes a picture screams out it needs a story, if you are inspired lets talk.

Wedding Day?

Cowboy Romance?


Themes that I would play over and over again! 

Theme Idea - Best Friends

Theme Idea - Older Brother's Friend

Theme Idea - The Boss

Theme Idea - Man in Uniform 

Theme Idea - Doctor/Nurse - possibly Doctor/Patient

Theme Idea - Reunited


Of course if you have any ideas you think I might like instead let me know. :)

If an idea is marked under discussion and you like the idea, PM me your ideas for it, I could be persuaded to run more than one version of an idea.
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A couple more ideas

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Another idea popped into my head and won't go away!

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The muse has been busy!

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A few new ideas. 

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I tried to ignore it, but the muse has been rattled! 

Some new ideas added, some deleted and couple of pictures that have been calling out to me, but I can't settle on a story for them. 

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I’ve had a few ideas and have updated this thread but not bumped it at any point last year. 

To be honest I’m going to be very selective about taking on another story, so you need to really convince me why we need to write together, and woo me with your ideas, because I am going to be hard to get.   ;)