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Author Topic: Video Game Themed Role Plays (M for F: Various plots)  (Read 209 times)

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Video Game Themed Role Plays (M for F: Various plots)
« on: June 01, 2015, 05:42:32 AM »
Welcome to my other little corner of the world, I hope you find something you like, something that makes you smile or something that piques your curiosity. As a general rule, please have good knowledge of the games as it will come in handy.

My ONs and OFFs can be found here :

My non video game plots can be found here:

Now, onto the plots!

The Clan Moonglow Final Fantasy Tactics: Grimoires of The Rift

The pub was full that night and Storm sat at the large oak table at the back of the room, a single candle burning dimly at his table while he poured over a map and sipped his ale frequently. His green cat eyes glowed in the candles flicker as he he held the handle of the broad sword sheathed at his waist, the memories of his Clans last quest burning his mind and heart. They had taken a routine contract: Find several Werewolves and kill them but it had been a trap. The Clan Moonglow once boasted 20 members, now it was done to one. Clan Moonglows name was now no more and Storm needed to begin re-earning the status they once had and perhaps the attractive, tough looking woman who also sat alone at the next table could help travel the world of Ivalice and gain the status back.

Pok√©mon  Taken

When Giovanni ran for President no one voted for him yet he still won and before any one could cry fowl, the other candidates were murdered and that's when Kanto fell into the fist of Giovanni. Team Rocket took over fully, they are the government, the police force and control the gyms all across Kanto. My character wants to leave and head to Johto or Hoenn but can't do so unless he has all eight badges and beats the Elite four, your character has the same idea and they leave from Pallet town together. Team Rocket hunts them every step of the way for your character is the great granddaughter of Professor Oak and knows the secret of where the most powerful Pokemon is hiding away in a deep slumber. Our characters must fight and battle together if they hope to escape this region and find Mew before Giovanni does, but Giovanni has a powerful ally...Mewtwo.

The Original Sin Final Fantasy X

Yuna, Tidus, Sir Auron, Wakka, Lulu, Kimarhi and Rikku. The story of their heroic battle was just that: A story. It was told to comfort children at bed time and could be found on any library shelf. Sin was still very much alive and very real. A young summoner is about to leave on her journey to start her pilgrimage. Her guardians include her sister and her best friend but when she arrives on Besaid isle a young warrior strikes her fancy and after she obtains her first Aeon, they begin talking at the celebration. The next morning the young summoner asks him to be her guardian and he accepts, now it's off to the next temple but there are many hardships and surprises along the way.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

When the dragon attacked, the villagers had been terrified. They fled in all directions, hiding and praying that death would be swift. One man stood and raised a sword to the dragon only to be overpowered and have his heart ripped from his chest and swallowed into the dragon's pit like stomach. He wakes days later, rested and fine...heartless. A vision comes to him, one telling him to seek out a Pawn, a magical humanoid that will aide him in his quest in regaining his heart and stopping the dragon. The Pawn is beautiful and fierce and some nights when camped in the woods, he yearns for her touch but can she feel love or will she only accept his advances because of her duties as a Pawn?

Assassin's Creed

Every brother and sister of the Creed new the big names that established them and had their order feared and respected. Altair had started the change and Ezio had perfected it, but not all of Europe and Asia had their chapters refined. The Assassin's brotherhood in Japan was still new, several members had been recruited but with out a solid leader to give them that much need push to establish themselves in the shadows. When news of this reaches Ezio, he sends a brash British man to lead the Japanese Assassins. He's to train them, lead them and then chose someone to take the reigns when he returns to London. There's a young woman there, quick and lethal but too bent on revenge to focus. He must break her, in more ways than one if he's to mold her into the head position.

Skyrim  Taken

The threat of the dragon's were gone and only a few of the wing beasts remained in the province. They'd swoop in every now and then to feed on cattle and sheep. The Dragonborn of course, always came to the rescue and dispatched them which left him with not time to to verify if dragon sightings were false or valid. The Dragonborn assembles a small team to seek the rumors surrounding the Dwemer fortresses through out the province. His son is chosen to go and so is Ulfric's daughter. They are selected because they can shout and may be able to bring back more answers than any of the other mercenaries for hire. The Dragonborn's son and Ulfric's daughter set out to search every Dwemer ruin ending with the fabled Black Reach where untold horrors lay in wait.


Life has grown stale with Catherine. They had been together for so long and it was just becoming...well not what he was looking for. She kept bringing up marriage and children. She kept badgering him about getting a promotion and buying a house. It was becoming to much for him. Don't get him wrong, he loved her but they just wanted different futures. Days go by as he tries to gather the courage to break it off but one night while at the bar, he's had one too many, next thing he knows, she's there next to him. A bombshell who seems to think he's the sexiest thing on Earth. She's funny, gorgeous and does things in bed Catherine won't. While he tries to hide this from Catherine, he can't seem to pull away from this new woman and with everyday that passes, she finds new ways to lure him in. Her name? Katherine.
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