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search ★. thread : :
If I told you I could give you life, would you leave the boundaries of your mind?
                                    I bet you never even knew, that there’s a universe inside of you. . .


Call me MILK or LAIT! It means the same thing.

This is a romance, very slight dark themed, slice of life thread for female | female OR female male pairings.

I really enjoy role-plays where I have to sit down and actually think about the reply I'm going to make for my partner.
My personal minimum is 4 paragraphs. That's what I'll give you ( usually if I get nothing to work with ) but I usually have this bad habit of writing novels. I hope you'll still have me. What's really important is just being able to work off of what I'm provided. I really prefer plot over smut. mainly because if an RP is smut based I guarantee with me it'll die fairly quickly.

That being said! If we start planning for plots and you don't want to continue? Just let me know. If we start the actual RP and you don't want RP any further? Just let me know. I seem all big and bad, but i'm really not. I don't bite, but somehow everyone seems to get this impression that I'm some intimidating asshole. I'm not I swear.

So now that you've made it past all the rambling up there lets get down to it. What I was preferably looking for was a partner- whatever you are behind your computer screen, male, female jellyfish or a computer with a conscious, I don't mind. The most important thing for me is enjoying what you're writing and reading.


                        █: ★. — 1. “ quality vs. quantity. ”
I have this big thing about quality. I don't care so much for quantity, but I try and stress more for a post be cared for.
Reread, checked, because if I can't understand what you're writing then it's a problem, and I always feel like a jackass for asking someone to change something because I didn't understand what they meant. My biggest issue: Please, please, please Just give me something to work off of and we're good.

                        █: ★. — 2. “ replies. ”
The slower the pace we have the better.
Sometimes, (most of the time) I'm really slow at making replies because it takes me a bit to actually down something down. Other times I'm just not feeling the writing mood so it doesn't work out. So, again the slower the pace we have the better.  You'll definitely get more out of me this way. Or your money back.

                       █: ★. — 3. “ leaving and absence. ”
Just let me know if you're going to be away for a while and I won't feel like a complete jackass when I ask where you were for so long.

p`lots & p`references                         

Yes these plots are directed towards a male persona but in no way should that stop any ladies who find any of them interesting to do a f | f pairing!

Make sure to tell me your ideas too!

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Dark Romance
POISON open taken
      Mafia x Mafia | inspiration: "Poison" - Gin Wigmore

“Ghosts of our memories hover over me
From when I buried your vulnerability.
I tred with an illness you can’t see.
I poisoned you and I’m so sorry.”

"Ambrosio Boliva Vasquez , 67, was fatally shot out side of his Cartagena home on Tuesday night. Witnesses reported three motorcycles came around the corner and Vasquez took a fatal shot to his head."

Dad always said he was going to die the way he killed. Motorcycle murder or killed on spot by some lucky bastard how hated him. And everyone hated him. Lucky him! He got both. You'd think that when the boss dies, his brother or someone else takes over the business. That wasn't the case with my father. I was an only child and he inherited everything over to me. I guess all the times he sat me down to talk about the business was worth it. Why? Well because I was the youngest drug-lord to cause mayhem to the "xxx" Police. Narcotics trafficking between Colombia and Florida was a hard thing to do when you were a woman of the biggest, baddest and busiest gang in the state. You had to earn the respect. That or point a pistol and force it out of them. That was usually the easiest method.

Pressure, policies, point blank.
FLORIDA KILOS open taken
   Bonnie x Clyde Themed | inspiration: Shades of Cool - Lana Del Rey

“It is well, when in difficulties,
to say never a word, neither black nor white.
Speech is silver but silence is golden.”

And here I thought I was good at what I did. But I mean don't get me wrong. I'm pretty amazing at my job too. He was just that big bright light that you couldn't turn away from because you wanted to see so bad.

Y'know, the good ol' professional kleptomaniac. Don't judge- it's a terrible thing to get hooked on. So finding out I wasn't the only person in this god forsaken city that was doing it was almost a relief. Well, he knew his shit better than I did. Not saying I was a complete novice or anything... He just... was more clever about it while still getting that kick. The ins and out, the ropes.

Hell, he even made it look sexy. I think that's what got me. 'Cause what woman doesn't love a sexy man? I mean unless you swing that way... Which in no way is that bad. I liked him, too much though... Way too much. Just in one night of seducing him he got my wallet I got his and I thought I actually loved him but I wouldn't dare let him have the pleasure of hear that.

Great minds thought alike, or at least... We did.
QUEEN open taken
     patient x patient | inspiration: RX Queen - Deftones

Needle. Shoot up. Get High. Escape. Repeat.
Needle. Shoot up. Get High. Escape. Repeat.
Needle. Shoot up. Get High. Escape. Repeat.

While I watch you waste away-
Depression's on the stalk again... again. again. Why? Because the only friend I had is gone. gone. gone. Rehab withdraw, restart. That was the process over a countless amount of times. One night I was on this crazy high... figured it was the day my mom had came over to check on me. Bring me one of those cheesy pamphlets about drug resistance and how the first step to recovery was accepting denial bullshit. Only when she walked in I was half dead. dead. dead on the floor, shivering like I was in Alaska.
I sort of was. But we knew what that meant. Though only this time, she took my as far as the other side of the U.S.A "Rosemarie Women's Rehab." Whatever. It wasn't like they'd be able to change me. The urge was strong, withdrawal was disgusting. I hated every minute of it. it. it.

It smelled like medication, the mindless druggies just like me walking in messy lines to the the counselors trying to understand our problems. It's suffocating But I mean once I got to meet him.. it wasn't all too bad. Shooting up Xanax in the bathroom was the wildest shit we ever did. did. did. He's amazing...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                          open taken
executive figure x secretary | inspiration: Can I  - Alina Baraz & Galimatias
"Remind me how to breathe
by making me breathless.
Don't love me tenderly.
Love me reckless."
"If you love me... Don't let go."
This was not the type of relationship you were supposed to involve yourself in. Not with a man like him. Not with a man of his status. Not with a man of his position. Especially not with the man who's employed you to his very successful company. Other than thinking about ruining his status and my reputation, we couldn't stop ourselves. It started off with innocent 'hello's', to glances, gradually moving to gentle touches unaware at first before realizing how good it felt. Shoulder, arm, hip, thighs & legs...

Before we knew it it was a daily habit to lock his office door and place me on his desk. There was no one else to blame except that son of'a bitch called lust and ourselves. There was no way we could deny each other either. I found myself mesmerized by him.

The deeper we got, that harder it'd be for us to let go...

                                                          open taken
college student x teacher/tutor | inspiration: Fantasy  - Alina Baraz & Galimatias

“And once you've taught him how to hold your throat in one hand and your heart in the other, you will have forgotten every other word, except his name.”

"You're not in love. You're in love with the thought of being in love with me..."

He was the one student that looked at me differently. Not like a boring teacher they couldn't stand. Not even just a random person. He looked at me and his eyes glistened like gold. When I said I'd take a tutoring job over the summer I wasn't expecting 1. that my student came from a rich, prestigious family, and 2. that this tutoring would require me to leave my home and join his family and himself on their private island. It was still beyond me that he'd chosen a simple university like ours...

But that wasn't the point. He was here. I was here and he was obnoxiously attractive like the rest of his family. Foreign feelings I've never felt before. And here I was living there for two months and a half. Nothing was bound to go right.
Not with him.