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May 17, 2022, 05:29:35 am

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Author Topic: ♡ desires ♡  (Read 868 times)

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♡ desires ♡
« on: May 31, 2015, 11:58:20 am »
Please do not post in this thread. If you wish to contact me, please do so via the PM system.

Warning! This thread is undergoing construction! Hard hats must be worn at all times!

Roleplay requests: My roleplay requests are mostly vague ideas at this stage and are certainly open to negotiation. They typically involve multiple characters though not necessarily multiple players.

Side Serving
Disclaimer: These roleplays are wholly fictional! Combining polyamory and D/s can be extremely dangerous!

Most D/s relationships are intensely monogamous, but I'm interesting in exploring a polyamorous twist.

MFF variants:
  • My character discovers that her best friend's boyfriend is a stern dominant. She seeks his approval to begin training her as a submissive, even though she understands she will never displace her friend.
  • My character becomes involved with a man who, despite praising her obedience, is not interested in actually breaking up with his girlfriend in order to be with her.
MMF variants:
  • My character becomes involved with a man who teaches her the joy of submission, and wishes to help her share this joy with his friend.
  • My character's boyfriend recognizes that he cannot fulfill her desires for a D/s relationship, and so introduces his dominant friend to assert that role over the couple.
Naturally, other variants are available, but the main premise of all would be a deviation from the norm of a D/s relationship's intimate monogamy.

"Girl House" cameos
I am currently taking part in a roleplay called Girl House (IC/OOC), for which there is a possibility of players entering in cameo roles. As I am new to E and don't really know anyone yet, I would be interested in seeing whether anyone would be willing to play such a role.

My character is a camgirl, living in a house with several other camgirls. The house is permanently covered by cameras and subscribers can watch every minute of the girls' lives. The girls can invite people to come to the house to be with them, whether boyfriends or someone else they know, or subscribers who've paid for the privilege.

I would be interested in finding someone to play one of four roles:
  • Friend: a friend (not boyfriend) of Emily's, who she feels comfortable inviting to join her
  • Subscriber: a cute guy she meets online and invites to join her
  • Subscriber: an older man with whom she can explore her submissive side (spanking, bondage, toys)
  • Subscriber: a guy she has a crush on and invites to join her, but who ends up sleeping with one of the other girls (this would need to be agreed with another character in the game)
Arranging this would need the approval of the game GM and anyone interested would only be playing a cameo, but it would be amazing to find someone who could fill such a role.

It's Not Porn, It's Elliquiy
(Jokingly inspired by the “It's Not Porn, It's HBO” comedy video.)

Media attitudes to sex are changing, and the lines between stylized, self-censoring mainstream television and low budget, explicit pornography are wearing even thinner. Sex is getting increasingly more acceptable even on prime time shows, while adult industry productions are seeing bigger budgets and more of an emphasis on dramatic and artistic quality. All it takes is the security of a financial backer, the confidence of a daring network executive, and the services of a showrunner with a vision of the future for those lines to blur to nothing, and for unsimulated sex to make the jump from fringe arthouse cinema to the 9PM slot.

Elliquiy is in many ways a typical television dramedy, exploring relationship dramas, professional rivalries, young adult rites of passage, twentysomething friendship dilemmas, and slice-of-life events in the lives of its suitably attractive cast. What makes it so groundbreaking, though, is its graphic portrayal of on-screen sex. No cutting to black as the curtains ruffle, no strategic camera shots to shield viewers from the nudity, no body doubles or fakes. It's a show where casting calls for extras focus as much on sexual stamina as on history in repertory theater.

And as Elliquiy proves a success, keeping viewers even as the protests rage, maintaining sponsors and advertisers who recognize the changing landscape of decency, rumors swirl about its sexually charged set. Can all those beautiful people really manage to compartmentalize their work so easily, to keep the kink on screen and limit themselves to professionalism off it? Those two co-stars who share such obviously intense chemistry, can their dressing room really be a chaste retreat from those sweat-dripping scenes? Its stars give interviews challenging their critics and defending their redefinition of what it means to be a method actor. All the controversy simply brings in more viewers.

Indeed, the storylines playing out off screen are as complex and engrossing as those found in the script. After sharing the most intense sexual pleasures on set, it's difficult just to kick back with a cup of coffee without falling back into bed even once the cameras have stopped rolling. Jealous lovers quarrel in between shooting their scenes with wild abandon, while concerned partners watch their loved ones performing award scenes of sexual acrobatics with someone else entirely. Getting together for a rehearsal takes on a completely different meaning, and those fearing for their job security on what is becoming one of the most lucrative acting gigs in television seek to prove their worth with career defining performances.

I am seeking someone to help me play out this story.

If you're thinking this is all terribly unrealistic, you're probably right; if you're chuckling because I'm being far too demanding, that may well prove to be the case; if you're simply downright offended I would suggest something of that nature, I'll hold no grudge for you deciding to move smartly along. But if you are at all interested, please do contact me (via PM, please).

I have left many details vague – who our characters are, what kinks might be involved, where the story begins and where it goes from there – because as much as this idea is my own personal obsession, it's only going to work with someone who finds it as involving as I do, and that's going to depend on mutual collaboration. So rather than scare away the few of you still interested with yet more restrictive criteria, I'd prefer to see what common ground can be found. That said, I may add more specific details and character ideas if this initial pitch proves too vague.

My preference is to have this story involve multiple characters, but not multiple players: such group roleplays usually prove impossibly slow and cumbersome to organize, but I'm certainly open to multiple players if something can be coordinated. Playing out only one character's storyline would also interest me, even if it's not my absolute preference.

Less well developed "plot bunnies":

Pop (Sub)Culture
A simpler, less ambitious version of the above idea, playing just one such character. In this variant, I would play a celebrity who is involved in an alternative lifestyle, most probably a D/s relationship, and who publicly defends and advocates their choice. I would aim to still explore how the world around them reacts to and changes with their public advocacy of a controversial position, but the focus would be more narrowly on them and their relationship. It could work as a "taster" for those who feel the scope of my other idea is too large.

For this I would still want to use original characters rather than an actual celebrity. This is also one of the few roles where I would consider playing a trans* character, though most likely still feminine-identifying - although also happy to play a woman.

Three's (Actually Pretty Good) Company
A multi-character story, though again my preference would be to play it with a single player, with us assigning the third role based on the characters involved. Infidelity and cheating are often the cause of heartbreak, but I'm interested in exploring a more loving, romantic, and consensual three person relationship. Many of the details of this are of course vague and highly dependent on the characters involved. I would be open to M/M/F, M/F/F, and M/F/trans* variants.

Simple picture prompt
Quite honestly, just anything based on this.
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Re: ♡ desires ♡
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2015, 05:45:59 pm »
Reorganizing and adding some new ideas; also cleared up a couple of problems in a previous idea. My O/Os have also been edited since.