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Author Topic: The Assassin's Apprentice - FF  (Read 228 times)

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The Assassin's Apprentice - FF
« on: May 30, 2015, 04:45:20 PM »

The Assassin's Apprentice

The video arcade wasn't exactly full at this time of day. Most of the kids who usually frequented it at the weekend and in the evening were in school. Just a few kids were in, and a few adults. The noise from the machines was a lot less that usual. And so the announcement from the sniper game of a new high score carried across the arcade, attracting the attention of some of the other occupants.

They moved to see who had just smashed the record that had stood on that machine for several years. To the surprise of most, the machine's player was a woman in her thirties, brunette, quite attractive in a MILF sort of way. Wielding the game rifle as if she it was a part of her. A small crowd gathered to watch as people saw others watching her and wondered what they were looking at.

Deborah Hathers aimed and fired at the screen in front of her, never missing a shot, taking out every target presented to her, even the almost impossible ones that were sheltering behind a civilian or that showed themselves only briefly at random intervals. Every shot was made to count, and every target was a clean kill.

She was known, in the trade, as The Pariah, although the only people who ever met her professionally never did so for very long. If you met her socially you would probably like her. She was well spoken, well educated, and well travelled, and was the sort of person who, if you found yourself sitting next to her on a long intercontinental flight, you would actually not mind. Only on her highly secure black website would you find her trade name, and only there would you find out what it was she really did.

But, rather like the A-Team from the 80s TV show, hiring her required you to find her first...

Today, Deborah was taking something of a risk. She wasn't getting any younger and she needed someone to take over from her. She had watched the girl for some time now, had seen her try time and again to beat the high score on this machine, and knew that this would be the way to get her attention. Hey, look at me, see what I can do. You want to be like me? I can teach you. That was the message she was hoping to get across to the teenage girl who really should have been in school.

Yep, that is what I'm going to have as my opening post in this story. The idea for the assassin's apprentice comes from a cartoon strip I read once that was never finished. I've tried to write the story a couple of times, but always with the apprentice having been a kidnap victim. But that never really made sense - why would an assassin kidnap someone? Plus it always involved a heavy-duty extreme breaking session which, frankly, I get bored with after a while if the sub doesn't break quickly.

This idea started with the scene described and I superimposed the character and story onto it. Inspired by the equivalent scenes in the original 1982 movie TRON, where Flynn beats his own high score on the game that he wrote, and in NCIS season 1 Episode 13, where a marine recruiting sergeant gets a couple of youngsters to sign up by proving his own marksmanship abilities.

What I need please, is a female player who wants to take the part of the girl that Ms Hathers has been stalking and wants to recruit as her "sidekick". I'm not going to dictate the character, but there are certain traits she needs to have - a disregard for the law, a certain level of greed, a desire to be great without having to work at it, and (obviously) she should be open to the possibility of a lesbian relationship with an older woman.

And finally, here is the character profile for "The Pariah":

The Assassin
Name: Deborah Hathers, AKA The Pariah

Age: 32

Occupation: Professional Assassin.

Nationality: Originally English, but now holds  many passports, mostly forged, and holds no allegiance to any nation.

Sexuality: Bisexual but with a definite preference for teenage girls.

Likes: Money, guns, 70s rock music, being in control, teenage girls, things going to plan, extremely kinky sex.

Dislikes: Cops, reporters, rap music, lack of control, plans going wrong, unnecessary killing, not being paid.

Personality: You would think that being a professional killer would make Debbie something of a cold fish, and if you met her professionally you might, very briefly, think so. Very few people who meet her professionally have much time to form an opinion of her, however. In her private life, she is normally a warm and friendly person, someone you wouldn't mind sitting next to in church or on an intercontinental flight. She is intelligent, well educated and widely travelled, and can talk with confidence on a wide range of subjects. About the only really unusual thing about her is that she is single and rarely has a relationship lasting more than a month.

History: Debbie joined the army at 18, straight from school. She showed an aptitudes for weapons and her drill sergeants soon tagged her as an expert marksman. She was sent to Afghanistan and killed her first man at the age of 20. She became a sniper, often providing long-range over-watch to troops on the ground. By the time she left Afghanistan, she had racked up an impressive six confirmed kills.

She left the army on compassionate grounds when both her parents and younger brother were killed in a car crash. Her rage at being told the driver of the other car got off with a two year ban from driving rapidly turned into a desire for revenge. She plotted and carried out her first assassination as a project for her own satisfaction. The problem of what to do with her life now she was out of the army solved itself when she was approached by an old boyfriend who was having some trouble with a loan shark. The loan shark was soon dead, the friend was grateful, but paid her a fee and Debbie had her career path mapped out.

Ten years later, she has killed forty eight people, including the ones in the Army. She is one of the best in the business, she guarantees to get the job done, guarantees her client will not be implicated in any way, and charges a lot of money per hit.

While every security agency and police force on the planet has a file on her, none have been able to catch her. She knows that some day her luck may run out, but she hopes to be retired long before that happens.

If interested, please either PM me or post here.
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