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Author Topic: Interest Check: Spirit of '77  (Read 343 times)

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Offline AllieCatTopic starter

Interest Check: Spirit of '77
« on: May 30, 2015, 04:32:57 AM »
I have the new "Spirit of '77" RPG (the books are out on DriveThru, with physical books going out to kickstarter backers), and I find myself wanting to run a game like this.

It's a fairly simple system (based off the Dungeon/Apocalypse World system), with 2d6 being the only dice used. And is great for creating people based off the old TV shows and movies (John Shaft to Charlie's Angels, to the Dukes of Hazard or Smokey and the Bandit, and even strange stuff like Wonder Woman (to a point) and the Six Million Dollar Man.

They have a free adventure/quick play rule system here: but I'd like to run a full game, basically, you choose a role and story (somewhat comparable to class and background.. note that the game is balanced, so if you ever wanted to play a pistol packin mama or stunt car driving model, this is great for it)

This is the quick background for roles:

• If you want to solve problems with a bunch of thugs at your command... choose Bopper.
• If you want to solve problems with your crazy driving skills... choose Good Old Boy.
• If you want to solve problems with your ways of manipulation... choose Honeypot.
• If you want to solve problems with your musical talent... choose Rocker.
• If you want to solve problems with quick thinking and deductive reasoning... choose Sleuth.
• If you want to solve problems with your fists of iron... choose Tough Guy.
• If you want to solve problems with a street howitzer in your hand... choose Vigilante.

The add on book (Wide World of '77 has the following additional roles)

The Gonzo Journalist - Newspaper reporters, photojournalists, war correspondents and any other type of journalist who gets into the thick of the action and participates in the story as it unfolds. If you want to solve problems by talking to people to get the truth, play The Gonzo Journalist.

The Bounty Hunter - Skip tracers, repo men, insurance investigators or anyone else skilled in hunting down people and items to return them to where they belong. If you want to solve problems by tracking them down, play The Bounty Hunter.

The Stuntman - Hollywood stunt performers, daredevils, special effects technicians or anyone else who routinely puts themselves in harms way for someone elses entertainment. If you want to solve problems by falling on
them or letting them hit you, play The Stuntman.

The Greasemonkey - Mechanics, technicians, engineers, or other wizards of machinery. Greasemonkeys can fix, build or customize just about any machine they get their hands on. If you want to solve problems by fixing
and building things, play The Greasemonkey.

The Specialist - Doctors, scientists, explorers or other highly trained individuals with a specific set of specialized skills. If you want to solve problems
by analyzing things, play The Specialist.

And quick background for story:

Big-time sports, cereal boxes and instant replays?
That’s an All-Star.

Hardened by jailtime for crimes you did or didn’t commit?
That’s an Ex-Con.

No longer a part of the force but still well-trained?
That’s a Former Badge.

Over-the-top appearance and lifestyle?
That’s Glam.

Had a quiet upbringing but now living the dream?
Those are Humble Beginnings.

Disciplined in the martial arts, mentally and physically?
That’s Kung Fu.

Got street cred and a slow, easy strut?
That’s One Bad Mother.

Seen some real combat overseas?
That’s a War Vet.

Strange gadgets, science fiction and blinking lights?
That’s X-Tech.

and the add on book adds:

The Holy Roller - Genuine believer or flim-flam artist, it doesn’t matter - you’re on a mission from God. (The Blues Brothers would be Holy Roller with at least one Good Old Boy for the driving)

The Visitor - From another planet, time, or dimension, for whatever reason you’ve come to this world and need to find a way to fit in.

The Nature Boy/Girl - After embracing the wilderness, you’ve returned to the City and struggle to adapt to modern ways.

The Rap Sheets (indicating what each role and story gets as a benefit) should be available soon, but I can share the character generation rules..

I'm ok with X stuff in there, or we can just do it as a non-adult RP Game, either way, the two most important things is

A) Stickin it to The Man..
B) Bein One Bad Mother Shut yo mouth (Can you dig it?) :D

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Re: Interest Check: Spirit of '77
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2015, 05:55:57 AM »
I'll put my interest here... I've seen the pdf on drivethru and I love Dungeon World. I've also seen Worlds in Peril, which is a superhero Dungeon/Apocalypse World game, so I'm conflicted.

That said, if you get interest I'll pick up the game. The character choices and backstories sound awesome. :)

Offline AllieCatTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Spirit of '77
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2015, 10:47:25 AM »
Good Stuff :)

Yeah, I really like how the storyies and roles feel.