"The Career Woman - a time traveling tale set in 1984" [Seeking M or F longterm]

Started by beautifulexhale, May 28, 2015, 11:16:50 PM

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Erik Shaw was an average college freshman. He attended a state school. Majored in international business (his dad's choice). He attended all his classes, unless of course he was a little hungover. He rarely drank, and had tried pot a handful of times -- but didn't really care for it. He was a virgin, and a bit of a loner who lost himself in his books and studies. He dressed for comfort, not style. Most of his life consisted of class, books, his part-time job at Target, Netflix marathons, and living vicariously through his much more social roommate Wyeth.

It was the perfectly normal existence up until this morning...

You see, when Erik woke up it wasn't 2015 anymore, and he wasn't in his cramped college dorm either. He awoke in a spacious, two bedroom apartment in the city. He shot up with a start, immediately fearful that he'd been drugged, but he was alone. He looked around, and didn't recognize any of the belongings. The furniture looked "retro" he thought at first. When he couldn't find his cell phone or any of his things, he started to panic. But when he saw himself in the bathroom mirror he actually screamed. A high pitch yelp.

He was staring at a woman he did not recognize and that woman was him. His hair was so big! What the hell was going on? He looked down at the long red nails on his hands -- the same color as his toes. He also found he had an odd craving for a cigarette? He didn't even smoke. He scrambled through the apartment until he found a large, leather purse on the kitchen counter. He opened it and pulled out the matching leather wallet. The driver's license showed a photo of the woman he had seen in the bathroom mirror. It belonged to a Donna Clarke.

What in the hell was going on?

There was a knock at the door.

Startled, he pulled his robe closed over the nightgown and went to his apartment door. On the other side was a tall man, with very handsome features.

"Hey," he said. "Sorry to come by so early, but I was hoping you could take Joanie to school this morning. I have a meeting at 10."

I hope you had as much fun reading that as I had writing it. Please PM me or IM me on Yahoo if you're interested. I'm open to talking ideas and figuring out how we begin. I am looking for a serious, long term writer. The more immersive the story is the better. I have a lot of themes and ideas I want to pursue with this so please check my thread in my signature to see what I prefer in a partner and writing style. I look forward to hearing from you!