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Author Topic: Loken's thread for random musings, prompts and ideas  (Read 423 times)

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Loken's thread for random musings, prompts and ideas
« on: May 28, 2015, 06:57:15 PM »
Ok I thought it was high time I started my own thread. Mainly of random musings, odd eccentric ideas or other slightly coherent thoughts that make some sense I hope. If anything catches anyone's attention feel free to shoot me a pm.

1). The fall of Arazan
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Arazan the strong bulwark of the Kingdom of Called has fallen after a long seige. Chaos rules the streets as its people are enslaved or put to the sword. Vicious fighting has broken put as its weary attacks unleash there rage long held in check. I'll play one of the commanding officers of the beseiging army I'm looking for someone who wants to play one of the cities inhabitants. Where it goes is very much up for discussion. She could be a prisoner taken as the commanders personal spoils of war and a relationship develops between them. She could be on her way to the slave markets of their army. She could be set to be used as the plaything and entertainment of the ordinary troops or other officers or she could be from the cities ruling elite and a valuable captive to be held. I'm very much open to suggestions.

2). The voyage of the Illyria
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This could be either set in a fantasy high seas realm, or amongst the stars in a more sci fi related setting. But the basic premise is the same. We will play either two of the crew or someone the ship encounters and it follows the trials and tribulations of the Illyria as she makes her voyages. She could be a simple trading vessel, a warship, a rogue vessel whose crew is simply out for adventure or a pirate and bounty hunters out to take what they can. Again there is a lot of freedom involved as to the shape and direction the roleplay goes in and its very much open to twists and turns.

3. Courtly intrigue
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I took up my usual place as the court session opened that morning. My Father as always was seated in the throne. My mother the queen beside him. Surrounding them were the rest of us. My brother on one side, my sister on the other. The people were quickly spilling in. The nobles and courtiers moving down the throne room filling the isles while the common folk spilled into the public galleries above us on either side.

The guard, polished armour gleaming in the light that filtered through the big windows on either side stood still, poleaxes fixed in place upright. They looked good on show of course but then they were more than capable of using them. Absently I tugged on the lace collar of my shirt earning a raised eyebrow as my mother flashed me a look of disapproval. I just rolled my eyes for a moment and settled back to watch.

In front of us the Royal steward was beginning the introductions for the morning several new dignatories had arrived by the looks of things. That would make some diversion anyway. Would they be after something. Match making usually of course. But otherwise it could be trade related or looking for an alliance of sorts. The daily intrigues were a constant roundabout affair, as different factions vied and jostled for position.

I glanced around at the nobles already looking to see if anything had changed. You could usually tell who was in favour merely by seeing who was closer to the throne. It was usually far easier to keep an eye on potential trouble if they were close under the eye. But my attention was soon diverted, new figures approaching as the first group entered the court and began to walk down towards the throne. Then I caught a glimpse of the approaching figure my breath catching for a moment feeling the world change around me for a moment.

4. The wrong side of the civil war
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The war had been long and hard fought. After four years it was still dragging on men leaving home, never coming back. What made it all the worse were the two sides were the same. It wasn't a war for resources or territory. It was a war over ideals and power and who controlled what. It had split the country in half, families torn asunder by factional differences. It was supposed to be quick and painless. But it hadn't.

Now after all that time the thought of any resolution seemed impossible. Positions were to entrenched to dug in. There seemed like no end to the fighting that was going on. That was my main thought as I rode into the latest town. My company had been ordered to secure it after the enemy had fallen back. It was a cat and mouse game we played. Sides would advance, retreat and advance again. Little significant change was made. After the first few years and heavy fighting both sides avoided pitched battles and resorted to raids and counter attacks on cities like this one. It was supposed to secure resources for ourselves. Stop the enemy from taking them and make them see the error of their ways.

It seemed to do little these days. Nothing changed. I knew walking in here now this would be no different. I could almost taste the resentment in the air. I was going to have to deal with this people and knew that they were hating me all the time. These were still my own people in a way even if we had different sides. No one would know it by I had visited here before while I was young, before the war. It all seemed like a long time ago.

I could see people watching me as we entered the main square resentment palpable in the air making me sigh. Still, things had to be done. I had duty now, precious little else left apart from that. I made my way into the centre of the square and slipped of my horse.

"Sergeant take a section and secure the north side. Our own force has headed west so if any trouble comes, it will likely be there first. Post a good watch. I'll be here discussing matters with whoever is in charge." I returned the crisp salute and headed for the town hall.

5. The annual gala ball
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It was the annual summer ball that we were attending. The usual dignatories, celebrities, philanthropist's general hangers on all making their way to the event. It the usual chance to mingle, enjoy some good food, wine and of course every one would donate to the auction. Of course it was all good natured and the funds would all go to a good cause.

The difference today and somewhat light heartedly of course. Everyone there had arrived either as a couple or else with a partner. The auction would see individual couples and partners auctioned of for the evening to spend the time with whoever managed to secure their presence with the highest bid.

Everyone was looking forward to it. Spirits were high. Everyone had enjoyed a drink and turned there attention to the stage as the first potential purchase for the evening made their way out onto the stage to join the host who smiled and took up the microphone ready to begin.

"OK ladies and gentleman it looks like were ready to begin the main part of the evening.You can see our first willing victim right here. Who would like to start me of with a hundred pounds?"

6. A dance on the high seas
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The forward bow chasers roared out as we came into range. The backwash of pungent smoke blowing back across the bow. Ahead of us I watched twin plumes of water explode from the sea as the balls skipped short still just out of reach. The merchant in front though, wallowing in the heavy swells wasn't going to out run us. Chuckling I looked over to the first mate.

"Fire again Mr Ramsey. If that tub doesn't have the sense to haul his flag down we'll blow it away." I chuckled for a moment looking ahead again. "And I think we can prepare boarding parties while we're at it as well." I added afterwards. My own were ready. The cutlass at my side belted for use, two pistols both loaded and ready to fire.

Ahead I watched the chase guns prepared again, elevated a touch, and watched the gunner wait for the ship to ride out another wave before he fired once more. First one gun then the second. The first struck short another plume of water sent skywards. The second though bounced skipped of a wave and drove hard into her stern counter.

Luckily it seemed to do the trick. Even as I watched the flag hanging from the stern was finally hauled down to the deck. Smiling I moved forwards down of the bridge and made my way forward the crew assembling along the side some ready to board, others watching for treachery. As we drew alongside they threw grapnels holding us in place and hauling the merchant in, locked in against the curve of our hull. Then swung up onto the side and leapt across eager to inspect the prize.

Some random traditional pairings to build ideas from:
Coworkers/Boss/ secretary
Best friends
Married couples

(Very much to be considered work in progress as I add some detail and outline a few more that come to mind!)
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Re: Loken's thread for random musings, prompts and ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 06:03:58 PM »
Cleaned and updated with a few more ideas.