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May 23, 2018, 08:10:47 AM

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Author Topic: post apoc (plot nerd sought) m lf m/f  (Read 214 times)

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post apoc (plot nerd sought) m lf m/f
« on: May 27, 2015, 08:51:33 AM »
update: this is a gigantic idea post so I've separated from my main interest ad.  i would strongly suggest having a look at the root post of my ad to get a general idea of what i'm looking for in a writing partner.

here are more Mad Max plot-spirations.  this is a request for original RP but inspired by the canon (not hard considering most all post-apoc derives from Mad Max).  i've been pondering a way to adapt the allegorical awesomeness of Mad Max into RP/coopzerative-writing.  as it is - there's a few things that don't seem to translate well because of simplicity of a lot of the characters.  rather, the characters resist development.  they are essentially the indestructible, burnt up resin at the bottom of your oven.  how they got that way would be interesting (e.g. the first Mad Max).  how they futilely grip to hope is also interesting (e.g. the canon fodders of Road Warrior).  and how they might triumph over the Wasteland might be another angle (fingers crossed Fury Road and sequels).  but these characters are by the nature of Mad Max, one-toned, black-and-white.  it'd make for problematic RPing that's focused on what's happening externally than what's happening internally for the characters.  for me, i'm more interested in psychological change since i think that's the most compelling aspect of writing with another person.  the main characters should become revealed not only to one another but to the writers as well.  this anyway is what makes Fury Road unique from the other films.  there's a character interaction that's more personal than in the last films.

okay just quick contrast.  Mad Max versus The Walking Dead TV show.  TWD can get a little melodramatic with it's hamfisted character development (you can't make the Governor redeemable!) that makes it sluggish with it's plot.  Mad Max on the other hand is just non-stop even in the old films with very little time for characters.  this totally works for Mad Max whereas its a bore in other B-grade action movies.  In Mad Max the setting is as much a character as the characters themselves and the insanity of the plots allows the setting to make the characters and the characters to make the setting.

so how to keep the craziness of Mad Max while interjecting more character development to suit RPing.  the main goal, i think is to COMPLETE the story somehow in RPing.  i find episodic stories in RPing very unsatisfying unless it's comical, which Mad Max isn't really.

some angles to take...  1) introduce people not from the Wasteland, 2) use a game (setting) changing plot device, or 3) make the setting something else (a dream, a literal allegory, the afterlife).

The Wasteland is a place abandoned and the survivors there forgotten.  The outsiders can literally be from outside the Wasteland or they can be a unique band of survivors somehow maintaining civility.

Redevelopment of civilization.  This is pretty straight foward.  Could be the getting to some refuge.  Could be acquiring some thing that reverses the Wasteland.  In every case the plot would be a simplistic mission to get or do something.

Time travel.  This is the 12 Monkeys approach.  Not escape the Wastland but prevent it from happening.  There are then two literal settings - the pre and post apoc.

Literally about redemption.  The setting is an allegory of guilt and self-hate.  The actual setting is therefore pre-apocalytic (or something that cognitates that, such as war).  There could be a parallel between the imaginary setting (the post apoc) with the actual struggle (in a pre apoc), where the interaction between the plots uses magical realism like narative.  The character(s) would then be simulacras of the real characters (father and child, spouses, or other).

The conclusion is the end of the story and the setting.  The conclusion is closure of loss.  The characters would then be figments of the "main" character's imagination.  This is oddly solipsistic.

MOAR... later...