The Whore House [F for F]

Started by saphireMARIE, May 26, 2015, 03:41:10 PM

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~The Whore House~

Content: Bondage (min) to Extreme (depending on partner)

Scenario:Everybody who was anybody in the BDSM community of the city knew about this hotel, but nobody admitted to going there for fear of loosing a reputation. Every room at the hotel had a submissive girl tied up in it, ready to be beaten or pleased. The girl could be used for one night, or however long was paid for by the client, and when it was over the client could decide what they wanted - to buy the girl or have her punished for not pleasing them well enough.

Setting: Modern

Requirements:A dominant woman to choose how to use and abuse one of the submissive women (or more).

Other Info: There could be several ways this could go, a woman who genuinely wanted to abuse a woman or it could be that a woman walked in and didn't know exactly what the hotel was for.