End of Watch (M Seeking F) Crime Drama RP

Started by Hayato, May 25, 2015, 01:04:26 AM

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So not to be confused with the tv show 'End of Watch' the RP does involve police and crime drama/intrigue.

The basic premise is that my character (MC) is just coming off of watch. Either a newly-minted detective or a rookie in plainclothes, he encounters a series of events that pull him into situations far above his pay grade. If detective, I see him as either part of the drug unit or Vice. As for YC, I see her as the catalyst for pulling him into his situation. Maybe she seeks him out for protection, knows him from a previous case where he busted her, or they quite literally cross paths as she's on the run. That's something up for discussion. I see this as very story-driven, with romance/attraction happening gradually. In any case, please PM if interested.


Hey there! I read your post and I would like to take this time to show my interest in the story :)

I think a crime drama would be very interesting to write, especially if there is depth in the story!
Mm, with who I could play, I can see so many angles to approach it! There could be the young, drop-out roadie who saw too much. Or the abused, wife of a low crime boss who saw a perfect opportunity to exact revenge on the hateful man in her life.

She could also be an established doctor who overhears the dying words of an exposed informant. Her unwilling obtainment of private Mafia information makes her a target, and she is forced to seek help from the detective who placed the informant under her medical charge.

So many angles >.< I would love to discuss the story with you, if it's okay :3

Jan 18th I'm sorry my partners! My work is starting soon and I need some time to do some paperwork to get ready. I  won't be able to write for a little bit, but I will return and reply your posts! Really sorry!


Due to my writing partner having to suddenly depart, I'm bumping for any continued interest. Please PM.