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Author Topic: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]  (Read 3408 times)

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The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« on: May 24, 2015, 02:10:27 PM »
Saints Row IV


This is a fan-based RP, based on Saints Row IV, but not following the storyline down to a tee or even using the characters from the game. The reason being, you don’t have to have played Saints Row IV to participate in this role play. The characters in this game will be completely original and created by you, the writers.


The storyline of this game takes place after an alien invasion. The Zinyak Empire has taken over earth and stored all the humans in capsules much like you’d see, if you’ve ever watched The Matrix series. While in these capsules, the humans are inside Zinyak’s simulation of a perfect world. They are completely oblivious to who they once were and go about their day-to-day lives happy.

Zinyak apparently underestimated a group of gang members called The Saints. While The Saints are imprisoned in the simulation, there is one who managed to escape, and she proceeds to hack the simulation to remind The Saints of who they really are, and how they must wake up and overcome the simulation. In order to overcome the simulation, they must take over towers, cause havoc, and pretty much destroy the peace that exists in the simulation. That is this game in a nutshell.

Game Attitude

The attitude of this game that I expect for all writers to maintain is that is it to be serious and silly. Expect comic relief, satire, stupidity, and unlikely situations to happen. The people in the simulation are real, but then they aren’t, so if you kill them you can expect the police to come after you, and you’ll have to shake them off. But if your character doesn’t have any weapons or super powers yet, then I wouldn’t go trying to start trouble. If your character dies in the simulation, then he or she dies in real life. This game overall is meant to be fun and hilarious.

Chapter One – Perfect World

Your character wakes up in the Perfect World simulation, which dates back to 1950s America. You have the perfect wife/husband, who will actually be another player's character and they may or may not have simulated children. Being the GM and one of the programmers, I will be surprising you with who you are married to and if or if not you have children. Mind you, these children are not real. They’re simulated, but your character doesn’t know that. They will also be 16+ so as to keep within the rules of E.

In the Perfect World, the weather is perfect, your neighbors are friendly on the level of Flanders from The Simpsons. Everyone is just sickly sweet and nice. Because everything is so perfect, your character doesn’t sense anything unusual about it. The programmer will contact one of you, once you have woken up, and it will be your job to go searching the simulation for the other characters, which are people your character knows from the real world because you are all a part of The Saints gang. Once you have brought everyone back to reality, Zinyak will notice that the perfect atmosphere of the simulation has been disturbed and will proceed to send Wardens after you. Wardens basically are alien monsters, and in this game, sometimes disguised as humans. When you guys kill the Wardens, this chapter will conclude, and we’ll move onto the next chapter.

The reason why I write this game in chapters is to manage the amount of characters who join and leave the game. It also will reward those characters still in the game. That will be explained below.

Cache & Clusters

The currency in the game is “Cache.” You use cache to buy weapons. Your character will not start this game with weapons and you won’t have weapons unless The Programmer decides to grant you a weapon to handle that specific situation. You will be rewarded cache naturally in these situations:

1 cache – for posting.

10 cache – every 500 words in your post (so if your post is 1,000 words, then you just made 20 cache).

100 cache – for completing missions.

1000 cache – for completing a chapter.

“Clusters” are what you use to spend on super powers only granted in the simulation. If your character returns to reality, then he or she will not have these powers. Again, these powers only exist in the simulation. You get clusters for defeating wardens. You will just have to wait and see how much clusters you will get, granted by the GM, and you can spend them on abilities however you like. Do not confuse “Cache” with “Clusters.” Cache gets you weapons, and Clusters gets you powers.

In the IC, you will find The Setting of the IC, The Cache Store, and the Cluster Store for purchasing weapons and Powers. I don’t think anyone will have enough cache for a weapon, but if you do, then you can send me a PM that you bought something from the store and update your profile accordingly. I know for a fact that for those who make it to Chapter Two that you will have enough cache for some weapons. It is your responsibility to keep track of your cache. I recommend adding it at the bottom of each post that you write.

The Saints

The Saints, in reality (game reality), were a notorious street gang whose leader happened to save the United States from a nuclear attack, and was thus granted the role of The President of the United States (I know silly but that’s what I’m saying. It’s a silly game). Each Saint is a “bad ass,” and yes I have to use that descriptor. They can kick serious butt like you see in an action flick and they’re all experienced assassins, hitmen and women, etc. For reality, the roles are as follows:
Because I don’t want to bore anyone with US political hierarchy, do not expect this list to follow exactly every position in the government. I don’t feel like writing roles for all of that so I’m only providing roles for the positions relevant to this game.

Commander in Chief/Boss - (GM)

Vice President/ SecondJuno Monroe - Timeless

Director of the Secret Service/ ThirdLucius "Tiny" Hamilton Miller - Juggtacular

Chief of Staff/ Saint - Marcus Finneby - Jarick

United Kingdom's Liaison for the CIA (M.I.6) - Open

President's Communications Director/ Saint - Open

President's Press Secretary/ Saint - Juliet Romero - Swordsman18
Presidential Advisor for Foreign (Alien) Affairs 1/ Hacker(GM)

Presidential Advisor for Foreign (Alien) Affairs 2/ Hacker(Co-GM –open position currently)

Presidential Advisor for Public Affairs/ Saint – Open

Member of Secret Service 1/Saint –Open

Member of Secret Service 2/Saint – Open

Member of Secret Service 3/ Saint – Open

Member of Secret Service 4/ Saint – Open

The Presidential Advisor for Foreign Affairs are designated for the GMs because they will be The Programmer roles in the simulation. I recommend that the designated Co-GM choose a second active role for the Foreign Affairs roles are simply for GM purposes.

Reminder: Remember that as the GM, when in the simulation, I will be telling you your simulated roles so do not worry about those roles when designing a character. Also, I will sometimes post posts labeled "GM" to randomly drop a plot or situation on your character. So always be prepared. These situations are opportunities to earn more cache and possibly clusters.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] The name of your character.
[b]Alias:[/b] If he or she had a famous gang code name or nickname.
[b]Age:[/b] The age of your character.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Role:[/b] In the list above, what was your role as a Saint. President, Secret Service, etc.
[b]Written Description:[/b] This is where you mention everything from sex appeal, to scars, tattoos, hair dye, contacts, etc.
[b]Visual Description:[/b] Be sure to shrink images. Do not post 1000x1000 images please. If you have your image placed where you want it about the profile, then you do not need to have this category listed.

[b]Personality:[/b] Summary of the personality. It’s okay if you need to feel the character out in-game just don’t write me a skeleton.
[b]Likes:[/b] You can also mention sexual Ons in this category.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] You can also mention sexual Offs in this category.

[b]Cache:[/b] 0 (until you get more)
[b]Clusters:[/b] 0 (until you get more)
[b]Weapons:[/b] None (until you can buy some with cache)
[b]Powers:[/b] None (until you acquire some with clusters)

Notice that I didn’t put a background in this code. The reason why is because it doesn’t really matter. We’re just going to assume that they’re a gang member, but if you want to write something that summarizes your character or helps your muse, then by all means. This is your profile. I recommend plotting past relations with other characters for those that are approved in this game.

These roles are NOT first-come, first-serve. So if you reserve a slot, it’s nice to know what role you intend to play, but for those writers who think they can join my game by writing me a character sheet that took little effort, I’m going to take the person who wrote the better character sheet. It's only fair.

In case there are questions that people want to ask that haven’t been answered in this introduction.

Q: So...permadeath?

I find it impossible to die in this game. The only way a character can die in this game is if it is planned between me and that character's writer. I don't write scenarios to intentionally kill characters that just wouldn't be fun. You have nothing to fear in regards to permadeath. It just shouldn't even happen.

1.   Do not post OOC comments in the IC. Use the OOC when making OOC statements.
2.   Use grammar and spelling to the best of your ability and try to post at least two paragraphs. If you are in dialogue with another character and you don’t think you can produce two paragraphs, then go into PMs with that person, collab, and post the conversation as one huge post. Both writers will benefit from the cache that results.
3.   The enemies are controlled by the GM. I will give you freedom to make trouble for yourself, but the enemies that move the plot along are controlled by me.
4.   In the case of duels between players, both players need to collaborate. Write your actions as an intention giving the other player a chance to dodge or counter. The GM will be observing these in-game duels, and if the GM needs to intervene due to illogical movements or play, arguing, or player absence, then the GM will pass the final judgment. If you do not like this, then I behoove you to plan the beginning and end of the fight with your partner(s). Be sure to let me know that the fight is pre-planned. You don’t have to tell me how it’s going to go because I like surprises just as any reader does, but please tell me that it’s a planned duel so that I’m not breathing fire down your neck. You should be able to go into PMs and collaborate with the player you plan to duel. Maybe you guys can decide on a stalemate and make the fight look cool. There is no need to try and kill each other or hate on each other over an in-game fight. It’s just a game, so please be civil.
5.   Whatever the GM says, goes. I try to be fair. I try to permit most characters, but if I say no, then it’s no. Please don’t argue with me. I’m sorry if you wanted your way, but this is my game and I try to make decisions for the good of the plot.
6.   Adult play. I’m going to ask that if your characters plan to have sex, then make a thread either in the One Shot or Solo section of your choice and drop a link to it in the IC. This way you and your partner can role play the sex scene for as long as you want to go without interruptions. Your sex scene is somewhat private and not mixed in a thread with other sex scenes so that you’re forced to read everybody else’s erotica or have to dig through it all to find the reply you were waiting for. It won’t be disturbing the storyboard mood of the main thread. You can also continue to RP your characters in the main thread as though the sexual play is taking place at a different time of the day.
**7.   Do not post ahead of other players. No one wants to feel pressured when they play this game. You may have all the time in the world but others may not. If you post to someone, let him or her have a chance to respond. If you post towards more than one person, let each of them respond. If I feel that a certain player or players are going ahead of others and not giving them a chance to reply, then I will have to place a limit on posts. I tend to give a players 14 days maximum to post. If the player hasn’t posted within that timeframe, then first, I’m going to want to know where he or she is and I’m going to start the timer before I remove them from the game. You have 30 days to let me know where you are, what you’re doing, etc. If I don’t learn anything of your whereabouts, then I’ll drop you from the game and open up the role.
8.   No god-moding, no meta-gaming, and no breaking character. The first two are self-explanatory, but just in case you don’t know what meta-gaming is. It is when you have your character know knowledge that only you, the writer, should know. Breaking character is known as breaking the fourth wall when you write a post with implication of OOC knowledge or in response to OOC statements. Another definition for it is when your own emotions filter into your character’s emotions. Don’t do it.
9.   Manage your cache and clusters. I will be trying to help you do this, but overall, it is your responsibility. If you thought that you had 20 cache but you really had 120 because you forgot to add the mission reward, that is on you.
10.   Do not spend more than you have. I will take whatever you bought back if you do so.
**11.   If you buy it, then you can’t sell it back. Once you PM me and tell me that you are buying this weapon or power, you just sealed the deal. There is no going back so make sure you really think about it. You cannot sell it back so if you accidentally buy something, oh well. Sorry.
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Online BarbaraGordon

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2015, 02:18:29 PM »

Offline Juggtacular

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2015, 02:25:21 PM »
Calling dibs on head of the secret service.  XD

Online BarbaraGordon

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2015, 02:30:22 PM »
Backing out of interest then.

Offline Timeless

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2015, 02:36:54 PM »
... Damn it, Throne. Just.. fucking damnit.

Tossing my interest for the Vice President Position. >->

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2015, 02:52:38 PM »
The Programmer

Face Claim: Meg Turney
Name: Francesca “Frank” Milleton
Alias: Frank
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: Brunette dyed Red
Eye Color: Brown
Physique: Thin and modestly curvy in the right places.
Role: Presidential Advisor for Foreign (Alien) Affairs & Hacker
Written Description: Frank tends to wear dress blouses, bow-ties, and dress slacks when she wants to feel official. Ever since Earth was taken over, she can be found sitting around the ship in front of her laptop in Spiderman panties, Superman T-shirts, crazy knee socks, hoodies, or fuzzy animal slippers. She is a nerd and isn’t afraid to show it. Her hair is dyed a rose-red, her skin is a standard cream slightly pale from lack of sunlight, and she’s rather thin from her vegetarian diet. For being a nerd, she is packing C-cup breasts and a cute ass.
Personality: Frank can be sarcastic at times, but she can’t believe that none of The Saints listened to her when she said that there was going to be an alien attack. Yeah, it sounded unlikely to happen, but come on! When has she ever been wrong? Never. Exactly. She’s never wrong! Frank can be too smart for her own good, but it has only ever benefitted the gang. Her hacking skills are unrivaled but there has been another hacker who claims to be better than her.

Looks can be deceiving, Frank may seem like just a simple nerd, but she’s a Saint for a reason. Do not underestimate her for she knows how to hold her own like any of the other gang members. She may not be the strongest, but what she doesn’t make up for in strength, she does so in intelligence.
Likes: Marvel, DC, comics, video game/TV show references, sarcasm, her computer and other gizmos, when her genius is recognized. Big, strong muscular manwich men, being complimented, rough sex, foreplay, being spanked, receiving cunnilingus, giving hand/blow jobs, and tit play.
Dislikes: People who denounce her hacking skills, people who tell her she’s wrong, people who can’t keep their panties unbunched, receiving anal, sex toys, anything that belongs in a toilet, blood play, breath control, and hardcore BDSM.

Cache: N/A – just a programmer/GM role.
Clusters: N/A – just a programmer/GM role.
Weapons: N/A – just a programmer/GM role.
Powers: N/A – just a programmer/GM role.

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2015, 10:44:32 PM »
I added three new roles to the list. I'm not expecting to fill every single role. They are just playable options. Thank you to those showing interest. I'll get the president up either tonight or tomorrow.

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #7 on: May 25, 2015, 12:03:14 AM »
Interested, though not fan of death scenario.

It seems matrixy. In Saints Row IV when you die in sim you just respawned somewhere. So maybe some other penalties beyond perma death in simulator.

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #8 on: May 25, 2015, 12:39:29 AM »
Interested, though not fan of death scenario.

It seems matrixy. In Saints Row IV when you die in sim you just respawned somewhere. So maybe some other penalties beyond perma death in simulator.

I wouldn't worry about perma death because you'd have to do something really stupid (stupid as in not even funny) to die in this game, and if you manage to do that then yeah...natural selection. Because that's not the goal of this game to kill off characters. The goal is for it to just be a fun game. I want dedicated players who are going to stick around. I know that there are some players on E who like to join games and leave them as soon as they start. If anyone trying to join this game thinks that they're going to do that here, then they need to look elsewhere. I want dedicated players. That's my only concern when accepting character sheets. The chapter system allows me to fix everything if those types of people appear, but it's still never a good thing. It only gives that bail-player a bad reputation.

Edit: I added your permadeath inquiry to the Q&A. That was a good comment.
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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #9 on: May 25, 2015, 01:46:38 AM »

Offline RedEve

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #10 on: May 25, 2015, 01:27:08 PM »
I see the Kinzie archetype has already been claimed.

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #11 on: May 25, 2015, 01:36:55 PM »
It's a GM position.

Offline RedEve

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #12 on: May 25, 2015, 01:46:23 PM »
I saw! I always thought she was by far the best character in the Saints universe.

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #13 on: May 25, 2015, 01:51:50 PM »
Well, if she didn't have control over the entire simulation, then I would have opened her up to be playable lol.

Offline Jarick

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #14 on: May 25, 2015, 02:37:13 PM »
I am -so- sold on this.

Name: Marcus Finneby
Alias: Mr. Right
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190
Hair Color: Dark brown, cut short
Eye Color: Light brown
Physique: Lean and lanky, but definitely fit
Role: Chief of Staff
Written Description: Marcus is a conventionally-handsome sort: tall, masculine in bearing without verging into overwhelmingly manly, with warm eyes and a winning smile.  He dresses at least semi-formally in suit and tie for work, and even when on outings for recreation and otherwise tends to go with starched polos, slacks, and good leather shoes.  You can always tell the quality of a man's breeding by the shoes he wears.
Visual Description: -forthcoming whenever I stumble upon a good image-

Personality: Marcus is the sort of person with a very subtle sense of order, dignity, and decorum, and so long as that sense of order is upheld, he is an amiable if driven person, even in times of what other people might call national crisis.  He finds purpose in his position and is unfailingly polite, ensuring other people get what they need at the highest levels, and coordinating others to extend his reach.  When this particular sense of order is threatened, though, his amicability becomes tinged with razors and ice, and easy-going becomes manipulating and vindictive -- and he hardly needs profanity to be menacing.
Likes: The Finer Things in Life, Confucianism, Thai curry, Monty Python, Machiavelli's The Prince
Dislikes: Indelicacy, nihilism (and people who otherwise stand for nothing), sloppy planning (as opposed to improvisation), ninjas

Cache: 0
Clusters: 0
Weapons: None
Powers: None

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2015, 02:43:05 PM »
I like it.  :-) And I feel you on the picture surfing. It was why the president took so long for me to plot out, but I decided to just use the Saints Row 4 president. He was my favorite character any way. Him and Pierce Washington.  ::) Their bromance was epic.

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2015, 03:16:03 PM »
The Commander in Chief

Name: James MacQueen
Alias: Boss, Jamie, Jamie-Mac, Mr. President
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Physique: Muscular
Role: Commander in Chief, The President of the U.S.A.
Written Description: His Scottish heritage is seen in his physique. He’s built thick and sturdy like a beer keg, and his black tribal tattoos still strewn his arms and neck. Hey, he was a Saint before he was the president. His most notable tattoo is the purple fleur de lis on the side of his neck, the symbol of The Saints. He’s handsome, macho, and he knows how to make a suit and tie look better. Who knows? Maybe he was made for this job? Lately, he’s been taking advantage of his new paycheck, getting laser hair removal (hairiness being another trait of his heritage), massages, and plenty of visits to the spa. He loves his Asian ladies.

Personality: The leader of the Saints is all about getting down and dirty, especially if he’s given the liberty to go to extremes. He’s like Michael Bay and loves to blow shit up. If he can charge in guns-blazing, then even better, which has his team constantly supervising him. As much as his reckless behavior seems to put everyone on edge, he’s always managed to come out on top. Don’t misunderstand, he’s a negotiator, but you must negotiate before he initiates. He is a team player.

He knows he’s handsome and isn’t one to brag, but he does have a tendency to try and use his good-looks to his advantage, especially when it comes to wooing others. Perhaps it isn’t just his good looks but all the power he’s sitting on that makes him attractive? His charisma was what landed him the position as Boss and now Commander in Chief in the first place.

Arrogant? Possibly. But who wouldn’t want to fuck me? I would fuck me! Digress.

Did I mention he’s slightly childish?
Likes: Sexy women, blowing shit up, wrecking house, massages, people who notice how handsome he is, an excuse to kick someone’s ass, being given free reign, the song of a woman in heat, giving cunnilingus, tit play, spanking, hair pulling, manhandling, receiving motor boat, receiving blow jobs/hand jobs, implementing kinky toys in the bedroom such as fuzzy restraints, biting, scratching, dirty talk, and foreplay.
Dislikes: Zinyak, people who try to take over his country, people who try to blow up his country, people who think they can run it better than him, people who waste his time, toilet play, blood play, and hardcore BDSM.

Cache: 0
Clusters: 0
Weapons: None
Powers: None

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #17 on: May 25, 2015, 03:20:00 PM »
I'm going to go ahead and start designing the IC so it's already up and waiting for when we start this game. Also to get everyone excited for it.  :-)

Offline Juggtacular

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #18 on: May 25, 2015, 05:24:24 PM »

Name: Lucius Hamilton Miller
Alias: Tiny
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6
Weight: 258lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Physique: Muscular
Role: Head of the Secret Service
Written Description: The first thing people notice about Tiny is his size.  He's 6'6 and weighs nearly 260lbs. The irony of the nickname obviously isn't lost on him. In fact, he embraces it and loves the fact that he towers over more people. And he's not just tall, but big too; muscly. He's built like a mack truck with legs; and when people tend to guess he's got Samoan in his blood, they'd be right. He's got dark skin, and it's covered in tattoos from his time in the military as well as the Saints. He keeps his hair short(harder to grab in a fight), and his goatee trimmed. There's a lot of things he doesn't give a shit about, but hygiene and personal appearance aren't on that list. He's got a thin scar over his right eye from IED shrapnel; it starts just above the eyebrow, goes straight down and stops just below the cheek bone.

Personality: Lucius is militant due to his time in the Marines and realizing that even though he didn't like his superiors, he followed orders when given as long as they weren't dumb. He's learned to follow that model, and helped whipped the Saint's into the force they are now, even before Boss got the Presidency. He is focused on the Saints and making them more powerful over everything...partying with everybody is a close second. He demands respect, and will prove he is due such if you make him; he won't be happy about it though, which means whoever got the demonstration won't be happy either.

 He doesn’t like failure, from others, and especially not himself. He didn't get promoted from Second-in-Command of the Saints to Head of the Secret Service by sitting on his ass. He proved himself to Boss and the Saints time and time again. He's a consummate professional and he can get shit done. But he knows how to mix fun and business so he's had plenty of meetings where he and Boss do nothing but shit talk and figure out who needs a good waterboarding.

 Lucius is absolutely, without a doubt, ruthless; he killed nearly two dozen men in an afternoon; and then he joined the Saints. At this point his body count is just a long list of names, John and Jane Doe's several pages thick. He has no qualms with harming men or women, making and going through with threats against people to further the Saints goals and get his point across.  He’s a fighter, and even if he’s losing, he will refuse to accept defeat until it’s evident that the conflict is hopeless...or he's dead.

 He's not always a hard ass though. He treats his men like family, especially after they've proven themselves. Which means you're just as likely to see him smoking a blunt with a girl on his lap and watching tv as you are to see him putting the hurt on anyone trying to touch the Boss without express permission. He's not related to any of them, but the Saints are his family. And he loves his family more than life itself and would kill or die for any one of them. Hell he's already killed for them plenty. He treats those he works with with respect and always works his hardest. He's also a flirt. He's big, handsome, confident. Why wouldn't he?

Likes: If it's considered as a weapon, he likes it. Drugs, Alcohol, Women, the Saints, Fast Cars, Car Chases, Explosions, Fighting, Killing, People worth his time to fight and or kill, threesomes, anal, oral, seduction, foreplay, cooking(don't ask), dancing, partying, public sex, risky sex(like skydiving), that feeling you get when you snipe a guy from a mile off.
Dislikes: Bugs(had to crouch in a bug pile for three days once), scat, watersports, blood during sex(only extreme stuff), plans not coming together, faulty explosives, people fucking up, himself fucking up, Zinyak, lots more.

Cache: 0
Clusters: 0
Weapons: None
Powers: None

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #19 on: May 25, 2015, 05:32:35 PM »
Oh man, I love your character already as Director of the Secret Service. He reminds me of Ben Mother F^&*ing King. lol

I also put up a sneak peek of the IC for all to look at: Chapter One IC

It's just to peek at. Do not post in that IC.

Juggs, I knew that you were going to make me proud with whatever character you were going to devise for this game. I'm sealing that masterpiece in the number 3 spot.  ;D

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #20 on: May 26, 2015, 07:18:51 AM »
I added another role. The MI6 role. I am looking to get more female characters in this game. I know one person is already working on a female, but I would like to keep the gender ratio somewhat even. :)

Offline Timeless

Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
« Reply #21 on: May 26, 2015, 12:32:59 PM »

Name: Juno Monroe
Alias: Blondie, Vixen
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7" [173 CM]
Weight: 165 lbs [75 KG]
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Physique: Curvaceous with an hour-glass figure
Role: Second in Command | Vice President

Written Description: Juno has a curvaceous body, which she is very proud of and love to flaunt in tight clothing. Other than that, she had preferred to keep her blonde hair very short, mostly wanting to have an edgy look to her appearance and really, it works for her just fine. Beyond that, she does have a few tattoos on her form though significantly would be the the intricate tattoo beneath her breasts and a barcode tattoo on the back of her neck.

Personality: As second in command and to ensure the safety of their leader, Juno is a rather intelligent woman along with a fearless streak to boot. A woman who knows her stuff around, perhaps as street smarts along with other things, Juno doesn't take bullshit from anyone — which sometimes might include the Chief from time to time — and she will lay it down flat for people to really know on what's on her mind. Because of that, she doesn't really have a filter for her mouth and she could swear like a sailor.

And then, there's her seductive side. With a smoking-hot body like hers, Juno does know how to seduce and likes the attention she receives just from her appearance alone.

If the Chief needs things done, he can always depend on her. If the Chief wants to play with guns and create chaos, she'll tag along mostly because he needs that someone to watch his back. She's very fiercely loyal to the Saints, which is why she never hesitates to help a fellow Saint if it's needed. In the end though, she tries to be the more sensible one with understanding they should supervise a plan and ensure the plan would go smoothly.

.. Then at times, she just wants to have fun and blow shit up.

Hey, this girl knows how to have fun, even if she may not look like it.

Likes: Comfortable clothes, branded items, jewellery, weapons, guns, technology, handsome men, intelligence, seduction, high heels, dark chocolate, good food, fast cars
Dislikes: Cowardice, immaturity, dishonesty, insects, Zinyak, stupidity, too spicy food, people without a sense of humor, when things doesn't go according to plan

Cache: 0
Clusters: 0
Weapons: None

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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
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Love it. For some reason, I think of a female version of Johnny Gat lol.  ;D Welcome Aboard.

So the story goes Lucius wanted to be the Boss's second in command but because Juno is hotter, she got the position.  :P
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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
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Love it. For some reason, I think of a female version of Johnny Gat lol.  ;D Welcome Aboard.

So the story goes Lucius wanted to be the Boss's second in command but because Juno is hotter, she got the position.  :P

You know what. That makes perfect sense for the setting. And there are times he's thankful he's not a girl because Boss is so...well Boss that he'd hit on him too.

Also Lucius would like to point out to Juno that he's technically considered dark chocolate.  8-)
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Re: The Saints [Recruitment Thread] [SR4]
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Game has my interest.
Will give a think on character.

Might take up the press secretary but will get back to you for sure on that in the morning gmt
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