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Author Topic: Different genres and ideas. M X F or F X F  (Read 210 times)

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Different genres and ideas. M X F or F X F
« on: May 23, 2015, 02:14:50 PM »
On a planet much like earth there were only two competing governments so when there was a civil war it almost destroyed the entire planet. Those who survived had built large underground bunkers stocked with plenty of food and water.  Eventually people made their way to the planet surface and the survivors were unified under a Queen.  However, many of the magics used caused mutations and the Queen was kidnapped by an insect like being which was being manipulated by a sorcerer who wanted the turmoil caused by her kidnapping to keep any government from forming.

The Queen's knight is a female with purple eyes, olive skin, and long red hair.  She can weild some magic but not the kind that would bring the Queen out of the insectile poison which has put the Queen in a deep sleep but she can be physically reached if not mentally.  The only ones who can bring her out of this are the small clan of vampires who would suck out her blood slowly with the poison and wait for her to build up more blood free of the toxins.  However, the vampires want nothing to do with the Queen or her government.

A sorceress also wants nothing to do with her or the government but the Queen's knight hires some top magic wielders in the land to force both the sorceress and the vampires to the bedside of the Queen.  The Sorceress is forced to find out who put the insect monster upon her and the vampires were forced with the job of healing her.

My char would be the vampire and the evil sorcerer.  Yours would be the Queen and the sorceress.  I would also play  the knight unless my partner chose it.  The majority of the rp will involve the vampire and the sorceress and maybe 10% would involve the Queen who will sleep through most of the role play, the Knight who will just start the quest to restore the queen by bringing those who can help to the table.

I also see a romance forming between the sorceress and the vampiress.  But that like most of the rp can be talked about before hand.

Vampire X Vampire hunter- The human vampire hunter had his father killed by a female vampire when he was young and he has been fascinated with them ever since.  The vampire population has also been on the rise so he saw an opportunity to get a government grant to find a solution to the vampire problem.

And he did.  He injected a poison to vampires into his blood which gave him a scent making him irresistible to them.  However, after one feeding they pass out from the sickness that comes on, but only momentarily.  After that feeding they will never feed again on any human but will instead return to that same human and again be poisoned by the blood but the second time it makes it so ill it does not wake for a week where he studies the habits of the few he has under his thumb.  Eventually I see him being able to reverse their condition but only if it is what they desire.  Without there own hand in the process it cannot be done and they must be put down.  I see one of the female vampires deciding to become mortal again and the two will be linked for the rest of their days.

Haunted House-A large victorian home with a retro look hides an interior that is as drab as nicotine stained walls.  The colors are all muted and are some combination of black, white, brown, tan, and gold.  It is rumored to be haunted and once owned by a serial killer.  A young woman in her early twenties moves next door with her sister from a rural mountain community and she is a clairvoyant.  She sees beautiful dead woman solidify on the floor in the manor they lay as they died.  Some strangled, some stabbed, and others shot, but they all haunt the building.

The last owner a mild mannered woman in her thirties suddenly became angry and mentally ill once she moved in.  She was later infected by a rare parasite and wound up killing herself.  The attractive ghost hunter in her twenties uses crystals, and powders to attempt exercising the powerful evil spirit responsible for the murders.  Who will win this battle?

Grimm's the princess and the frog-Basically this is the fairy tale of the princess who kissed a frog and turned into a prince.  However, in this version the princess asks the frog to retrieve a necklace she lost in a wishing well and the frog replies only if I get a kiss from you.  When the necklace is retrieved she gives no kiss and the frog hunts her using the magic he has always had but which cannot release him from the curse that turned him into a frog.  When he gets that kiss from her and turns not into a prince but a sorcerer he forces her to marry him and must deal with how he manipulates her for sexual favors until eventually love conquers all.

Superheroine duo vs villain bent on conquering the planet.-Of the two superheroines one has telepathy and telekinesis.  A humiliating prank played on her when she was younger made her feel for those who were manipulated by others the way she was and that is why she uses her powers to fight the oppressive villain bent on ruling the planet.  He does this with an invention which allows him to influence people and he survives off the lives of those he manipulates to save him and modern technology.  He is a talented inventor and always devising new ways to exploit others.  Galaxy girl must find what resources she can on the planet, use some of her weapons, and possibly enlist the help of elves who may aid her in her search for a strong enough magic.
Who will win and who in addition to either the villain or the heroine will be enslaved and who set free.

Superheroine duo- They met as dorm mates at a school of magic and now they are trying to save a princess by first locating a magic mirror, then slaying the beast who kidnapped the Queen and then heal her.  The two have a nature motiff and must cross an ocean with mermen who are out to sing them right into their graves.  There is also a hyprid ocean monster as well they will have to defeat.  Once they cross the sea they find the mirror which once the beast looks into it he shall be destroyed.  The two woman now having been through so much crossing the ocean are not just fighting to save the princess but also so they can share their lives together fighting crime and making love.  They must also find a way to heal the Princess as well.