Return of the living dead horror extravaganza (Extreme, non-con, M/F, horror)

Started by Samael, May 23, 2015, 07:28:15 AM

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Been a while since I've been a regular poster at Elli, so I thought I'd go ahead and jump right into this again.
Both feet first, right?

The Concept
One of the first crushes I had was on Trash from Return of the Living Dead.
Not only did she make me appreciate the look of leg warmers, but also gave me a love for punk'y looking girls.

I think what I liked the most was her unique attitude, daring to cross lines with her fantasies and behaviour, while at the same time showing unrestrained sexuality, doing whatever she wanted, even being somewhat aggressive with her needs, which is certainly attractive.

Unfortunately, at least in the movie, she found her end rather swiftly, which was somewhat of a bummer, since I'd have liked to see a lot more of her, so I thought about the whole thing a little, and wondered how it could have gone differently.

Since I've started to develop a new appreciation for Monster-sex lately, and always have been a fan of horror movies, I thought it may be a good idea to kind of mix things up there, so, Trash will not only survive the rising of the undead (although instead of blood- she may be cum-splattered), but then go on and end up being pushed into more Movie Monster scenarios.

So, during the journey she may end up meeting the creature from the black lagoon, end up in the middle of the werewolf party in the second Howling movie, encounter Pumpkin Head, and so on. It would be something we'd have to discuss in detail.

I imagine the hardest part of the story will probably fall on my co-writer, since I think it would be nice if Trash, despite all the things happening to her, remained with a confident, aggressive attitude, which both gets her INTO and OUT of problems, so, she may end up being raped by a Werewolf, but in the end she'll still blow his brains out, and spit on his body.
It is probably extremely difficult to play a character like this, but I also think it would be a lot of fun.

I'm looking for someone who is able to give me about 6 or so buffers per post, with a nice amount of detail, since I absolutely adore details.
The more the better.

The story will be highly sexual, have a changing cast of creatures and characters (outside of Trash), but I think there's a lot to be done with the concept.

So, if you have an interest in playing this story with me, hit me up in PM.

Pictures of Trash:

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