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Author Topic: Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW  (Read 1456 times)

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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« on: May 23, 2015, 05:40:41 am »
First off a few things about myself, things I enjoy, things I am willing which is nearly everything anyways. Just ask. And things that I am not into. Other words don't bother asking about these things. It wont roll with me.

I do two ways of role-play. Forums and or email.

 NO I will not role-play over private messages Please do not ask.

I will NOT play underage characters. Unless its a flashback of some memory of my character. Other then that absolutely not. All and I mean all characters I play are eighteen or older.

I like to think I am pretty easy to get along and work with.I do the whole, I give what I get. I always try to give my partner my best. I hope the same.
I am not a grammar Nazi. But please make it make sense. And do your best. Considering I know I am not perfect.

I prefer the minimum of 3 paragraphs... No not 2- or-3 sentences.. I don't ask you to write 10 paragraphs or anything.

Please limit playing my  character. As to character play. I am best at playing one personally. Especially if its a main character. I can do minors however.

Things that make me squirm, and bite my lip:

Fantasy- Anything fantasy related. Settings.
Dragons,Gryphon, things that go bump, inhuman and human. you name it I love it.
Large, unique cocks.
Cervical penatration
cum inflation
Feral, and other four legged  creatures.
drama,sex, comedy
size difference in partners. with me playing a smaller female.
(more will come when I can think of some.)


extreme modifications



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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2015, 05:42:08 am »
Things with actual Plots

Last of Us

Ellie has grown into lovely young lady, Lady is hardly what she was. She hadn't changed much, if anything has it was that she was more stubborn and foul mouth as she had been when she was a teen. Eighteen now, and she still wondered why the infected count had only risen, and not diminished. Joel had told her that there was many like her, was it a lie? or were the scientist just wrong, and there was no hope for man kind.

Joel is sick, and she takes it upon herself to seek out medicine for him. But the journey will not be easy. She is alone, she is a woman, and there is still many dangers out there. Gangs controlling towns, infected in the darkest corners, and long forgotten towns. One lead after another she searches for the medicine for the man she calls father.

Not looking for exactly this, but perhaps something close?

To Break a Princess

Perhaps I play a Princess who secretly in the shadows is a ninja. Had trained long and hard since she could remember. Anyways, a demonic rift has been opened like a prophecy as foretold. The world in chaos, she does her best to fight the hordes of demons. But What happens when a Master demon(demon prince, demon general whatever you want, for a minor ) Captures her, and drugs her in the midst of fight a small group of demons. When she wakes she is blindfolded, and knelt upon a stage of one of the most famous bars, that is now just a place for demons of all sorts to kick back an relax, she could hear the cries of pains of few barmaids,who break quickly. And don't survive the raping of many demons that had taken hold of the bar.

I see it as the drug the demon Master used on MC Is one that restore her virginity, as well as making her durable. Creating her as the perfect sex toy, unwilling as she may be at first how determined she is to fight the demons and monsters. And they will continuously use her till her mind breaks.


Coliseum of Lust : Earning ones Freedom

Doesn't have to be exactly warcraft based. But could be a realm strictly fantasy of out own.

I would play a Draenei, or in new world something that resembles one. Any creatures, and beastmen welcomed


I play a young huntress, sent out to capture her first companion. She is head strong, defiant, and wanted something that was not common in the alliances territory. But crossing the boarder was not easy. And she is caught there trying to sneak across. when she awakes she finds herself naked and in a coliseum. Not a fighting one where the last man standing gains freedom. But one of pleasure. The rule is if she still has her will by weeks end she will have her freedom. If she breaks, and is nothing more the a sex slave. Then she is just one more to be put on show. But thing is The coliseum didn't have rules, it was a lie, and if she doesn't break its the mines for her, to deal with the creatures that lurk the mine shafts.

so looking for beast men to ferals,
large unique cocks,
  perhaps the coliseum master brings in a priest to curse the young huntress, cursing her with eternal virginity.
ovi, and risks are welcome, if you wish
im game to a lot of other kinks as we.. just take a look above.


Dragon Age :Year of the Bull

Being the Inquisitor hasn't been easy, She has made friends, she has made enemies. She had to make calls and pass judgement not all could make so easily. There had been more then once she just wanted to run away, to forget the trying times as she worked on dealing with the mages and templars, Dealing with bandits who ransacked caravans and small villages.  She aided those that were in need and did not have the arms or coin to help themselves.

During one night after a successful mission, all drank, all were happy. All but The Inquisitor, who sat quietly at her own table, drinking herself into a stupor. It was when Iron bull came to her. Rough around the edges as he may be, She had come to rely on him quite a lot on the battle field. She helped him when he had to make the hard choice of turning his back to his people, or turn on the men and women that were his party. This was a safe place, a new home for him. She had promised him comfort of the tavern wenches, and the protection of the inquisition .

Now tonight he has come to comfort her and her troubled mind. One thing leads to another. A drunken romp, which leaves her confused and reeling come morning. They were from two different worlds. She elven, and just gained the trust of many, And he some quanari deserter. Torn between her duties, and her ever grown need for him she finds it difficult. In the beginning she pushes away. Not wanting those around her to know, especially not Cullen, Cassandra and Lilliana. But in the early morning she finds herself crawling back for more.


Curse Me Baby

One princess learns the hard way when she makes an enemy of a user of Voodoo. Turning him down, and then belittling him like some monster, she finds herself waking up the next day, as a young dragoness, and The man hoovering over her. Claiming her quickly as his own sex bitch.


Trainers new Way

A trainer sets off on her first adventure, a few years late. But things had happened with her family. But with it settled she sets out on her own. With no starting Pokemon, capturing one is rather difficult. She had tried baiting it. But it failed every time. That is until she was getting close to the time of her monthly, and Male Pokemon can smell it. Confusing it as her going into heat. Anyways, she soon discovers Pokemon especially males love sex. And afterwards it made them exhausted enough to capture them.


Warrior Dilemma

A naive warrior over hears two men talking about some monster in a cave at the base of the mountain not to far from the Tavern. Intrigued she sets off to investigate and soon finds herself in a bit of a Bind.



They thought offering her to the demon would cast him back into the bowels of hell. How wrong could they have been. The Demon took the bait, clambering through the ritual chamber doors, finding the Dark elf maid. Instant arousal for the beast. It was if he did not hear the chanting of the arch mages around them.  She was but an apprentice, they had raised her taught her now sacrificed her. Fear gnawed at her as she watched the large cock of the demon rise. She knew what was going to happen, but she was shackled, unable to do anything but to take what the demon wanted.

Between demon seed, and virgin blood, A dark elf maid with inlaid powers. It was a delicious twist, opening the gates of hell. As the arch mages knew would happen, but the out come was not. The demon wasn't sucked into the rift. Demons of variety pour out. Not arming the maiden who aided in their freedom but killing the arch mages around them, before turning their attentions to the maiden. Who was their savior. She ruled them, she lead them. In the start he wanted nothing to do with it as the demons sought to please her, taking her body as the only way they knew. Despite her denying them, fighting them. They still came, as though they simply  took what they wanted. Caring little about the pain they caused her with each claim. Until she finally came to them. Enough demon seed would do that to a magical being. Tainting her, twisting her, until she only saw the pain and pleasure, and the betrayal of the arch mages.
Little Girl Blue

She wasn't like her people, she cared nothing about the light. Only the every day Karma, do good and good things will come, do bad and bad things will come. She did her best to be good. Aiming for to make people happy. And thus far it had worked. Pleasing the men, and they pleased her.  Least for the Most part, That was until she me the Big Bad Wolf. Who takes what he wants whether one wants it or not. And it seemed yet to still work for him.


Within Natures Hold

She was a naturist. Loving the outdoors then the confines of houses, and cities or villages. Tired of being one of those that still lived within the confines, she decided that she would take to nature. Moving into the dense jungles on a remote island, she decided this place was better then anything. Air was clear, and the land oddly untampered by mankind. Days passed and she soon was learning why no man had dared to step foot on the island. The force guarding it and its inhabitants wasn't exactly the most understanding kind. And she soon learned that she would have to pay a large price to stay on this land.


Not So Dead for a Dead Girl

Everyone says that once you become undead, the pleasure you get in life is no more. Well I am a dead girl who can vouch that My body is very much alive. Just Dead at the same time. And the pleasures the the living get, The dead can still have. In fact, It is so much better.

Basically, I play an undead chick, that still enjoys the things she rarely did when alive. What was the worse that could happen anyways. She was dead already. But she wants to make a point that a girl like her is far better then any living one, since being dead had it's perks.


Sweet Delight

It all had started as a dare. She didn't think that a pleasure hole as some called it (Glory hole) was such a thing.  Especially not one located in the middle of the woods, that straddled the two factions boarders. Though this section had rules. There was to be no fighting. Though it didn't stop the men on either side to competitive. To see which could set the girl off the quickest.

Pleasure hole rules of use:
1)Those with the highest coin gets dibs on the holes they wanted.( A small slip would be inserted into the housing, along with coin. whoever had the most coin, got there choice and she gives the other side the paper to know he got the other .-Say one wanted ass 50 gld and the other wanted ass to but gives 40gld. The one given 50 got his choice while the other had to make due with her mouth. Under forty though got the hand))
2) No fighting
3) Girl keeps the coin, but must give a few coins to the pleasure hole owner.


Creature and beastmen Inspiration
Creatures (prefer straight...)

Women I will play

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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2015, 02:51:30 pm »
Monster Girls and Girls ---Succubus ----Succubus 2 ----Succubus 2 ---Raven Princess --Nine tailed Fox -- Wolfling/ Wildling? --- Dragoness -- Lady Death ---Water Dragoness --Wood Elf? --Demoness -- Demoness 2 --- Demoness 3 -- Nurse Angel --Earthen Drake - Wildling -- Bovine maid --Reindeer  (will be eighteen, though not as endowed in the chest department) --Spirit of Fire (will be eighteen. though not as endowed in the chest department) ---Angel ---Fae ---witch ----Pegasus knight ---Feline --Daughter of Nature --Bat Demon --Fox demon --Dragon Demon --Guardian --Vampire --Human Archer --Oni --Fae --Fawn /saytr --Mischeif Demon --Angel 2 --Kitty Girl --Cat Demon Death tamer --Viper Demon ----Red Hood --- Lady Ivy (Will be eighteen --- Hybrid (Human and harpy0 --- Mutt Girl ---Venom demon ----- Sugar Bunny ----Bunny ---Fae 1 --Kitty Girl 1 --Dark Elf ---Fawn -- Canine X Nine tailed Fox ---Vampire( few hundred years old,18 teen, twisted) --Demoness 4 --Field imp...(She will be least eighteen --Fawn -- Tigress shifter -----fae ---siren ----Dragoness

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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2015, 11:44:28 pm »
added more images

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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2015, 08:49:26 pm »
Things for you and me  ---perhaps make the teacher a male? ---OMMMMGGGGGG

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Re: Something Twisted this way cums NSFW
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2015, 11:36:16 pm »