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Author Topic: Smut Buddy WANTED [Futa seeking M/F]  (Read 2422 times)

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Offline UnbreakableTopic starter

Smut Buddy WANTED [Futa seeking M/F]
« on: May 20, 2015, 07:26:58 pm »
Alright, as the title states, I am writing here because I'm looking for a sex based rp - if you can even call it a storyline at that point. I have been craving to have a smut filled rp. I am looking for male or female partners who just want a lot of sex.

Please before asking questions, please read my O/O!

Desired kinks:
  • Public Sex
  • NC?
  • Futa
  • Bestiality?
  • Rough
  • Sneaking around
  • Anothromorphs
  • Knotting cocks
  • Harems?

I am willing to come up with almost smutty couplings, but these are a few kinks I'm having really badly right now and what species I'm looking for:

Step Siblings
Sexuality: ~
Genders: Futa/M or Futa/F
Species: Human or Furry
Kinks: Dry sex, forbidden, Rough, Public, Dominating
Extras: Parents remarried late in the sibling's lives. Both of them hate their parents for ruining the spoiled life they had as only children, but turn to sex with each other as a way of getting back. They begin sneaking around their parents for one or two sessions before it becomes an addiction that they bring to school, out shopping with friends, and whenever they can get their hands on each other.

High School Fling
Sexuality: Any
Genders: Futa/M or Futa/F
Species: Humans or Furries
Kinks: Dry sex, forbidden, biting, public sex, threesome?, orgy
Extras: My idea for this could be the opposites attract idea with a jock/nerd or jock/outcast. They start out as old friends who simply grew apart, but one returns to the other in asking for dating advice to ask someone else out. However, the plan becomes far more sexual and they find themselves unavoidably attracted to each other despite one trying to get the (girl, guy) they want. Maybe eventually the third party is brought in and it turns into a group sex thing?

Sex Toy
Sexuality: Any
Genders: Any
Species: Any
Kinks: Dry sex, biting, orgy, public sex, domination, threesome
Extras: I am okay with being either a dominating master/mistress or a slave, but if you are looking for a mistress/master, I don't want a childish pet. I want someone with some bravado as a man and sexual appeal as a woman. I don't like playing with "innocent" slaves.

Sexuality: Any
Genders: M, F, Futa, Trans
Species: Any
Kinks: Dry sex, biting, public sex, threesome, orgy, futa, forceful sex
Extras: The idea is one roommate has had the hots for the other in secret. Then the other might catch them on their dirty secret (whether it be them liking the same gender, something a little kinky, them in general), and decides to pounce them for it. From there it becomes regular sex for them as friends with benefits.

If you are looking for more story based plots from me, follow this link here!
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Offline CapeCodRPGER

Re: Smut Buddy WANTED
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 06:55:27 am »
PM sent

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Re: Smut Buddy WANTED [Futa seeking M/F]
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2016, 11:22:16 pm »
PM sent!

Offline Koibito

Re: Smut Buddy WANTED [Futa seeking M/F]
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2016, 01:10:54 am »
PM sent~

Offline UnbreakableTopic starter

Re: Smut Buddy WANTED [Futa seeking M/F]
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2016, 04:08:34 pm »
Looking for a good few partners~