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April 19, 2018, 08:58:07 AM

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Author Topic: INFESTATION! An Erotic Horror play Seeking Male, Female, Herm and Mnstr players.  (Read 343 times)

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Offline DoYouLikeCurvesTopic starter

So this is an idea I've had for a while. I've been refining it, and I'm ready to float it out there. I would start by saying that I hope anyone who wants to play this will get on Yahoo Instant messenger (YiM), to talk it over and maybe stat up there at least. I prefer being able to have a quick paced back and forth to figure everything out before settling down to the sower growth style of the forum play.

My YiM name: DoYouLikeCurves

On posts, I'l say I'm not interested in playing with anyone who posts once or twice a week. I like some regular flow and pacing. If we do forum play, it would also be nice if we both committed to longer posts that help to depict the setting and environment as well as establish ambiance. When playing in YiM obviously posts might be shorter for speed's sake. But I am and always will be a DDD girl...(And not just in my cups lol) Description, Depth, Detail. Anyway, if you like what you see I am more than happy to make some new long term play partners. So on to the idea! 


       It began well enough, the surging crowd of girls and women crowding to get onto the cruise ship. If any of them noticed the lack of males, none mentioned it. They were all too happy to have won a free, all expenses paid cruise to Bermuda! That's how it had began. Late that night the ship, the Pandora, slipped it's moorings and drifted into the sea. It has now been over four months and no one, not a crew member, not a guest, no one has been seen since. Investigation into the ships disappearance has revealed shadowy connections to AlterGate Inc. A mega-conglomerate based out of the Urals. No comment has been given. So what happened to the women of the Pandora?

       AlterGate is the cover for a 'business' ran by a coven of millennia old witches and evil beings. The business combines the supernatural with the scientific to open dark pacts and doorways into other dimensions, seeking to free the ancient, and immensely powerful Hermaphrodite Sex Deity Alterea. ((Imagine a more evil though less homicidal Umbrella/Resident evil comparison)). The Pandora is their latest and greatest sacrifice and experiment. Housed within the bowels of the ship are monstrous entities born of science, black magic, or both. The ship itself is suffused with an evil intelligence and acts as a conduit for Atlerea's dark wishes and needs. All the lust, carnal release, sex, fucking, every instant of horrible ecstasy experienced on the Pandora feed Alterea, providing her strength to free herself. The women and girls who won their passage aboard the cruise are there to feed Altera and her new Monsters and Minions, and breed...and breed...and breed... growing the monstrous army of AlterGate. After three days at sea, sorcerously imbued pharmaceuticals are introduced into the drinking and water supply. This is the first step, as most of the women feel not much, just a mild illness as their bodies are altered to accept the seed of the creatures that will soon hunt them, breed them, and feed on them. Others however, find themselves bed ridden, immense pain and heat filling their bodies as they become vassals of Alterea and the Coven...their most base desires twisted and empowered. Enormous hermaphroditic cocks springing from their feminine loins as their skin grows thicker and less human, lust seeping like poison into their veins until the revel int he desire to impregnate any woman they can with a daughter of Alterea, the newly born monsters humping evil daughter after daughter into their victims.

For two days women disappear as a few at first fall victim the the hungers and urges of the new AlteraVassals. Then, a week from shore on the darkest night..the ships evil awakens. Cabins seal themselves, furnishings twist into unholy semblances of life and fuck the residents of their cabins! With each orgasm growing more, and stronger into willing monsters. Creatures grown int he labs and occult caverns of Altergate are released to fuck, breed and feed on the sudden hunted women. The crew, all of them unaware of their fate are consumed, each busty beauty added to the ranks of the innocent victims as evil magic, hermaphrodidac stalkers, slimy monsters, creatures and the ship itself lat claim to the carnal feast of flesh. Perhaps even allowing Alterea herself ot manifest and claim her new prey? Who knows!

-So that's the premise and background. I'd like ot stay close to it, but I am not against tweaks, changed here and there, if it sounds great, but you have an idea, please share!'

I have a huge assortment and variety of characters/pictures of the women and girls that can make up the crew/cast! I of course also will look at any suggestions you have. :) I also would very dearly like to insert myself intot he SL. Some of you have played with me playing as myself and liked it a lot. Thank you for that! And  yes, I have a pretty big collection of creature/monster images and ideas to share as well! But as ever, I'm hungry for your ideas as well!

On monsters: This isn't a Vampire/Werewolf sort of monster romp. Perhaps the Captain might be a vampire herself, one of the AlterGate coven, but not much else there.

Kinks: I'll tell you now, this isn't for the squeamish or easily offended. Foul acts, vulgar language and deeds. There's a lot here to do that I'd like to see done! Next to none of it involves Vanilla or romance (Unless you're interested int he truly twisted ero-horror romance I can propose.!)

This is long term, and as you can see there's a lot that goes into it. So, if we play in a forum, lets try to keep the posts lengthy and immersive.

Fetishes/Kins Adored and desired:
Force, Impreg ,Oviposition(Eggs), Body alteration, imbofication, Anal, Strange Insertions, Cum play, tons of cum, monsters, Soft Vore (Swallowing, no blood&gore), Cocooning, breeding, Hermaphrodites, Slime, Resident Evil style monsters,humiliation, degredation, food play,forced lesbianism, accelerated pregnancy,slapping, spanking, mild violence, vulgar language, insults, vulgar description, inanimate objects becoming animate, tentacles, physicality (Lifting,dragging, tossing) group scenes.... Those are just the few i can think of at the moment.

So, if you like the ide aof it we can definitely talk, and I can send an email or two of the cast, and the creatures/acts I have in mind!

Some things I think of as neat for it-

Massive frog like creature, humanoid but with huge mouth, long sticky tongue, likes to bang and then swallow it's prey. Maybe to gobble them up, maybe to slurp them up and spit them out in cocoon prisons, who knows.

An object, like a chair..comes to 'life' and starts to become fleshy and scaly as appendages hold it's occupant in place while it starts to bang away at her, the more it humps, the more a creature it becomes...and this can happen out of nowhere.

Group of friends fleeing, one doesn't make it, that sort of scene sounds great. Perhaps where something lurches free of a pipe or water  to get it's prey.

Something hidden in a refrigerator of the kitchen, one gets to close it swings open, something grabs her, drags her in. The others try to free her as they hear screams and the sounds of humping.

all sorts of ideas, message me here, and on Yahoo Im messenger, or AIM messanger, this name-

And lets play! Im open to doing this one with multiple people!