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Started by Miss Sykes, May 19, 2015, 07:36:15 PM

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Miss Sykes

Not sure if anyone else is affected by this but my email Notifications have been flakey at best this week. I have been talking back and forth with several people via pm and have subscribed to several threads but most of the time I don't get the emails. This morning I have gotten 2 or 3 emails from the 10 or more PM's I have received. I have checked the webmail and the emails are not showing there either.

Miss Sykes

I can confirm this is affecting another user as well. He mentions he has been getting emails in clumps rather than at the time of the message or forum post.


1) Make sure (the address we send from) is in your contacts list.

2) If it's getting sent to your spam folder, it can help everyone with this problem to remove it from spam and delete it normally.

3) You can also set up a filter in gmail to have it automatically skip your spam folder.

4) No matter what, some of you use extremely dodgy sites to share pictures from, and notifications with those are not going to get to you, period end of story. All major mail providers block these mails before they evaluate who it's getting sent to. If you're sharing naughty pics, it's best to first upload them to a trusted site like imgur or even Elliquiy here.

5) Similarly, Google in particular rate limits the amount of mail that gets sent to a given account from the same mailserver. Setting up a filter is helpful here but if you're setup to get a lot of notifications, you may hit this limit. At least one member (Beguiles' Mistress) does this regularly. This typically gets triggered when you'd get two mails in one minute.

6) Finally, the mail queue rate limits outgoing mail. During particularly active periods it's possible that mail gets delayed, but this shouldn't be for more than a few minutes. Sometimes the queue gets clogged for one reason or another (or something else is going on) and it helps to let me know if you're not getting mails, but I only have control over getting them to your mail host's server, not what they do with it once it's there.

Miss Sykes

1 Yes it definitely is.
2 no definitely not going to spam (Also wouldn't all go to spam not just some?)
3 definitely not going to spam so this isn't needed right?
4 not sharing pictures at all.
5 I'm not getting that many notifications one or two every half hour or so.
6 unless your mail queues are much larger than you have suggested that doesn't explain why I go hours without getting any emails then will randomly get one or two?

Also in my entire time on E I have never had issues in the past with emails


I'm not seeing anything in my logs that says you're not getting mails, nor is gmail bouncing anything.

Hmm. Try this. In gmail, start starring messages from us. That may help Google's algorithms get the hint.

Miss Sykes

Alright thanks Vekseid,

I'll give that a go and see if Google wakes up to itself lol. :)