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Author Topic: Dom/sub Ideas. Mostly fantasy, but also seeking Joker/Harley (M for f)  (Read 529 times)

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The Captain's Girl (Star Trek Mirror Universe)

By the mid 22nd century, the Terran Empire has conquered the vulcans, andorians, and a number of other nearby species. Some members of these conquered races serve in Starfleet, hoping to earn a measure of independence and respect among the humans. Others have gone into open rebellion against the empire. This rebellion is eroding the imperial fleet and causing hostility towards the aliens in the fleet. Many become subservient to their human superiors, becoming consorts in addition to their regular duties.

When the Imperial starship Intrepid is attacked by rebels, their captain is killed and the ship's new first officer takes command. In their anger, many of the crew feel that the ship's alien helmsmen, who was the captain's consort, was working with the rebels to ambush the ship. The crew expects the new captain to kill her, but instead he claims her as his own consort.

Rather than find a cruel, prejudiced superior, the helmsmen finds herself with a captain who is level headed. She even senses a certain degree of compassion from him. With the proper influence, perhaps he could be motivated to help the rebels and prevent the destruction of her race. For that to happen though, he will have to stay alive. In the Imperial fleet, the perception of weakness invites assassination. If power were to transition a third time, the young helmsmen would likely find her fate heading down a much darker path.


For this story, I'm looking to do a story set in Star Trek's Mirror Universe. Instead of the Federation as we know it, people live in a much more warlike empire. I'm looking to play a character who can be ruthless when the situation calls for it, but is more composed than many of his peers. He would be entering a dom/sub relationship with your character, though he doesn't see her as inferior because of her species. He simply outranks her. I was picturing the helmsmen to be a vulcan, but really any alien would work. I'm flexible.

I initially pictured this as more of a bondage relationship, but it could slip into noncon if my partner was so inclined.

Demon Whispers (Fantasy)

Magic is illegal in the kingdom. People with the talent were purged from the kingdom generations ago, and anyone who is discovered to still  have the talent is hunted down by a special order of knights. So when the daughter of one of the most powerful lords in the land discovers that she has magical abilities, she does everything she can to hide them. It isn't easy. When she is angry, things catch fire. When she is sad, the area gets cold. No matter how much she tries, she can't seem to get it under control. But the worst things are the dreams. In her dreams, she is visited by a creature, something dark and powerful. The creature never harms her in these dreams, but it promises that one day she will need it, and there will be a price for its help.

One day, her father takes ill. A physician comes in and checks his lordship's condition, only to announce that he has contracted a deadly illness. The news sets her powers off. The sky fills with fire and lightning, and the ground quakes. It is clear that if this isn't stopped, the entire city will be destroyed and everyone will die. It is then that the creature appears to her in the waking world and offers her a deal. By the terms of the deal, it will take away her powers forever, stopping the storm from killing everyone. It will also cure her father's illness, granting him a long life. But in return, she must do two things for it. First, she must grant it one boon a day. The boon could be anything. It might be something straightforward, like having her take a magical artifact from the archives and leave it for the creature, or allowing the creature to decide what dress she will wear that day. The boon might also be something permanent, such as allowing the creature to make her feel lust or fear, or implanting trigger words in her mind that make her kneel or freeze when a particular word is spoken. His second requirement is a portion of her soul, enough to punish her should she refuse any of the boons he asks for.

As she tries to adapt to life like this, a suitor comes from across the sea seeking her hand. In his land, magic still flourishes, and his family's oracle believes he is destined to be with her. It is only after the suitor arrives that the demon reveals its true plan. She is being trained for him, turned into an offering to entice him to trade his very soul. The suitor has power that the demon very much craves, and she is the key to getting him to give up his very essence.

(I see this as partly romance between the two human characters, and partly a struggle for control, as the creature forces her to give a little more ground every day. What boons he asks every day would need to be discussed)

Mad Love (Joker and Harley)

In her first week at Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzell is involved in a life changing incident. The Joker breaks into the Asylum and frees all the prisoners. During the break in, he kills several guards and comes face to face with Quinzell. Rather than kill her, he leaves her be, and as soon as the last inmate escapes, he locks himself into a cell and surrenders.

As the asylum starts to recover, they start considering the unpleasant task of deciding which doctor will work with the Joker. To everyone's surprise, Quinzell volunteers. With her extensive training, she is confident she can make progress with him. Instead, she finds herself answering more questions than him and finds herself questioning much of what she believes. She can't help but think back to when the Joker had her at his mercy and find a little pleasure in the terrifying memory.

As she struggles with her feelings, the Joker decides it is time to break out of the asylum once more. This time, as he leaves, he takes the good doctor with him as a captive. He is determined to break her down and turn her into the perfect submissive accomplice.

Unspoken (Fantasy)

The death of her parents left her the queen of a small kingdom at a fairly young age. Despite her youth, she ruled fairly and wisely, but because of her lack of family, her advisers were always trying to marry her off. They brought in suitors from all over the world, but the queen rejected all of them. What her advisers couldn't know was that someone already had her heart. She had fallen in love with one of the knights who guarded her.

As the relationship developed,  the knight had shared a deadly secret with her. He had been born with the ability to touch magic, something forbidden by ancient law in the kingdom. He was untrained, but could sometimes just make things happen. The queen kept his secret, even though discovery could have meant death for both of them.

Her peaceful rule was shattered when invaders came from across the sea. The invaders shattered their defenses, and before anyone really had time to react, the kingdom was taken. When they came for the queen, the knight realized he couldn't hold back. He unleashed a fury of magic upon them, but untrained as he was, he was taken as well.

The queen was locked in a dungeon for three months. When one of the conquerors finally came to see her, she was informed that she was being made the property of the new regent. Seeing their queen submit to the new rulers would take some of the fight out of them, and drive others to recklessness. As part of this process, the queen was forced to agree to a spell. She would willingly give up her ability to form words and even write, though she could still make sounds. If she didn't, her people would be executed one by one until she saw reason. With no options, she gave in, and with her voice gone, she was brought up to her new master.

She expects some faceless invader, but is shocked to find that the new regent is her knight. The man clearly has no memory of his past or who he was, and now has a red tint in his eyes, but it is him. The invaders had clearly seen his potential and tried to use magic to turn it to their cause. If she can reach her new master, perhaps she can remind him who he was and what they shared, but how to do that without the ability to communicate?
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Re: Fantasy Setting Dom/sub Ideas (M for f)
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Re: Fantasy Setting Dom/sub Ideas (M for f)
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Re: Fantasy Setting Dom/sub Ideas (M for f)
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Re: Fantasy Setting Dom/sub Ideas (M for f)
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