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April 10, 2021, 09:13:29 am

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Author Topic: The Pack: a gathering of wolves reboot (Interest check)  (Read 392 times)

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The Pack: a gathering of wolves reboot (Interest check)
« on: May 19, 2015, 02:07:30 am »
Ok so here I have a reboot of an old group rp I tried a while back. I'm curious to see if anyone fancies trying it out


In the early ages of man, when swords still allowed the strong to rule over the week and Rome held the lands of England, a clan of Scotts from the north of Hadriens wall made a pact with the spirits in which they worshiped, power in exchange for sacrifieses of Roman blood. To seal the pact the warriors of the clan drank the blood of the great Direwolf.

Direwolves were great hulking monstrosities, capable of taking down a fully grown modern Elephant single handedly. There strength was unequiled and with the spirits blessing the clan's warriors were able to harness the power of these wolves.
The clan became a pack and with the new power became one of the biggest reasons why the romans left the shores of England.

Over the centuries the wolves continued to grow in number, spreading all over England until the church caught wind of there existance. The wolves were hunted like common rabid dogs and forced to flee all over the world and into hideing, the once great pack forced into smaller warring packs fighting over food and territory a war that became etched in the wolves memories for all eternity.

It has been several hundred years since then and with the thinning of the blood lines they now transform into nothing more then the modern wolves with a humans mind. A radical sect of the church still hunts the wolf menace and the wolves themselfs grow tired of hideing.

Nathaniel Grey is one of the last survivors of the origional pact. Having survived hunters, the inquisition and even the wolf wars. He stands ready to reunite the thinning wolf species into a single pack once again and lead them against all who would seek to destroy them.

A little bit of info on wolves:

1. When transforming a wearwolf becomes a true wolf but with a humans mind

2. A wearwolf can transform at will and become human again also at will unless it is a full moon in which case they are forced to transform. Those who origionally drank the wolf blood almost loose all humanity at this point, those born of a wearweolf parent become more savage and angry but are still in control, those who were bitten keep all control during the full moon.

3. One who drinks the wolfs blood becomes a beast of monsterous size and incredibly strong, wolves born with the power in them are larger then the common wolf but not as big as the origional wolves, there venom is most potent and can choose to either turn or paralize those they bite and those bitten are normal in size but much faster, there venom is slow working and will paralize only for a few hours, it wont take effect until the next full moon whilst born wolves take effect in an instant but the origional wolves carry no Venom, all they bite die from blood loss or infection from illness.

4. Wolves are still weak against silver, the older you are the more it takes to kill them.

5. Wolf venom from a born or bitten will kill anyone under the age of sixteen in minutes and most under twenty are still at risk and those born are unable to transform until they are sixteen.

6. Unlike the wolves in twilight, wolves can not communicate mind to mind in wolf form but instead understand the meaning of each others barks like true wolves.

7. Born wolves continue to grow and age like real humans until they reach sixteen where they slow to aging ten times slower then humans.

Ok so that should be all you need to know i think.... For your wolves you can either be born or bitten but please pm me first if you want to be one of the origional wolves.

And here is the character sheet.

Age: (both appearence and natural)
Human appearence: (no anime pics please)
Wolf fur color: (please keep it natural)
Back story:
Ons and offs: